Top 6 Parental Control Apps To Track Kid’s Phone Usage For Safety

Parental control app to track the safety of children’s mobile phones

Parental control apps are now a necessity. As there are a lot of negative things going on in the world, you will need to make sure your kid is safe and not going on any wrong path. For that, you will need a parental control app. Not just any app, you will need to find one of the best parental control apps to track kid’s phone usage for safety purposes. It should give you all the information you will need. Starting from the apps they use to the conversation they do, you should be able to see all of these things. We have collected some of the best parental control apps that you might want to have a look at. All of them are good at their place. You can choose any of them as per your requirements.


One of the best parental control apps to track kid’s phone usage for safety is the JJSPY. JJSPY is a phone monitoring tool that can be used as a parental control app. You can find all the details of the mobile phone with the help of the tool. We will soon see the features it provides. Before that, let’s talk about some other things about JJSPY. JJSPY is available on the iPhone as well as on android. You can go with the iPhone plan even if the target device uses an iPad instead of an iPhone. It is compatible with most of the versions. Hence, you can use it in pretty much all the devices.


Further, the tool is 100% invisible. In simpler words, the target user, in this case, your kid won’t come to know about you tracking them. JJSPY tool gives you complete access to all the things that you require. Whether you are looking for something that will help you in finding your kid’s location or you just want to know about what they do on their mobile phone, JJSPY will be the best tool for you. The next good thing about JJSPY is that you don’t need to root the android device or jailbreak the iPhone or iPad device. You can start using the tool easily without havening the root access. The installation is easy and fast. Anyone without any technical knowledge can do it easily.

We will now see the features, pros, and cons of the tool.


  • There is a live stream feature that will allow you to see the screen, camera, or you can also hear the microphone with it
  • You can easily see the number of apps installed and you can also see the usage.
  • For social media apps, the tool allows you to see the conversation directly. You can see Whatsapp Messages, Snapchat convo, etc.
  • The app also allows you to track the location of the phone
  • You can also see the browsing history of the mobile phone
  • It allows you to see the SMS, call logs, and contacts.
  • There is a keylogger that will save all the keystroke.
  • You can also see the files of the user with the help of the tool.
Take Android Screenshot
Take Android Screenshot

Please note that some of the features are only available on android.


  • There are all the features you will need in the phone monitoring tool
  • The pricing is affordable.
  • You can start using it easily without any technical skills.
  • The tool is undetectable.
  • It works on android as well as on the iPhone device without root or jailbreak


  • The feature of blocking the apps is missing. Rest all the things are amazing about the app.

#2 SpyMaster Pro

As the name suggests, SpyMaster Pro is another great tool you can use to spy on your kids. Spy tools can be used as parental control tools. All the features that come in the parental control tool will also come in the spy tool. Instead, a spy tool will also include many more features that are missing in the parental control app. Spymaster Pro is one of the tools where all the popular features are included. You can soy on the device easily. The tool allows you to see the details such as messages, conversations, etc.

Further, you can also see the location of the device with this app. That’s the reason why this tool is popular. People use it for various purposes. You can use this tool to spy on your kids. It allows you to do all the things with it. Spymaster Pro is the perfect app for all the people who are looking to track the usage of the apps on their kid’s phones. The tool is affordable and also it is completely invisible.


  • There are some of the coolest features in the tool that are worth taking look at
  • The tool is easy to use


  • There are all the features of a phone monitoring tool but some of the features that should be in a spying app are missing here.

#3 TiSpy

Our next selection is is a great tool that you can use for phone monitoring and tracking your kids. Most of the spy tools are available for iPhone and android whereas TiSpy is a little different. It is available on android and computer. You can’t use it in an iPhone device. The features of the computer are pretty great. However, there are some of the features missing when it comes to the android version of the app.

To track your kid with the help of TiSpy, you get features like SMS tracking, application tracking, live stream, etc. You can track the location of the phone anytime. Further, it also allows you to capture the screenshot and photo. It has a feature which has scheduled the photo click. You can set the timing and it will automatically capture the picture. In this way, you will get the photo even if you are not online. This feature is not seen in many of the parental control apps.


  • The tool has all the features including live stream
  • You can also schedule the photo click
  • You can use TiSpy for computer
  • There is a 2-day free trial available


  • The UI is not easy to navigate
  • Also, the tool is not available on the iPhone. You can’t track your kid if they are using an iPhone or iPad.

#4 iKeyMonitor

The next app in the list of the top parental control apps to track your kid is iKeyMonitor. It is a complete parental control application specially designed for the kids below 18. You can use it to track their complete information. There are a lot of sexual crimes, cyberbullying, and many other things going on if you want your kids to be safe from all those things. You can use iKeyMonitor. iKeyMonitor will safeguard your kid from all these things.

It helps you to track all the information. You can not only see the SMS, app usage, WhatsApp convo, etc but you can also see all the keystrokes that the user is typing. In simpler words, if they write their email address and password on a website, you will get both of them in plain text. However, some of these features will require root or jailbreak. So, if you want to access all the features, you will have to root your phone.


  • Especially for kid’s phone monitoring
  • Allows you to track your kids completely
  • There is remote control using which you can also delete the account in the device


  • Some features are missing
  • Also, certain features require root or jailbreak

#5 FoneMonitor

You can also go with FoenMonitor if you want to go with one of the apps that don’t require root or jailbreak. FoneMonitor is another cool app using which you can track your kids without having to root or jailbreak their phones. Some features will help you spy on social communication apps and also track the usage of these apps. Further, you can track the location of the phone with FoneMonitor. Not to mention, there are all the features using which you can see text messages, call logs, etc easily.

Talking about the usage, the tool is extremely easy to use. You don’t need technical knowledge to install the tool and use it. Further, it doesn’t even require root or jailbreak. Therefore, you can use this tool easily. Lastly, once you install the tool, it will be invisible. Therefore, your kid will never come to know about you monitoring them. Now, we will see some of the pros and cons of FoneMonitor. Using this, you can decide whether you want to go with the tool or not.


  • It allows you to spy on the device completely
  • There are all the features present here
  • No root or jailbreak required
  • The tool is invisible and undetectable


  • The monthly plan will cost you more. Also, the renewal is more than the first time price

#6 KidGuard

You can also use KidGuard to spy and monitor your kids. It is a small application that doesn’t have a lot of features but you can surely it to keep a track on the kids. You can surely track SMS, phone call, and many more thing with this. It also allows you to see the apps installed. You can also track the apps and see what your kids are doing in a particular app.

Further, if you are a non-profit organization who wants the tool, you can contact them and they will provide you a custom quote. It is a very helpful tool. If you are looking for a complete spying tool, it is not for you. However, if you want simple regular monitoring, you should surely check out KidGuard. It allows you to do all the basics things. Also, the pricing is affordable as the features are less as compared to the other spying tools.


  • You get a light-weight tool which has all the basic features
  • The tool is affordable
  • There is a 10 days free trial to test out the application before you buy it
  • There is a people’s search option to find people alphabetically


  • There are a lot of features missing in this app.
  • The user interface is not attractive


What is the Parental control app?

A parental control app will help you monitor your kid’s activity through their mobile phone. You can spy on all of the things.

How to choose the best parental control apps to track kids?

You mainly need to see the features and the pricing of the tool. Further, you can also see if the app is undetectable or not.

Can I use the same parental control app to spy on all my kids?

Unless the app specifies that you can use it in multiple devices, you won’t be able to use it. You will need to pay extra for the second device.

Which one is the best parental control apps to track kids?

JJSPY will be the perfect option for most people as there are all the features given in the application. You can start using this app easily.

Do I need technical knowledge to use a phone monitoring app?

No, most of the apps don’t require any technical knowledge. You can easily start using the apps on your kid’s device.

Final words

To conclude, these were some of the best parental control apps that you can have a look at. All of them are good at their place you can go with. However, if you ask for our recommendation, we do recommend you to g with JJSPY because of the amazing features it provides. Also, their support is awesome. You won’t face any issues when it comes to JJSPY. Therefore, if you want the best tool, you should go with JJSPY. You can check out the live demo o the app directly from their website. The live demo looks exactly like the one that you will buy. So, if you can get along with the UI and also see the features of the tool in the live demo.

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