Is It Possible to Track a Cell Phone Location by Its Number?

track cell phone location by number

This is probably the first question you ask people when your phone gets misplaced. But, the same question may also arise if you want to track someone who possesses the phone. This is normal. You might have seen in some movies that cops track the mobile phone of criminals. But, is it a feasible feature to have in the real world? Well, yes, but, no. Let me explain. The things you see in movies mess up with things in real life. You can track any device from its mobile number but, you will have to take the help of the network providers. And yes, they will never do that for you. So, in this article, we will know how to track a mobile phone by the phone number.

How tracking phone number works in real life?

The tracking you see in movies is actually possible in real life. But, it is not possible in the way they show in movies. In the real world, the police department has to take the help of the network providers. Now, when a mobile phone moves from one place to another, it switches between towers. Also, there is a fall in signal strength when the cell phone goes away from the tower and a rise in signal strength when the phone approaches the tower. The network operators use these data to locate the cell phone’s approximate location. This is how tracking by phone number works.

Can I hack a phone to track its location?

Now this question sounds a little more realistic than the previous one. But again, this requires some workaround. If you have misplaced your smartphone and are unable to locate using GPS for some reason, you can use the number to locate it. Here are some steps. At first, you should check if your phone is switched ON. Then, you will have to send a malicious link that contains a bug or a worm over SMS. Again, the text message should be convincing enough for the user to click on it and open it. This will automatically install the bug on the device. Now you can track it.

But, there are many obstacles involved in this process. The bug you sent is just a text message. It will never deploy on its own. Many times it is likely to be ignored and the user might not even see it. Again, if the user resets the phone to its factory settings, there is a great chance for the bug being removed. So, how can you track a cell phone without using the phone number? The only feasible option is to get a spy app service like JJSPY.

How to track a cell phone using JJSPY?

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

Tracking a phone using JJSPY is very simple. Buy a copy of JJSPY. Install the app they provided on the target device and you are done. You can now get the exact location of the phone. Now hold on, there are many more features that JJSPY has to offer. JJSPY is a complete set of tracking tools that can easily track almost every activity on a phone. Let us know what more JJSPY can do.

Live camera, microphone, and screen streaming

Android cameras spy
Android cameras spy

JJSPY enables you to remotely access the target device’s rear and front camera and stream video from the target device to your device or the JJSPY web dashboard. Using this feature, you will be able to view the live surrounding environment of the target user. This feature is the most helpful for sting operations and to monitor your child, spouse or employees.

It also allows you to access the target device’s microphone from a remote location and stream audio from the target device to your device or the web dashboard. This feature will help to hear the live surrounding sound of the user. This feature is the most helpful to detect unfavorable situations and to listen to secret conversations.

Another amazing feature that JJSPY has to offer is screen streaming and remote screenshots. The screenshot taking program provides you with a visual form of exactly what the user is doing on Android phones and iPhones, which play an important role in employee monitoring and parental control. You can also use this app to monitor what activities your kid has done on his/her device and whether they need your help and guidance. For example, you can tell whether they are addicted to violent games or engaged in a video chat with strangers. Again, it can also capture screenshots for social networking apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, and Mail.

GPS location

With the feature of GPS tracking, coordinates will be shown at regular intervals that you can set on the web dashboard. With the help of the acquired data and coordinates, you can point the location on Map. The timestamp and date will be displayed too. With JJSPY, you can know if your child lied to you when he/she said they had done homework with classmates’ at their place. In this way, it plays an important role in parenting. But, its advantages are not just limited to parenting. It is also beneficial for managers and employers who have to manage an organization.

In some companies, employees are equipped with smart devices for the purpose of faster and smooth communication and to raise the level of productivity. In that case, JJSPY can be installed on these devices by default to track employees’ live locations and monitor them. When the manager is out for some official work, some irresponsible employees in the office may feel free to leave the company for some non-work related purposes. In such a situation, employers can track the employees and know how they behave in their absence in the organization.

Internet activity monitor

This feature is self-explanatory. You can monitor the web history of your child or employees from a remote location on the JJSPY web dashboard. Nowadays many parents are very busy to spend enough time watching children’s mobile activities in person. However, it’s the responsibility of parents to know what their kids are surfing on the web. Children are innocent and might get attracted to visiting some websites which contain gross, gory, porn, cyber-bullying, and gambling.

According to statistical data, nearly 50% of employees visit websites that are not related to their work every day at work. Such employees waste a lot of the company’s money. Also, there are some employees who think they are not paid enough for the work they deliver and start wasting time at the office. With JJSPY, you can track the employee’s web history and take appropriate actions if something is not well.


Keylogger is one of the most powerful features that can be of great help to you. No matter you are a parent or an employer, you need this feature to track the target phone completely. Keylogger records all the keystrokes on the phone or on a particular app. This helps you know if your employee or child is hiding something from you. Using this feature, you can get access to their email account id and passwords, their web searches and many more as it records all the user ID and typed passwords. Using this you can also get an idea of their psychology and thinking. You can know what they are talking about you at your back. Once you smell something fishy is going on, you can take appropriate actions.

App usage data

Another amazing feature of JJSPY is the app usage data it provides. The app records all the app usage history and reports it in the web dashboard. This is a helpful feature to get an overall idea of what apps your kid is using and how much time he/she is engaged in the mobile device. When you detect that your kid’s mobile usage is exceeding the limit, you can take appropriate action. You may worry that your teenagers are interested in apps for pornography and dating. JJSPY allows you to check if any such app is installed and being used on your children’s phones.

Not only these, but there are also many more interesting features that JJSPY has to offer. Moreover, it works on Android and iOS devices. You don’t even need to have a lot of knowledge to operate the web dashboard that JJSPY provides. The web interface is so clean and organized that you can perform any task without a hassle. Now, there are many other apps that provide some features that JJSPY offers. But, a very few are as reliable as JJSPY.

Coming to the conclusion, you can track any Android and iOS device using these spy apps.

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