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snapchat password cracker

Snapchat is the best photo application among teenagers nowadays. They are constantly giving out new filters and new features for their application. Teenagers love that thing. In fact, not even teenagers, even the young generation likes the feature the app has to offer. So, people are using it. We are going to see how you can hack the Snapchat account and password. We are going to see the best Snapchat a password cracker available on the internet.

Is there any Snapchat password cracker available?

Well, the first thing you need to know is whether tools like this work or is this another scam. Well, there is no direct thing like Snapchat password cracker. In simpler words, no tool can directly crack the Snapchat password. Snapchat is a secure app and it is not easy to get the password of the same.

However, you can still crack the Snapchat password indirectly. We are going to use a phone monitoring tool which will help us to get the password of the Snapchat account.

Before you get the hopes up, let me tell you something very clearly. You will not get the password if the target user is using the iPhone device. However, we can still spy on their Snapchat account.

On the other hand, if the target user is using an android device, you can not only get the password but you can also spy on the account directly. You will also get many more features if the target user is using an android phone. However, there is a limit if the target user is an iPhone user.

We are going to see each and every detail on how to do it. We will also see a step by step guide to do the entire procedure. This will help you in achieving what you want to do.

How Snapchat password cracker (phone monitoring tool) works?

We already told you that you need to use the phone monitoring tool. It will work as a Snapchat password cracker. So, the next thing that you need to know is whether how it works.

Well, working is different for both iPhone and Android devices. Talking about the iPhone device, we are going to install an app (our tool) on the target device. The app will collect all the data from the android device and send it to you. You can then view all the data in the phone monitoring toolkit that we are going to see.

In the case of the iPhone, it doesn’t allow you to install any third-party app. SO, we are going to hack the Snapchat account without knowing their password. Yes, it is possible to do so. We will also see a step by step guide of doing the entire thing. This will help you to get into the Snapchat account of the target user.

The tool we are going to use over here is JJSpy. JJSpy is an ultimate phone monitoring tool that people love. It can pretty much hack any mobile phone. Whether the target user is using android or they are using an iPhone or iPad device. JJSpy can hack any of these devices.

Let’s understand more about this tool.

Overview of JJSpy

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

JJSpy is a phone monitoring toolkit that you can use to hack someone’s entire phone. With this tool, you will be able to get details about all the things. You will be able to see all the text messages that the target user receives. Further, you can see the call logs and contacts. Further, the tool also allows you to view the application usage. In simpler words, you can see the details of all the applications.

If the application is a social networking app or social communication app, you can also see the messages and the media. To access other media files, you can also view the file manager. The file manager has all the photos out there which you can see. The app also allows you to view the browsing history and GPS location. There is a GPS tracker which you will get in the tool. The tracker firstly fetches the GPS location and then displays it in the JJSpy account.

If you are trying to hack android mobile, you can also view the live streaming of a couple of fo things. The live streaming is basically the display of what the user sees on their phone. There are various options which you will get here. You can click on the camera stream and it will open the live camera stream. In this, the camera will be turned on in the target device and you will be able to see the view. Please note that the camera is turned on in the background. Hence, the user won’t know that the camera in on. In the same way, you can view the live screen stream whenever you want. It will display the current screen.

Android cameras spy
Android cameras spy

Steps to hack Snapchat (for android)

Now, we are going to see the exact steps you will require if you want to active the Snapchat password cracker. These are the steps that you need to follow on the android device. The steps may differ for the iPhone. We will also see the steps for the iPhone device. So, till then, let’s jump into the android section and see how you can hack Snapchat with android.

Here, the target device must be using android. Also, you will need physical access to the phone for a couple of minutes. You can see the steps to know what you have to do in it.

Step 1: Select the android plan

Open the JJSpy website and head over to create the account section. You will see the two options in which one is for the android and one is for the iPhone. We need to select android here as the target device is android. You can see the compatibility to make sure that you are capable of spying on that particular device.

Some of the older versions of android are not compatible with JJSpy. However, most of the versions are still compatible. So, once you check it, you need to create an account over there.

It is a simple thing to do. All you need to do is full up the details and create an account at JJSpy. Your account will be ready in no time. So, you need to proceed to the next step which is to install the app on the target device.

JJSPY account register
JJSPY account register

For that, you need to open your JJSpy account and copy the app link that is given on the dashboard.

Step 2: Install and configure JJSpy

Here, you need to borrow the target phone which you want to hack. When you have the phone, you need to open the browser and paste the link that you copied.

It will download the JJSpy on the target device. It will show security error, you can continue as we are trying to get into the account. So, you can allow the mobile to install the app.

When you install the app, you need to open it and fill up the details. It will ask you for your JJSpy account details. You need to enter all the JJSpy details. In this way, you can see the mobile data in your JJSpy app.

Once you do all these things, you need to exit the app. It will be invisible after you press the exit button. This is why JJSpy claims to be undetectable.

Thereafter, you just need to start spying, which brings us to the next step.

Step 3: Start spying

The next step is pretty simple. You need to open your JJSpy account. There you will see many options. You can directly go over to the Snapchat button or you can go to the apps and then click on the Snapchat button. It will show you all the Snapchat conversations.

If you want to see the Snapchat images, you can either head over to the photos option or you can go to the file manager. From there, you can see all the images. All the pictures are saved in the Pictures > Snapchat folder. So, if you are using it, file manager, you need to go to that particular section to view all the images.

Hack Android Image
Hack Android Image

The next way you can spy on the tool is by using the keylogger. There is a keylogger which comes along with the tool. The keylogger will basically save all the keypresses. In simpler words, if the user types something, the keylogger will save all the words in the plain text. You can then view the words. In this way, you can also spy on the Snapchat account. If the user types the Snapchat username and password, you will even get the username and password. So, it is a great way to hack Snapchat account

Therefore, this was the Snapchat password cracker tool. You can then explore different menus in the tool.

Steps to hack Snapchat account on iPhone

The next section is for Apple devices. If your target user is using an iPhone or iPad device, you can use this trick to hack into their Snapchat account. You won’t have to install any app over here. However, you will need the iCloud details of the target user. Once you have it, you can continue the guide and follow the next steps.

Step 1: Get JJSpy for iPhone

All you have to do is open JJSpy website and click on the Get started button. You will see two plans from which you need to select one plan. In this case, we will select the iPhone plan as the target device is the iPhone. It also works perfectly work for the iPad. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

You just need to complete the payment and create an account over there. Once you create your account, you can log in to the account and see if it is ready. Thereafter, you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Enter iCloud details

The next step is where you will have to enter the target user’s iCloud details. There will be fields where you can enter the username and the password. Once you enter the details, you will be asked to select a device.

icloud account spy
icloud account spy

These are the list of all the devices that are connected with this particular iCloud account.

You need to select the device that you want to hack. In simpler words, you need to select the device whose Snapchat you want to hack.

Step 3: Start spying

Now, you are almost there. When you select the iPhone, it will take some time to load the data. Once the data is loaded, you can then start spying on them.

As we are hacking the Snapchat account, you need to select the Snapchat option from the left menu. If you are not able to see the Snapchat name, you can go to apps and then select Snapchat. It will show you all the conversation.

Now, if you want to view the pictures of Snapchat, you can view it by going to the photos. Form there, you can go to the Pictures and Snapchat pictures. It will show you all the pictures that are saved from the Snapchat app.

If you want to see the photos that are not saved, you will have to head over to the Snapchat section (as shown above). In this way, you can hack Snapchat account without them knowing.

Final words

To conclude, JJSpy could work as the best Snapchat password cracker. You will not directly be able to crack the password but you can still spy on the device. If the target is using android, you can surely use the keylogger tool and see what is the password of their Snapchat account. It becomes super easy as the passwords are also saved in the plain text when you are using keylogger.

If you are still confused about how the tool works and what it will do, you can head over to the live demo and see them working.

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