Top 5 Employee GPS Tracking Apps

GPS tracking app

Employee GPS tracking apps can be great for all company-owned smartphones. You can easily track the location of your employee and you can also keep an eye on all the other activities of your employees. You can use the employee tracking app to find out about what your employees are doing. This will help you in monitoring ate activities.

So, these are the top employee GPS tracking apps that you can use.


JJSPY is the best app to track the location of all the employees. It is not only a tracking app but a complete phone monitoring app. In other words, with this tool, you can not only spy on the location but you can also find many other things about the employee. It allows you to track all the emails. You can quickly see if the person is sending any emails to any of the people. Further, it allows you to track the browsing history of the person. This will help you to see if the person is trying to search for something that they are not supposed to search for. It will help know what’s in their mind and then you can know you can tackle it.


Further, JJSPY is a completely invisible tool. It works on both the device, iPhone, and Android. It doesn’t matter whether your company owns an iPhone or Android, you can track all the phones easily. It also allows you to see the location history on the iPhone. You can further see all the photos and applications they have installed on their phone. Along with the photos, you can also see the file mange. In the same way, you can so see the conversation in all the social media apps.

JJSPY is one of the best tracking applications that you can go with. It has all the features you will probably need in an application. Therefore, people prefer this app when they are trying to spy on any of the employees. You can surely get JJSPY at an affordable rate. You can check out the live demo for more information about it. We will now see some of the pros and cons to know more about it.


  • It is an invisible app. No one will come to know about you spying on them.
  • You can even live stream the camera, recording, or screen whenever you want
  • It is an affordable tool
  • You will get all the features here
  • You don’t need to root your android or jailbreak your iPhone to use this app
  • Perfect for employee spying
  • There is an auto call recorder that will help you know what’s going on with your employee


  • There are no cons that you will see in this app. There is no trail available but you can surely check out the demo where you will get all the things. So, it doesn’t count as a con. Other than this, the app is great.

#2 XnSpy

When it comes to business purposes, you can also count XnSpy as one of the top employee GPS tracking apps. It allows you to track all the employees easily. There is a different version available for school and business, it will give you a discount when you are buying. Therefore, in this way, you can save some money here. Further, there are certain things that the tool will make it easier for you. They have their analytics which will show you the quick preview about the activities. For instance, it will tell you about the top 5 most visited websites and similar things. So, it will give you the proper idea about the overall behavior of your employees

Along with this, there are certain negative points too. The tool is temporarily not available for IOS. This is one of the biggest problems as most of the tools are available for IOS also. Further, if you are a business who has more company-owned iPhones, it will be trouble for you. This also suggests that similar problems may come across if you go with this tool. However, the features here are very interesting which makes the tool one 2nd in the list of the top employee GPS tracking apps.

Xnspy App
Xnspy App


  • You can spy on the employee completely without root
  • There are instant notifications and alerts
  • You will the analytics to see the overview of the activities
  • There are many plans available. There are different sections and pricing available for schools and businesses. So, you can have a look there.


  • The app is currently not available for IOS. Although, it is for a temporary purpose you might also face similar problems shortly. So, you need to be careful if you plan to go with this app.

#3 Cocospy

The next app that you can have a look at is the Cocospy app. Just like every other app, Coco spy is also one of the best apps that you can have a look at. Cocospy offers features similar to other apps. However, one good thing and unique thing about the Cocospy is that you will get different plans here. In other words, you can select one of the plans where you can install this app on only one device whereas the family plan allows you to install the app on more than 2 devices. Therefore, it allows you to do various things with the apps. Although, the plan is a bit costlier than it is expected the features are really good.

The app has a simple UI that allows you to spy on different apps. If you are a fan of minimal design, you can surely use this app whenever your ant. It allows complete spying on text messages, location, etc. Further, it also allows you to get the sim card location along with the GPS location. Getting the sim card location is unique as well as it will give you more information. It might also be a little bit dangerous for an app to spy on that. Therefore, you need to be careful.


  • There are some of the best features like sim card location tracking and many more
  • You can spy on android as well as on iPhone without any risks. It allows you to see the information about the phone too
  • There is no root or jailbreak required if you want to start using it
  • There are two plans which you can choose from. One is the basic where you don’t get many features and the next one is the premium with all the features


  • Sim card spying could be dangerous
  • Some of the features are still missing here.

#4 Phonty

Phonty is a unique application that you will find on this list. It looks pretty much the basic spying application that does all the work. It is kind of true but here are some of the things that makes the app unique and the best one. There are many plans in this app that you can go with. Each of the plans allows you to access some features and the other apps will be helpful.

Talking about GPS tracking, Phonty allows you to track the location of the phone easily. It allows you to know where the phone is. Further, you can also see all the messages and the phone calls that are done through the mobile phone. It has a life plan which none of the other apps have. If you want to spy on 3 or more devise, you can also go with the lifetime bundle plan where you can get lifetime access. The pricing is per device in the bundle plan. These are some of the unique things about the applications. There is a keylogger that will save all the key pressed on the mobile phone. You can find out all the keypresses and with this, you can also see the password in the plain text. This is the reason why Photny has a good customer base.


  • You get keylogger here
  • There are some popular features present here
  • You can choose from various plans. The first plan is very basic where you can only get certain information about the phone
  • If you want to use it in more than one device, you can get the lifetime plan. It costs you more but allows you to stay on the device for a lifetime.


  • There are some features missing

#5 MMGuardian

The next one that you should take into consideration is the MMGuardian app. It is a phone monitoring tool which is popular for parental control. The main aim of the tool is parental control but you can surely use it as an employee tracking tool. It allows you to find all the things on the phone. There are features like quick notifications, instant alerts which will help you to stay updated.

MMGuardian is a good app if you want to know about what your employee doing even after the office. The features like social app spy will give you the information on what they are doing. You can spy on Whatsapp, Skype, etc. This allows you to get pretty much all the information about the employee. You can know employees better with this application. It will give a complete report on what the employee is doing. It will also give you complete reports where all the things will be included. Further, you can also set the timing on how much time they should use social media apps. This will help you control the employees.

Android Call Hisotry Monitoring
Android Call Hisotry Monitoring


  • It has all the features
  • The reports are cool and as a business, it will be very much helpful if you get all the reports of the employee
  • You can find out what they are doing with all the different features
  • There are some of the best tracking features which allow you to see the social media apps, etc
  • You can go with the family plan and also there are 5-year licenses available for a single device. So, this will help you in saving some money if you are ready to invest all at once.


  • Some of the apps are not suited as a company. They are more for parental control but we can’t blame the app as it was especially for parental control only.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about the top employee GPS tracking apps. You can choose any of the apps from the given list and start spying on the person. With the apps, you can easily find out the location of the phone. Our recommendation will go with JJSPY. JJSPY has the best application that you can go with. They have a live demo that you can go with. It is the same version of the app that you will get when you buy the tool. So, you can check it out before buying it.


Can I track all my employees?

Yes, you can track all your employees. You will have to install a phone monitoring app on their phone

Is it legal to spy on the employees?

If you are spying on them with the company owned a smartphone, it is legal. You can only spy them with company-owned smartphones. So,m make sure your company provides the phone to the employes.

Can I spy on all the employees with a  single tool?

Yes, you can spy on all the employees with a single tool but you will have to select the plan with more devices if it is available else you will have to pay differently for all the devices.

Will I get all the data if I spy on my employees?

Yes, tools like JJSPY allows you to completely spy on anyone. So, with this tool, you will be able to get all the data from their mobile phone.

Where will all my employee’s data be stored?

The data that you spy on will be stored on the servers of the app you are using. They have a secure server with unlimited storage space. So, you don’t need to worry about any of those things.

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