Hack Someone’s phone Microphone Remotely (For android)

hack someones phone microphone

If your kids are with the wrong company, chances are they would be abusing out there and speaking the things that they shouldn’t. The same goes for your employees. If you have given the company’s phone to your employees, you can keep an eye on your employees by hacking their microphones.

We are going to see here the exact step by step guide to do so. We will see how you can hack into someone’s phone remotely.

Why hack someone’s microphone?

Before we get into the main tutorial, some of you might be wondering what is the use of hacking into the microphone. SO, this is the place where we will see some of the use cases. No doubt, you can hack into someone’s phone and listen to their microphone. However, you shouldn’t do any illegal things.

Here are some of the reasons you can

  • If you are a parent and worried about your kid going on the wrong path, you can use the microphone to listen.
  • The next use case can be if you are a company and if you provide company-operated smartphones. You can use this method to listen to their microphone.
  • You can even use the tool for other legal purposes in which you are allowed to do so.

So, in this way, you should make sure that the thing you are doing is legal and shouldn’t use the method to do anything wrong.

Can you really hack microphones?

Now, let’s talk about the hacking mic of the phone. Here, we will see whether it is possible to hack someone’s microphone or not. The answer is yes. You can surely do it.

The next question that many people out there have in their mind is that whether you will need an opponent’s phone or you can hack their microphone remotely? Well, you can hack their phone remotely but you will need access to their phone for a couple of minutes. So, you need to be sure that you have their phone for a couple of minutes.

So, the next question is how you can do it? Well, we are going to use a phone monitoring tool over here. A phone monitoring tool will help you get into the phone quickly and easily. With the phone monitoring tool, you can hack someone’s microphone in no time.

In fact, not even a microphone, you will get access to their entire phone. So, you can surely use it. The tool we are going to use here is JJSPY.

JJSPY is an amazing phone monitoring tool that you can use. It not only enables you to get access to someone’s microphone but also will let you do many more things.

Overview of JJSPY

JJSPY is amazing all in one toolkit which is used to spy and hack someone’s phone. JJSPY allows you to see their messages, contacts, app usage, and many other things. Talking about the app usage, you can not only see the basic details but you can also see the app messages. For instance, if they are using Facebook messenger, you can also see their Facebook messages. It becomes very much useful and you will love this thig later on.

Talking about the microphone, there is a live streaming option. Inside it, you will see the microphone option. The microphone option will automatically turn on the microphone of the target device. With this, you will be able to hear whatever they speak. It is a small option that plays a very important role when it comes to spying.

Further, live streaming has two other options. One of the cameras and the other one is for the screen. As you guessed, the camera option will let you turn on the camera anytime you want. You can turn on the front as well as a back camera with this. When you do this, you will be able to see all the things. The next live streaming option is for the screen. With this, the screen will be telecasted right into your JJSPY dashboard.

There are many other features which you will get in the JJSPY toolkit. Let’s see a couple of more features that you are going to get over here. We will not repeat the current features that we have already mentioned. Instead, we will see the rest of the features that you are getting in this phone monitoring toolkit.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features
  • You will be able to read all the messages and see whether the target has saved the number or not.
  • Further, you can view all the messages from the dashboard. This includes messages from all the most popular apps that are installed on the device. You will see the messages in the plain text and if there are any media, you can even view the media, which brings us to the next point.
  • JJSPY also allows you to see the photos, videos, and audio recordings. You will get the file manager access. The file manager has all the things saved from which you can view the files.
  • The feature you will get here is the keylogger. There is a keylogger in the tool. A keylogger is basically a tool that will capture all the keystrokes that the user presses. In simpler words, whatever the user will type, you will be able to see it. This even includes the passwords in plain text. So, it is pretty cool as you can see the email address and the password of the website.
  • GPS tracker helps you to know the exact location fo the deice. Yes, it comes with a GPS tracker.
  • Not to mention, you can do all the small things to spy on the target device.
  • It also has a browser history option. It will show you the complete history of the internet. No matter which browser the target user is using, you can view the history. However, if they are using incognito mode or private window, you will not be able to see it directly. For that, you can head over to the keylogger and see what they have typed. In this way, you can even see web history in incognito mode.

Steps to hack someone’s microphone

You surely might be waiting for the actual tutorial. So, here we are with the exact tutorial on how you can hack someone’s microphone remotely. All you need to do is follow the exact steps and you will be able to hear from their microphone without them knowing. In simpler words, you can turn on the microphone in the background and they will not even come to know. You don’t need to have their mobile phone all the time in order to do so. You can do it remotely with the JJSPY tool. 

So, let’s get into the steps and see how you can do it.

Step 1: Create JJSPY account

The first thing that you need to do is to create an account at JJSPY. You will need an account because you will see all the information in the JJSPY account only. So, you will need to create an account. For that, there are two plans available on the JJSPY website. One is Android and the other one is for the iPhone and iPad. Here, as we are hacking the microphone of the Android device, we will select the Android plan.

JJSPY account register
JJSPY account register

Thereafter, you can continue with the payment and your account will be ready. You can log into your JJSPY account. Inside it, you will see a link to download the JJSPY APK file. It is the app that we will be installing on the target device. It will disappear after you configure it.

Step 2: Install the app

You will have to install the app on the target device. It will not take more time to install and configure. Also, it will automatically disappear once you install the app. So, you don’t need to worry about them finding out.

So, you can log into the account and get the link. You can borrow the target phone and install the app. When you open the app, you will see a couple of details that you will have to fill up.

You just need to enter your JJSPY details such as email addresses, etc. Once you enter all the details, it will show that the app is ready to perform. Now, you can exit the app.

That’s pretty much it, you will then have to exit the application. You are already halfway there to hack someone’s microphone. You can now proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Start spying

Yes, you have successfully done the most important things. Now, all you need to do is open the JJSPYpuy account and start spying.

When you open the account, you will see that the Android device is connected. You will also see some of the other information about the Android device.

You just need to click on the device and start spying on the phone. When you click on the device, you will see various options. This is the panel from which you can access someone’s phone.

On the next page (panel), you will be able to see various menus and options. On the first page, it is the dashboard where you will the basic details of the phone. You can scroll down if you want to know more about the basic details or else, you can just get into spying the microphone.

In order to spy on the microphone, you will need to head over to the live menu. From there, you will be able to see various options. As we want to spy on ht emic, we will go to the microphone option from there. The microphone option will do the work and let you hear the voice.

turn of microphone remotely
turn of microphone remotely

Basically, it will just turn on the microphone of the target device and you will be able to hear the mic. It will not turn it on the foreground but it will turn on the mic in the background. Hence, the target user will never come to know that someone has turned on the microphone. In this way, you (as a JJSPY user) can hear all the things they are saying. Further, they will not even come to know. When you are done hearing, you can turn off the live stream and it will turn off their microphone.

Step 4: Spy other things

As we have already said, there are hundreds of features that you can explore when it comes to the JJSPY toolkit. You can explore all the features one by one. There are options to open the camera, screen stream, etc.

SO, the next step over here is to explore all the things. You can check out all the options available in the JJSPY panel.

If you haven’t yet brought it, you can still view all the options. All you have to do is open the JJSPY website and head over to the demo option.

That’s the exact panel which you will get when you buy the tool. You can explore the tool and see what are the other features. Just to remind, you can view all the messages, track the location, and also do various other things on the target device.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about how you can hack someone’s microphone remotely. The method is 100% safe and also the target user won’t be able to know about it. Hence, you are in profit. They will not find out that you are spying to hear their sound. You can easily take their phone and install the app.

If you don’t want to purchase it directly, you can check out the demo app. Feel free to check other options in it. This will give you a better idea of what you are paying for. Further, it is recommended that you also check the compatible version. JJSPY can work on almost all devices. However, some of the Android versions are incompatible with it. So, it is recommended that you also check the version of the Android and then continue to the payment.

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