How can I Track My Husband’s Cell Phone without Him Knowing

track my husbands cell phone

Does your husband have a habit of lying about things? You surely would be wondering how to get rid of that. Even if you try your best to ask him politely where he is, he won’t give you a proper answer. He will surely try to make an excuse or simply lie to you. Therefore, we are here going to see how I track my Husband cell phone using GPS and don’t worry, with this technique, I am able to track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

The whole guide has two different parts in which the first part will cover the introduction and how actually I track my husband’s cell phone number. You can use this technique for your own if you want. The nest part will cover a detailed step by step guide of tracking the phone.

Part 1: How I track my husband’s cell phone using GPS

Well, there are many ways you can actually track the device. However, as you might have tried, half of them will not give you an accurate location. In fact, some of the methods don’t even give the near to accurate location. This becomes very annoying sometimes.

So, I tried various methods and saw which one was able to give me the perfect and the most accurate location of my husband’s phone. I am going to share the same method here on how I track my husband’s cell phone number.

There is this amazing tool that goes by the name JJSPY. It is a phone monitoring software or I can say a toolkit using which I not only track my husband’s cell phone number but can also monitor his entire phone.

Yes, it is a phone monitoring tool that allows you to track a phone number, spy on the browsing history, get the messages and the call logs, etc. Except for all these, the one feature that I personally like is live streaming. Let’s see the features in detail.

Live streaming

You can view the camera live streaming and phone streaming from his tool. Isn’t it amazing? Unfortunately, this feature is not available on the iPhone. So, if your husband is using an Android phone, you can surely check this out. You will be able to directly see the live streaming of the phone’s screen. You can further turn on any of the cameras and see what is going on. For the people who are still not satisfied, you can also listen to the live recording as it has a mic bug with it.

Android cameras spy
Android cameras spy

GPS tracker

How can I forget the main feature for which you are here? You can track the location of your husband’s phone with the GPS tracking feature that comes with the JJSPY. You don’t need to get any other tools, you can directly track the location with it. This is the same way that I used to track my husband’s cell phone using GPS. You can do it too. You will be able to see the direct location whenever you want. There is no need for your husband to turn on the GPS in order to get the location. The application will turn the GPS automatically and give you the location. In this way, I was able t track my husband’s cell phone number with ease. You can do it too with this easy little trick.

Moreover, if your husband is an iPhone and if he clicked any pictures at the location. You can also see the location history. In simpler words, you can see where he was a couple of hours back. This is due to the photos app on the iPhone. It will capture the location and with JJSPY, you can track that location.

Apps usage and details

The next amazing feature you will get here sit eh app usage and the details. You will be able to know all the apps that are currently installed on your husband’s phone.

Top secret: I even read the chat of my husband sometimes.

How? Well, using JJSPY you can receive all the text messages of your husband. It helps you spy on all the communication and social media apps. Therefore, you can see the conversation whenever you want. Also, you can check all the apps that are on the device right now. All this is done with just one single click making it extremely easy to spy on anyone.

Text messages and call logs

Surely the last thing you want to know is about the calls and contact names. If your husband is meeting someone, he surely might be using some app for communication, right? If not the app, he will be directly calling someone and then meeting them.

track Adnroid text message
track Adnroid text message

With JJSPY, you will be able to track all the text messages as well as you will get all the call logs directly. So, in simpler words, you will be able to get all the details of the calls and also will be able to see the contacts. We already saw how you can get the messages of Whatsapp and another social communication app.

Browsing history

Moving on to the next feature, we have a feature that can track all the browsing history. You will easily come to know if your husband is visiting the websites that he shouldn’t visit. I even used to track my spouse’s cell phone browser’s history with this. It really gives you details about what is currently in his mind.

People tend to search for things before actually doing anything. So, if your husband is planning to cheat on you, he will probably be searching for gifts for another girl and in the same way, he might also search for something else that shouldn’t be on the list. Therefore, for all these reasons you should track the browsing history. Also, you will get to know a lot of other things from it when you start tracking history.

Part 2: Step by Step guide on How I track my husband cell phone number

Moving on to the next part, here we will see a step by step guide on how I track my husband’s cell phone using GPS. We will see each and every step in the dept and therefore you will be able to track the phone in no time.

The steps are easy to follow and we will see each of them in-depth. So, you can quickly and easily start tracking and monitoring your husband’s phone.

Step 1: Create an account

The first step will be to create an account with JJSPY. You will need an account because all the information will be there on your JJSPY account. Starting from the location details to the details of the application, all will be directly stored on your JJSPY account.

JJSPY account register
JJSPY account register

So, you need to create an account there in order to get the tool. You can simply head over to the official website of JJSPY. From there, go to the registration page.

You will see two plans over there. These are two different plans. One is for the Android mobile whereas the other one is for the iPhone.

You will see the features listed there. Select the one that your husband uses. For example, if your husband uses Android, you can go with Android. In the same way, if your husband uses the iPhone, so you can select the iPhone.

Once you select the plan, you can proceed and complete the payment.

You will get the registration details thereafter. If not you can wait a couple of minutes and check your email. Also, make sure that the payment successfully competes. You need to do the payment in order to get the details.

Once you do it, you will get an email with the details of JJSPY. You can then proceed to the next step where we will learn how to set up the JJSPY tool for Android as well as for iPhone.

Step 2: Setup JJSPY

Now, this step is a little different depending on the mobile your husband is using.

If you have chosen the Android plan, you will have to install the JJSPY application on your husband’s Android phone. This is how I track my husband’s cell phone number.

  • You will get the APK link from your JJSPY account
  • Install the APK in your husband’s mobile
  • Next, open the app and you will be asked several details.
  • Here you will have to enter your JJSPY details
  • Once you enter the details, you can just exit the application
  • When you exit the application, the app will disappear from your husband’s mobile phone.
  • In this way, I track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing. As there is no new application on the mobile phone, your husband will not doubt anything.

For iPhone users, the process is a little different. Here is how I would track my husband’s cell phone number if he was using an iPhone.

iPhone Monitoring Dashboard
iPhone Monitoring Dashboard
  • Open your JJSPY account
  • You will be asked to enter the iCloud details if you have chosen the iPhone plan
  • So, on the next page, you will have to enter the iCloud details such as the username and the password. Please note that here you need to enter your husband’s iCloud details.
  • When you enter the details, you have to choose the iPhone or the iPad device that you want to spy. It will fetch all the apple devices that are connected with the iPhone.
  • You can just select the device that you want to spy and hit the continue button.
  • On the next screen, you will get a success message. You can then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Start spying

After doing all this step, I can track my husband’s cell phone number. So, the same thing applies to you.

There are a couple of options in the JJSPY account. If I want to track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing, I can go to the location section in the dashboard and see where he is currently at.

For iPhone users, you can also see location history. In the same way, there are a couple of other menus from which you can monitor the entire phone with ease.

For instance,e if you want to see the app usage, you can go to the apps section. In the same way, there is a text messages section for the SMS spy.

There is a timeline that will display a quick display of what things is the user currently doing. You can quickly take a look over there to know what are they up to.

If you are an Android user, you will get a keylogger with this tool. The keylogger will save all the strokes that the user types. It will also save the password in the blank text. So, you can log in to their social media account and see the details.

The Android plan has an app timeline. The app timeline shows a quick overview of the apps. If the user is talking with someone, you can see it in the timeline itself. Also, features of live streaming are only available for the Android device. I used to track my spouse’s cell phone (Android) with all these features. It is very easy and you can quickly do the configuration.

Final words

To summarize, this was all about how I track my spouse’s cell phone. You can use the same technique to spy on your husband. The tool that I use to track my spouse’s cell phone also has an amazing support team. If you are facing any issues during the configuration or anyplace else, you can surely contact the support and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

The tool has many more features along with the ones that are mentioned over here. You can go to the official website and see the number of features available. It will give you more details about the app and you can spy on your husband’s phone just like the way I track my spouse’s cell phone.

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