How to Track Verizon Cell Phone

track verizon cell phone

Our phones have, over time, come to play a considerable part in our lives. We then end up concentrating more on how much it can make your lives better that we forget how we were before the smartphones came to existence. However, there has been an increased rate in the number of cases where phones are getting lost.

Phone tracking is, therefore, one of the essential features at your gadget in society today can have regardless of the phone model. Finding the best way to know where your phone is after you have misplaced it or someone stole it from you comes in handy. That is why phones from Verizon happen to be very useful.

JJSPY works similarly to this tracking feature. If you have, therefore, ever had a chance to work with it, the Verizon phone tracker will be a leisurely walk in the park for you.

How to use Verizon phone tracker for Verizon phone tracking

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

Verizon phone tracking app has come at a time that we inevitably all need it. It gives the users of Verizon phones a better opportunity when it comes to having more stable features. It, therefore, becomes a very reliable phone for anyone. Some of the features are inbuilt, while others have to be installed for them to function.

I came to realize that Verizon phone tracking happens to be available for both the android and iOS phones. it expands the general users of this feature. However, even for the people whose phones don’t work with the two systems, you can still make use of the Verizon family locator that will still allow you to track the phone.

Following several complaints that I saw from people who were using the Verizon service, I realized that some factors could result in the tracker not being useful. Places with rough terrains, weather conditions, and low satellite visibility may cause an issue even when you are using external tracking services.

Reasons for tracking a phone

Tracking phone is a feature that very many people are using all over the world without them knowing.  The sad thing I realized is that it has been so negatively related to getting lost or stolen, that the beauty of the feature is lost. This does not, however, dispute the fact that it is also beneficial we it comes to such incidences. You can track a phone to able to

  • Share locations and mapping routes using the google service.
  • Sharing to the law enforcers to track a person.
  • Parental control for parents with children who are below the legal age.
  • Employers need to know the areas that their staff is at any time.
  • To track your teammates when you are having those scavenger hunts that people like going to.
  • Know where a specific phone was last located.
  • Identify where a post or a text was sent from.

Features of the Verizon phone locator

There happen to be various ways that you can track your phone once it has the Verizon tracking feature. I happened to realize that not many people have had the chance to know about this. Therefore this article will be hugely educational to you as a Verizon phone user.

  • Verizon smart locator

This is the pride of the Verizon world that makes all these possible. You should, however, note that unlike the other features that work with the LTE connection, the Verizon is quite different. It uses a separate line that is known as LTE-M that happens to be somewhat unique. It then limits you to only areas that allow this connection.

The smart locator app on the smartphones helps you locate using pings when you are looking for the phone. The fewer pings you make, the more you get to preserve the battery of the gadget. This means when you decide to use it to track the phone, you should have had a good idea of where exactly the phone is to reduce the need to subject several pings to it.

This is the most effective recovery plan that you can have on the phone.

  • Departure and arrival updates

It is one of the unique features that Verizon offers it, users. Just as the name suggests, you can know at what time the users of a particular phone left a specific place, and the time they arrived at another place. This is mostly used by parents who have children with smartphones or even overprotective partners or employers. You can configure this specific feature, and it will immediately begin giving you the updates that you so much require.

  • Schedule updates

It is another feature that gives the users of the Verizon phones a better experience. With this, you get to decide the days when the updates will start getting to you. Once you have chosen on time you will keep getting text messages of the place and the time that the user of this phone went.

This feature is beneficial because you won’t have to be busy looking at your phone to know where they are at any time. The function itself sends you texts meaning you can later on still have a report of where they have been the whole day.

  • Alarm mode

Who has ever thought the alarm feature that cuts off your sweet sleep every morning will help locate your phone if you have misplaced it? Verizon has been able to work around it well enough for your benefit.  Once you have linked your phone to your PC, it becomes easy to work on your phone.

Once you have control through your PC, you can signal your phone and cause it to make a loud sound in the form of an alarm note. With this small but effective modification, you can quickly get the phone, especially if you are a parent whose phone s the kids play toy.

  • Remote locking of the phone.

One of the greatest fears for anyone who owns a phone is having personal information getting in the hands of someone else. I tend to believe this is the biggest reason why people are always quick to look for tracking apps. With Verizon, you get an added advantage.

The fact that you can access the phone using your linked PC opens you to so much opportunity. This includes the unique locking feature. With this, you get to set a lock password if you have just misplaced the phone, and you know you will quickly get it back. But if you have lost the phone, you get to delete the information so that no one else can access them.

  • GPS location

The GPS locator happens to be the one feature that comes in handy when you are using certain smartphones in their list of supported devices. This wireless feature is, however, limited to the times when the phone is on. You can then even know what they are doing and the place in which the specific phone is at that time.

With the inbuilt map service, you can get the phone that you are tracking, on the screen of your phone using the satellite service that the Verizon network offers you at any time. However, you should know that this service may not be as active as some of the other google play tracker devices. You can then install them and use the open GPS service to help you track a phone using the installed app. It will give you better service at any time.

Considerations when tracking a phone using the Verizon phone tracker.

If you have ever dealt with a smartphone, you will confirm that there are features that will need you to switch on in the settings of the phone, it does not come naturally engaged. The tracking feature happens to be part of it. You should, therefore, ensure the following things have been dealt with the forehand.

  • The phone falls within the list of the Verizon acceptable gadgets for the tracking app.
  • The phone has been turned on
  • The Find my Device feature has been activated
  • It has an excellent connection to the internet.
  • You have signed in a google account. In most cases, this is usually the owners of the phone.
  • Google play account should be activated at all times
  • The location feature on the phone has been turned on.

 Steps to take when you want to find your phone

 If you have never used this feature, I always advise you to try it out when your phone is close to you. You will then be in a better position to understand first-hand what exactly happens when an actual disaster hits you. The following steps are what you should follow.

  1. Go to the link and sign in to your google account to make it active. This is the only way you will be able to make use of the features that have been set out for you to use at that time.
  2. Click on the phone that you want to track. If you happen to have used several phones in a while, click on the last gadget seen on the list.
  3. This will send a notification to the phone that you have selected. It then just acts as a source of the link to the phone. It is not something that has to be received or clicked for the location to start.
  4. Open the GPS map on the device that you are using to track the phone. You will receive an approximate location of the phone at that time. If the phone has been switched off, you will receive a notification of its last known location.
  5. You will then get a chance to choose what you want to do with the phone. If you need to make such changes in case you had some sensitive information you don’t wish to be accessed, you will then need to click on the Enable lock and erase button.
  6. You can decide to click on the play sounds option which will help you locate the phone. This is just in case you are in a large crowd, or you might have covered it with a load of laundry in your house.

If you decide to work with the lock option, it will need you to put your preferred pin pattern or even password depending on the features that the phone you are trying to track offers. It also allows an accompanying text that will inform the person who has your phone to contact you and get the phone back to you.

 If you have chosen the delete option, be warned that it will only clean what is on the phone and not the SD attached to it. This cleanup will also be factory reset type that will mean that the find my phone app will no longer work on that phone.

  • Depending on the option you have selected, you will need to follow the steps that you will be given for you to complete the tracking process you required.
  • When you though remember to log out of your account if you were using someone else’s phone. But if the device you were using was yours, then this step will not be essential for you too.


Being in a position to track a phone is an essential thing. Especially if the phone is yours or belongs to a loved one. Verizon phones have also been charged to have this option that gives you a ladder towards having a more effective service. Always check to see if the service is working on the phone you are using if you want to make use of the Verizon phone tracker for any of the phones it has. If you still find it quite hectic to work with this service, especially if this is the first time you can try out the JJSPY, which is easier to use and offers you most of the features that you will need at a possibly cheaper rate.

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