How To Track Boyfriend’s Phone Through GPS

Track Boyfriend's Phone Through GPS

GPS is very much useful when you want to track someone’s location. You can easily know the current location of the phone without any issues. Among all the methods out there, GPS will give you the most accurate location possible. You can find the location of the phone easily. You can use the same technique to track a phone’s location. Most people use it to track boyfriend’s phone through GPS.

Let’s understand the entire process and how you can do this thing with ease.

Tracking a phone through GPS

GPS will allow you to see the current location of the phone. However, there are certain limitations. Only the phone owner can see their current location. If any other person needs to see the location, the user must share the location with them. Your boyfriend is surely not going to share the location with you. So, to track the boyfriend’s phone through GPS without him knowing, you have to use a simple trick here.

We are going to use a different method for tracking the location without him knowing. We will be using a phone monitoring tool to track the device. A phone monitoring tool is a useful tool you can use to track and know the location of the device. It will first capture all the data on the device and then it will send all the data to you.

In this simple way, you can find out what’s going on and where your boyfriend is. The tools require no technical knowledge. Anyone who follows the steps properly can do it. So, it’s not hard for anyone to do it. We will also be seeing the complete steps to do it.

Not to mention, the phone monitoring will let you spy and monitor many things. You will not only get the GPS location of your boyfriend but you will also get to know many other things with the tool. Now, there are many tools available in the market. We are going to see the best tool you should go with.

Best phone monitoring tool for GPS tracking

Many phone monitoring tools are capable of GPS tracking. Among all the tools, JJSPY tops the competition. JJSPY is an amazing phone monitoring tool that is loved by everyone in the industry. It is a tool that will help you spy on your boyfriend’s phone using GPS and also on all the other data.

The tool works perfectly well on Android and iPhone devices. So, no matter which phone your boyfriend is using, you can find out the details about the same thing. Also, you don’t require to root the device nor you need to jailbreak the device. With that being said, you surely might have got the idea about safety. The tool is 100% undetectable. Your boyfriend won’t notice that you are using a tool to spy on him. So, you can spy and keep getting the regular data updates. There will be no trouble at all in the entire process.

The data you receive will be stored in your JJSPY account. You can view the data anytime you want. You surely might be wondering about the features it has. So, we are now going to have a quick look at the features of JJSPY. It will include the maximum amount of features. However, we won’t cover all the small features. Instead, we will see the most popular and interesting features of the JJSPY tool. This will give you a better idea of the tool. You can then decide whether it is the right tool for you or you should be looking for some other tool.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the features section.

Features of JJSPY

As mentioned, these are the most popular features you will get in the JJSPY tool.

  • The first feature is location tracking. You can find the location of your boyfriend’s phone using a GPS tracker that comes with JJSPY. Not just this, if he is using an iPhone, you can also see the location history. It will show you all the places he has traveled to.
  • The next feature is the live stream. You can stream their camera and screen in a video form. In other words, you will see the same screen on your computer. When you click on the camera stream, it will display the camera view. In simpler words, the tool will turn on your boyfriend’s camera in the background.
  • You will also get features like Whatsapp spying, Facebook spying, etc. you can view the conversation in any of the apps. In the same way, you can also spy on other installed apps.
  • JJSPY also gives you the exact contact list that is saved in the target device. You can also keep an eye on text messages and call logs. In this way, you can know who is calling your boyfriend.
  • There is a feature that will help you see the browsing history of the person.
Android Live Screen Stream
Android Live Screen Stream

There are many more features you will get here in this tool. You can view the full list of features on the official website.

Steps to track boyfriend’s phone with GPS on the Android

First, let’s start with Android. We will see the complete step by step guide to spy on an Android device.

Choose Android plan in JJSPY

You will have to create an account at JJSPY. When you are creating an account, it will ask you to choose a plan from the given options. You need to choose the Android plan while you are registering at the JJSPY account. When you select the Android plan, you will have to create an account. Just fill-up the details and you are all set to go.

You might also have to confirm the email address to create an account. So, confirm the email address and you can then proceed to the next step.

Install the app

Android App Install List
Android App Install List

This step is the toughest. Here, you will have to install the app on the target device. You can ask your boyfriend’s mobile for a while and install the app.

You can log in to your JJSPY account and you will find a link to download the app. Now, you can open the link directly on the target device and you are all set. It will automatically download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, you need to configure it. You just need to enter your JJSPY account details in the configuration. Once you configure the app, the app will automatically be gone from the menu.

It is because JJSPY is undetectable and it will be hidden automatically. So, your boyfriend will never find out about you spying on him. Once you complete these steps, you are all set to start spying on the person.

Start spying

Now, you can log in to your JJSPY account and you will see that one device is connected. You can click on the device and continue with the dashboard.

JJSPY account login
JJSPY account login

Now, you will be taken to a different dashboard where you will see the complete information about the target device. It is the JJSPY dashboard that you will see.

Now, you want to track the location. So, you will have to head over to the Location menu in the account. The location menu will show you the current location of the Android phone. Please note that the internet connection must be on to use the location. You don’t need to worry about the GPS as the tool will automatically turn it on. So, in this way, you can easily find out where your boyfriend is.

There are many other features given in the tool that is worth checking out. Feel free to check all the options and decide what you should see next. It will give you complete information about your boyfriend.

Steps to track the boyfriend’s phone through GPS in the iPhone device

Now, we are going to see the method that you can use for iPhone and iPad. The steps are the same for both the iPhone and iPad. So, you can follow the same steps. Further, you don’t need to jailbreak the device to spy on the iPhone or iPad. It works without jailbreaking the device.

Create an account and choose the iPhone plan

You probably might have got an idea about what you need to do here. You need to first create an account at the JJSPY tool. Now, when you are creating an account, make sure you have chosen the iPhone plan and not the Android plan. Once you choose the plan, you can continue to the account.

You will have to confirm the email also. Thereafter, you can proceed to the next step. Don’t worry, here you don’t need to install any app on your boyfriend’s iPhone.

Enter iCloud details

The next step will be to enter the iCloud details. Please note that here you need to enter your boyfriend’s iCloud details. So, you can enter it and it will then display all the connected Apple devices. Now, you need to choose one device that you want to spy.

You will get the location details of the phone you choose here. So, you need to choose the phone that your boyfriend is currently using. It will also display some other information along with the name of the model. So, you can choose the phone with ease. Once you choose it, you can proceed to the next step.

Start spying

Wait for a couple of minutes and you will then start seeing the data. You can now start spying on the iPhone device. Your job is almost over. You can head over to the location menu and see the current location of the phone.

As your boyfriend is using an iPhone, it will also display other details that you can spy on. When you go to the location history menu, it will display the previous location of your boyfriend’s phone.

In the same way, you can check other menus and options to see the spying features you will get in the JJSPY tool. Many more features are quite interesting. No doubt, you won’t get as many features as Android but the features are enough o keep an eye on your boyfriend’s phone easily.


Can I track my boyfriend using the GPS?

Yes, you can track your boyfriend using GPS.

Is the location taken through GPS accurate?

The location you get through GPS is pretty much the most accurate location you will see.

Can I spy on someone’s GPS without them knowing?

It is possible to spy on someone’s GPS with the JJSPY tool. The other person won’t come to know about it.

Can I track my boyfriend’s iPhone through the GPS?

Yes, you can track iPhone and iPad also.

Do I need to install any GPS tracker tool on my boyfriend’s iPhone?

No, JJSPY works on iPhone without you having to install any tool on it. In simpler words, you can track the location without installing any app.

Can I use a GPS tracker on Android?

Yes, you can use JJSPY on Android devices too. Just make sure you select an Android plan when you are creating an account.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about how to track your boyfriend’s phone through GPS. We saw complete steps for Android as well as for iPhone devices. Just in case, you missed out, you can also use the same steps to spy on any iPad devices. The steps for iPhone and iPad are the same. Further, you can check out the live demo to know more about the tool. The company provides a live demo that you can see and even interact with. There are live demos for Android and iPhone. You can check any of them. It will also give you a better idea of JJSPY features and how you can track your boyfriend’s phone GPS using this tool. Hence, it is always a better idea to check the tool demo and see what are the features you will get in this tool. Make sure you check the features page too.

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