How to Track My Wife’s Cell Phone’s Calls Remotely

track wife's phone calls remotely

Marriage is the most sacred and holy relationship between a man and a women. However, there comes a lot of ups and downs in the life of every couple. Sometimes, a wife’s behavior with her husband becomes totally unperceivable due to anxiety or any other unknown reason. In this type of situation, the husband has two options. First, he can talk to his wife to understand the reason behind her rudeness and the other way is to access her cellphone to understand this enigmatic situation.

Although the second method is not recommended, if a wife is not in a mood to tell anything, the second option becomes much more practicable to comprehend and resolve this issue. You might be thinking that the second method is more appropriate but how I can get my wife’s cellphone to check call history or any other information. It is because she will never ever give her cellphone to check her call logs. What is the possible solution?

There are numerous applications that make you capable to track call location and track call history. So by utilizing these track call apps, you can track the complete information of your wife call logs sitting remotely on any internet-ready device. Even you can use your own smartphone to check the complete call history of your wife. Some of these applications are really intelligent such as when your wife will receive a call from anyone, you will be notified about that call immediately. Isn’t that amazing?

The call track applications vary on the basis of features and prices. Some of the applications even provide their services free of cost. We recommend you, don’t pay your attention to such an advertisement. Instead of benefits, they will spoil your privacy and victimize you with a harmful virus. Moreover, you will find numerous unseen and problems that can push you in extreme troubles.

We suggest you spend some extra money and purchase a trustworthy application to track a call online. These reliable applications will keep you safe from inconvenience in the future. XNSPY, Spyzie, and TrackMyFone are the most popular apps to track callers. However, the most prominent app that provides you various incredible features including track a call is the JJSPY app. This application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Overview of JJSPY – An excellent app to track your wife cellphone calls

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

JJSPY app is the most prominent and trustworthy name in the world of call tracking applications. JJSPY app is extremely popular among parents, employers and other users because it provides all tracking features just in a single application. If you want to track your wife’s cellphone calls, you want to do this job without being exposed. JJSPY app is a 100% secure app and works in a stealth mode or hidden mode. It is impossible to detect this application on the cellphone. So you can feel free to use this app to track your wife’s smartphone.

The most staggering thing of the JJSPY app is that it provides extremely simple user-interface but extraordinary features. The expert team of developers has made it extremely easy to use so it requires no technical skills for its usage. No rooting and jailbreak is required.

To utilize its functionalities, you just need to set this up. After an appropriate setup, you can check your wife’s cellphone call logs 24/7 sitting anywhere even alongside your wife. However, it is not a good practice!

If you further want to know about the JJSPY app, the company provides you a complete demonstration facility. So before you purchase this app, you can have a demo at:

How to track your wife’s cellphone call remotely? Here is the complete working of the best call track application- JJSPY call monitoring app.

Complete working of JJSPY call tracking app

We have already mentioned that the working process of JJSPY app is extremely easy. The usages are as easy as pie. You can track your wife’s call history just in three steps as follows:

  1. Purchase a subscription of JJSPY app: First, you need to purchase a subscription of JJSPY app. The app is available at an affordable price. If we compare features with the price, it is available at the lowest price. You can check the pricing plan of JJSPY app at
  2. Installation of JJSPY app: After purchasing a subscription plan, you need to install this app on your wife’s cellphone. It doesn’t take much time to install. When you purchase this app, you will receive an email with the complete installation instructions. Follow the instructions to complete this step.
  3. You are good to go: When the installation process completes successfully, the application starts working. It will upload complete call logs history of your wife to the remote website where you can access that information anytime whenever you want.

How to track my wife’s cellphone calls remotely with JJSPY app?

After a few moments of installation, you can examine complete call history and other important information on any internet-ready device or your own smartphone. Here is the complete guide to check call logs on Android and iOS:

Check the complete call history of your wife on Android devices with JJSPY app

If you are tracking your wife’s call history on an Android device. Follow these steps to check the complete call history.

  • Login into your JJSPY account. You will be redirected to a control panel or a dashboard.
  • On the dashboard, you will find several incredible features to track other useful information. Among these features, you will find a Call History option.
  • Click on this option, you will see the complete details of calls including phone number, person name, call type such incoming and outgoing calls with time and date stamps. Moreover, you can see the call duration as well.
  • The majority application provides just upper mentioned features but JJSPY is capable to record the call. In the very left of the call logs details, you will see a speaker icon. Click on that and listen to the entire conversation.
  • At the top of the screen, you can see an astounding call record feature. You can turn it on or off according to your needs.
  • If you want to check the complete details of the contacted person, JJSPY app facilitates you in this regard. Click on the Contact feature on the left menu, you can see the saved information of the contacted person such as email, address, and other related information.

Check the complete call history of your wife on iOS devices with JJSPY app

If you are tracking your wife’s call history on an iOS device. Follow these steps to check the complete call history.

  • Login into your JJSPY account. You will be redirected to a control panel or a dashboard.
  • After successful login, you will see a dashboard. At the dashboard, you can see the complete information of your wife’s cellphone such as her current location, battery status, and iCloud information.
  • On the very top of the left menu, you will find a Call History option. Click on that, you can see the complete details of call status such as incoming and outgoing calls, call duration with the date and time stamp.
  • If you want to check the frequently contacted persons, go to the dashboard and scroll a little bit. You will find the top 5 frequently contacted people.
  • Unfortunately, this app doesn’t provide call recording feature, but if you are interested to know about the contacted persons, JJSPY will help you out. Go to the left menu and click on the Contact option. You will see the complete details of contacted persons such as email address and physical address, etc.

What makes JJSPY one of the finest choices among its users?

It is the most frequently asked question that why JJSPY app, not others? We can answer this question in many different ways. If we talk about its security and smooth working, you can verify it after checking it. However, the most appropriate way to answer this question is that pick any other tracker app and compare that’s features with JJSPY app. You will find numerous incredible features of JJSPY app that even don’t exist in other monitoring apps. Here are some incredible and unique features that make JJSPY one of the finest choices among its users.

Android Live Screen Stream
Android Live Screen Stream
  • Live Cameras Steaming: Most of the people even don’t believe that can this feature exist in any tracking application? Yes, it exists and works phenomenally in JJSPY app. This splendid feature allows you to turn on and off front and rear cameras of your wife’s cellphone. So you can see directly your wife activities.
  • Live Screen Streaming: call recording features, you can only hear the contacted person voice. However, if your wife makes a video call with anyone, you can see that person by using the Live Screen Streaming option.
  • Live Microphone: This feature allows you to listen to the real-time conversation of your wife with any person. Isn’t it amazing? If your wife is talking to someone, just turn the microphone on and listen to her entire conversation.
  • Keylogger: it is another useful feature that can be used for social media account hacking. This feature tracks all pressed keys so you can trace the password by using this feature.

These are a few unbelievable features that JJSPY offers. After watching its live demonstration, we are sure you will recommend this app to your friends to track their wife’s cell phone call logs!

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