How to Send a Keylogger to Someone’s Phone?

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So, people, you want to send a phone keylogger to someone’s phone, you are at the right place. We will be seeing how you can easily do the complete task easily and fast. We will see all the information you will need to send the phone keylogger to someone.

We will first see the basics of the keylogger. Well, not the basics of the keylogger but we will see which keylogger will make your work easier. Let’s get started and you will have a clear picture of what we mean to say.

Basics of Keylogger

There are many types of keyloggers available that you can use. Some of the keyloggers are way too good whereas some of them will just cause some issues.

We will see the types of keylogger here. Thereafter, we will head over to other things. We will first begin with the most common type that people know.

Software individual keylogger is the most popular keylogger that people know about. These are the keyloggers that come as individual software. You will have to run the software and install the keylogger.

The other one is the hardware keylogger. This keylogger comes as a hardware unit and will attach to the mobile phone too. In simpler words, it’s a pen drive like software that can run directly on any mobile phone. When you connect it with the mobile phone, it will start recording all the keystrokes and you will start getting the details about it.

The keystrokes captured are directly stored in the storage inside it. So, when you want to see the key logs, you will take the hardware keylogger and attach it to the computer to see it.

The last and most popular keylogger comes with the spying app. This is the hidden keylogger. In simpler words, the keylogger won’t be shown to anyone. People won’t even see that an app is installed on the phone.

Like you might have guessed, this is the easiest keylogger. As the person won’t come to know about the keylogger, they can easily be fooled and you will get the complete details of the person. This is the main reason why this is the best.

Which keylogger to use?

Like you might be knowing, you should be using the last type of keylogger here. The last type of keylogger is the keylogger that comes with the hidden mode. This keylogger is very hard to detect and people won’t come to know about it in most cases.

So, if you are not yet sure which one you should use, you should go with the last one. This is the type of keylogger that makes things simpler and better.

You can easily send the keylogger and the person won’t even notice that you are spying on them. This gives you the ultimate power.

Now, if you are wondering which is the best-hidden keylogger to use. We will surely see more about it.

You can go with JJSPY. JJSPY keylogger app is the most powerful keylogger to use. It’s not just the keylogger. Instead, it’s a complete spying tool that will help you do all the spying things. You can not only spy on the keyloggers but you can do a lot more than what it is designed for.

Android Keylogger
Android Keylogger

JJSPY will allow you to get the keyloggers directly. along with the key logs, can directly help you with your main thing.

We are sure that you want to install the keylogger on the phone to know the basic things such as spying on the browsing history, reading messages, etc. These are the most common tasks done with the keylogger. We know about these tasks and that’s why the JJSPY tool has all the features to get these details without a keylogger.

You will get all these things as a separate feature. Let’s learn more about it before we get into the main topic that is how to send a phone keylogger to someone.

Why JJSPY is the best tool?

We will now see why you should be using the JJSPY tool. We will see the quick features of the tool.

The one feature that we like the best is the live streaming feature. It will allow you to live to stream anything. Here, we won’t mean to live-stream something from the internet but you can stream the camera and the screen of the target mobile. Yes, you read it right. You can easily spy on the target device and watch what they are doing directly live.

The live screen stream will display the exact screen the person is seeing. In the same way, the other feature that you will get here will be the capability to stream the cameras. You can turn on any of the cameras and stream them live. If the mobile phone has two cameras, you can choose the one applicable.

You will be able to spy on any apps. If the app is a social media app, you can also read the messages of the app. In this way, you will get what you want. Many people are using the app to spy on the browsing history of their kids. If you are one among them, you can easily spy on the browsing history with just one click. There is a direct option that allows you to get this information and details directly from the options.

You don’t need to go through all the keystrokes and find the applicable one. You can easily spy on the browsing history. Many other features make it way more interesting. For example, you will get access to all the SMS and call logs.

How to send a phone keylogger to someone?

Some people might be thinking that they can send the keylogger directly using one of the social media apps or they can send it via email. Well, this is not possible.m

Most of these platforms have a virus scanner that will first scan your file and then you will be allowed to send it. There is no possible way you can send it without scanning the file. Let’s assume that you sent the file without being detected. There are good chances that the person will see an error that says “this app might harm your device”. You will have to convince them that it’s a safe application and nothing will happen if they install this application. This is not a piece of cake. There are good chances that the person won’t understand this.

Even if you somehow send the file, there is one big problem waiting for you. None of these apps are direct to use apps. In simpler words, you can’t just install the app on their phone and you will start getting the keywords. There is a small configuration that is needed to make it work. The main question remains the same. Who will do the configuration?

You can’t convince them to enter your details. Therefore, this becomes a very confusing, hard, and risky method. So, you will have to go with a bit easy method that every person uses. Well, to be honest, that’s the only method you can use to spy.

The ultimate method to send phone keylogger

Assuming the target device is using the iPhone or IOS. In this case, you can simply use JJSPY. Now, people might be thinking how can they send the keylogger even if they use JJSPY, right? Well, you don’t need to send it. You can easily read the keystrokes directly from the JJSPY if the person is using iPhone. This removes the whole point of sending the phone keylogger and gives you the best power. You can simply enter their iCloud details and you will have the access to their phone. So, you can surely do this.

Now, when it comes to the android phone, people might be wondering something. If they want to send the keylogger to someone, how they can send the keylogger. Well, the simple answer here would be to get physical access. You can always have physical access to the mobile phone and then you can start installing the keylogger. This is the easiest way to send the keylogger.

When you have physical access, there are very less chances that people will come to know. You can easily borrow their device for a wide when they give you the phone, you can install it. In this way, you will end up with no loss and very little risk. This is the most preferred way to install keyloggers.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the things to keep in mind if you want to send the keylogger. You can surely send the keylogger by the way we mentioned. This is proven to be the most efficient way of sending the file. If you are using the same technique, there are very few chances of getting caught. Therefore, you can surely use this method along with using the JJSPY tool.

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