How to Hack Other Peoples’ Snapchat History

hack peoples snapchat

Snapchat has now a become place where you can hangout. People love different types of filters that Snapchat is giving. People are loving it like crazy. You can literary see how you will look a couple of age after. Along with the filters, there are many features that are worth taking look at. Snapchat already allows you to get the location of the user. However, I have wondered how you can hack Snapchat chat history?

We are going to see today how you can do the same. We have a lot more than you are thinking. Here, we are not only going to see how you can hack Snapchat undetected but you will also learn many other things that will help you in monitoring your kid’s mobile phone with ease.

Along with Snapchat history, you can see a lot of other things that your kid is doing online or whatever your employee is doing online with the company phone. So, let’s begin the guide on how to hack Snapchat chat history and also get various other information. We will see how you can hack Snapchat chat history with ease.

Here we will be using the JJSPY tool. It is a phone monitoring too. Let’s understand more about it.

Part 1: What is JJSPY?

JJSPY is a phone monitoring tool that you can use to monitor the android or iPhone devices. You will get to know all the information about the phone such as Snapchat chat history, WhatsApp messages, application usage, and you can also live stream the screen as well as the camera.

With all these features combined, you can easily spy and monitor any of the mobile phones. The tool has two main plans. One plan is for the Android mobile phone and the other one is for iPhone.

Let’s jump into the more features of the tool. We have just highlighted a couple of features from the tool. The tool has many other features along with all of these.

Please note that some of these features will not be available depending on the plan you choose. Hence, make sure you see the features list before you make the final purchase.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

Application spying

This is the feature we will be using to hack Snapchat chat history. With the application spying feature, you can easily check out WhatsApp messages and also you can spy on any other application. You can also use this to hack Snapchat chat history. JJSPY lets you see all the information about Snapchat such as conversations images and videos.

Live to stream

Now, if the user is having the conversation right now in Snapchat you can easily live stream the mobile screen of the target user. It will show you the exact screen that the target user is seeing. Moreover, if you want you can also turn on the camera remotely. JJSPY lets you view any of the cameras whether you want to turn on the front camera or you want to turn on the back camera.


Everything is useless if you can’t spy on the location of the device. The tool I will help you see the direct location of the target user. There is a GPS tracker that comes inbuilt with this tool. So, even if the target user hasn’t turned on the location, you can turn it remotely from your JJSPY account. The JJSPY tool will then capture the location and give the details to you. If you are spying on the iPhone, you can also see the location history.

Text and call logs

The next thing you will get in the tool is the feature to spy on the text messages. You will be able to see with whom the person is texting and calling. There is a complete log history of the target user available on your JJSPY account. You can just log in to your account and you will be able to see all the things.

Browsing history

Surely you might think what if the person is not using any of the social communication apps but directly using the website to text and chat with the strangers. Well, that is why JJSPY allows you to spy on the browsing history too.

You can see the total history (not just the web history of an hour). If the target user has more than one browser installed, you will be able to see the history of all of them. The history is enough to tell a lot about the person.

Files and media

Snapchat is all about sending the snaps. There are people who chat on it but there are half of the people who are only using Snapchat to send the snaps to each other. Therefore, if you are wondering which of the pictures that are snapping to each other than this feature will be pretty useful to you. With this, you will be able to see all the files that the users are sending.

You can see the files that in the Snapchat as well as you can see the files and the photos that are in the phone’s gallery. In this way, you can view all the files of the target user.

Other features

There are many other features that you will get in the JJSPY tool. It has a list of the tools that are just amazing. In simpler words, if you want to monitor someone’s mobile phone, JJSPY has almost all the features that you are looking for.

Compared to any other tools in the market, JJSPY has a lot more features with less pricing. Most importantly, JJSPY is 100% undetectable. No one will be able to find out that you are spying on them. So, you don’t need to be afraid of other people finding out that you are spying on them. No one will be able to know about it and you can hack Snapchat undetected.

Last but not least, JJSPY has amazing compatibility. It can work with all the versions of Android OS as well as IOS. You can still see the list of compatible versions on the details page. So, if your target user is using the latest version or he/she is using the older version, JJSPY can spy on all of them. You can still view the full compatibility list to confirm the device.

Part 2: Step by step guide on how to hack Snapchat chat history

Now, we will see the exact step by step guide that you can use to hack Snapchat chat history. You can follow the below-given steps carefully in order to spy on the device.

Step 1: Create an account at JJSPY

JJSPY account register
JJSPY account register

You will first have to create an account on the JJSPY website. You will have to choose from the plan first of all. The plans are as per the mobile operating system. In other words, if the target user is using an android phone, you will have to choose the android plan. In the same way, if they are using an iPhone, you will have to go with the iPhone plan.

Once you create an account and verify the details, you will have access to your JJSPY account. If you do not get it instantly, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes. Once you get the details, you can continue to the configuration and the setup of the JJSPY tool.

In the next step, we will see how you can configure the device as per your requirements and then start spying.

If you are using an android phone, you can follow step 2 and then skip to step 4. However, if you are using an iPhone, you will have to skip step 2 and continue directly to the 4th.

Step 2 [Only for Android]: Install JJSPY to hack a snapshot APK

You will then have to install the JJSPY on the target android device. This is only applicable if you are using android.

When you log in to your JJSPY account, you will get a hack a Snapchat APK (JJSPY APK) that you need to install on the target device.

While installing it, you might be asked whether you want to allow applications from an unknown source. You need to allow it. Once the app is installed on the mobile phone, you can then continue to the configuration of JJSPY.

In order to configure it, you need to open the hack a Snapchat APK and fill up the details. You will have to enter your JJSPY account details.

Once everything is over, you can exit the app. It will automatically disappear from the menu. This is how you can hack Snapchat undetected.

Step 3 [Only for iPhone and iPad users]: Enter the iCloud details

In the next step, you will have to enter iCloud details. Please note that this step is only for the iPhone and iPad users.

icloud account spy
iCloud account spy

You will have to enter the details of the target iCloud user. Please note that it is necessary to enter the details of the iCloud account in order to hack Snapchat chat history or to get into the mobile phone. Without having the iCloud access it is not possible to hack anything. This is because of the security of the iPhone device.

Once you enter the iCloud details, you will have to choose the iPhone or iPad devices. There will be multiple options on the screen if the iCloud account is connected with more than one Apple device. You need to choose the device that you want to hack.

There will be a couple of other details such as iPhone name, version, model number, OS version, etc. This will help you select the proper device that you plan to spy on.

After selecting the device, you can hit the finish button to complete the process. Once the process is complete, you can see the iPhone data on the next screen.

If not, you can wait for a couple of minutes for the data to be fetched. Depending on the internet connection, it may take a while to get the data. Once you get the data you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Start spying and hack Snapchat chat history

Android App Message Timeline
Android App Message Timeline

This step is common for all whether you are the one who has tried using a hack a Snapchat APK file or you have done it using the iCloud.

Now, you will see the entire data on your JJSPY account. You can then hack Snapchat with ease. When you log in to the dashboard, you will see various options out there.

In order to hack Snapchat, you will have to first go to the apps section. There will be a couple of options in the apps option.

From there you can either go to the timeline to see the details about the usage or you can check ut other options.

Along with spying on Snapchat, JJSPY has a lot more to offer. For instance, you can simply go to the live streaming section to see the live stream of the mic, camera, or screen. In the same way, you can explore the menus to see how you can monitor other things too.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about how to hack Snapchat chat history. You can easily do it with the JJSPY tool. If you are facing any problems with the installation or the configuration, you can surely contact the support anytime you want. They have an amazing support team that will help you whenever you want. The support is not only fast but also gives you valuable feedback or a reply that will solve your problem.

Talking about the pricing, the price is completely affordable when you compare it with the features you are getting. As you are literary getting many features. You can say it is a complete phone monitoring toolkit that you will have one once you get the JJSPY membership.

There are many other features also that we have not mentioned here. We have just highlighted the most important and the best features of the tools. You can check out the features page for more.

We also have a working demo that you can check out.

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