How to Track a Cell Phone Number Location

track cell phone number location

You most often receive phone calls from different unknown numbers. So have you ever thought about tracking those phone numbers? Tracking becomes necessary when you receive too many spam calls from an unfamiliar number. Most of you want to type in the phone numbers and find out who it is. Many incredible applications facilitate you to look up exactly where a call came from and who is behind it.

Although smartphones provide the functionality to block any unwanted number, tracking a phone number can help you in many ways whether in your personal life or in business. Tracking is not a big deal nowadays. You can just type in a phone number and find location free without them knowing. It is up to you whether you track a person or not but at least you must know the procedure of tracking and which type of applications are really handy to deal with such a situation. Here is a complete detail for tracking:

How do you track phone number location?

IMEI and GPS are the most popular ways to track a phone number and location. Different apps such as “Locate Any Phone” and “GPS Phone Tracker” provide a great way of tracking and you can get real-time results with such applications. Moreover, when a cellphone is not connected with the internet, these tracking applications still intelligently find out the location of the cellphone. To find a location, all you need to know are GPS coordinates that can be tracked with these applications just in a few seconds.

There is another way of tracking by sending a message from different messaging apps such as WhatsApp. You might be thinking how it is possible to track a cellphone and location with a text message. Yes, it’s possible. How? When you send a text message with WhatsApp, you can see that wheatear recipient has received the text message or not. Additionally, whether the recipient has read the text message or not? So the message is being received or reads on the other side but your applications are capable to track such information. This is how tracking applications have the capability to track device location.

Here are the top 5 most popular applications in which you just type in a phone number and find location free.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

mobile number tracker pro
mobile number tracker pro

This is the most popular app in the world of cellphone tracking. You just need to type in a phone number and find location free online. This application has been developed for the basic tracking purpose that doesn’t provide advanced monitoring features.

  • It provides detailed information about cellphone number and location.
  • Available in 180+ countries.
  • It doesn’t provide real-time tracking.
  • The user interface is well-organized and users can customize it.
  • You can download it free.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

It is an extremely popular website in which you just need to type in a phone number and find the location easily. The working process of this application is straight forward. No pre-registration is required to use this application.

  • The application requires the country and carrier- phone operator (this option is not required). After providing this information, just type in the phone number and find the location for free.
  • The application works really fast and most of the results are accurate.
  • You can use this app on any device free of cost.

Official Website:

online GPS phone tracker
online GPS phone tracker

Mobile Number Tracker

It is another quite popular website used to track phone numbers. It provides some incredible features that make it one of the best choices among users. Just visit this website and type in the phone number and find the location for free. Here are some common features of this website:

  • This is compatible with all devices. Moreover, it supports millions of cellphone number so you can track any cellphone’s location easily.
  • It provides the functionality to track the location of a vehicle and landline.
  • Furthermore, you can track ISD and STD code.
  • It makes you capable to trace Bulk SMS Sender.
  • It is extremely easy to use and provides its services free of cost.

Mobile Number Locator

It is another incredible app that facilitates you to track the location of all cellphones. You just need to type in the phone number and find the name, location and other useful information of the device. The application is only available for Android devices. The reason for its popularity is its accuracy and user-friendly interface.

  • This application informs you about the location, time and last activity of the device.
  • You will see the location of the device on a Google Map.
  • It provides its services free of cost but contains a lot of ads.

Caller ID and Number Locator

This application has earned fame recently due to its advanced features. All leading Android devices support this app. The application is extremely easy to manage and contains a well-managed interface. If you want to track a cellphone location, just type in the phone number and find location. Here are some incredible features of Caller ID and Number Locator:

  • It provides some advanced features such as route logging and caller ID. The application stands out in other similar apps due to these advanced features.
  • The application is capable to track cellphone locations in about 12,000 countries all around the world.
  • The app offers all services free of cost but contains a lot of in-app ads.
Caller ID and Number Locator
Caller ID and Number Locator

The best alternative of location track apps

So far, we were talking about different useful free apps that allow you to track cellphone locations. The advanced technology is not just limited to track the location. There are numerous incredible apps that allow you to check all the activities of the user.

The most important point you should keep in mind that all applications are developed for constructive purpose or legal use. For example, parents can use these apps to monitor their children to make sure their security. They can use these tracking apps to track their location to keep them safe from different illegal activities. Moreover, an employer can use these apps to monitor their employees to enhance the productivity of an organization.

Now, you are familiar with the top 5 cellphone locator apps. For the interest of the reader, we are introducing a multi-functional app that is a prominent name in the world of monitoring apps.

JJSPY: The best phone track app

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

What if an app provides you all the aforementioned services we discussed under 5 tracking applications and much more than that at an affordable price? Amazing! Isn’t it? We are sure, you would be interested to know such an astounding app. Well, we are talking about JJSPY app.

JJSPY app is the most predominant and powerful app that provides you numerous unbelievable features to monitor the activities of the user. If you have ever used any other monitoring app, you will forget that app after knowing the exclusive features of JJSPY app. Here are the best 5 exclusive features of JJSPY app:

  1. Live Cameras Streaming Remotely: JJSPY app provides the functionality to live stream front and rear camera as well. For example, after tracking someone’s location, you can turn a front or rear camera to check the entire activities. No app provides such an amazing feature. You can take images from both front and rear cameras at any time when needed.
  2. Live Microphone: If you want to listen to the entire conversation of someone’s remotely, JJSPY app is for you. It allows you to listen to the real-time conversation of the user. What else you want from an application if that allows you to watch and listen to comprehend the entire scenario?
  3. Call Recorder Remotely: Many apps just provide the information of basic call logs but JJSPY facilitates you to record the entire conversation that you can listen to any other time. It is an amazing feature because just turn it on this feature and perform your own activities. When you free from your work, just log in to your JJSPY account and listen to the entire phone calls.
  4. Screen Streaming Remotely: It is another remarkable feature that JJSPY offers. You can live stream the screen of the users and it feels as you are using their cellphone by yourself. Moreover, you can take screenshots remotely when needed.
  5. Keylogger: It is another useful feature offered by JJSPY app. It keeps the record of all pressed keys. It is capable to capture even passwords. It means this feature fall in hacking categories instead of just spying.

JJSPY app is not just limited to these features. It provides other several features such as GPS location tracking, read the messages from all instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, and Skype and check to browse history. Moreover, it gives you access to the gallery of the cellphone where you can watch all the saved videos and see all the photos and much more.

How to track the location of the cellphone with JJSPY app?

The amazing thing is that JJSPY app can track the location of the user as well. This feature is considered the advanced feature in other apps but the basic feature in JJSPY. Follow these steps to check the location of the device:

  • Install JJSPY app and log in to the account.
  • After login in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard is filled with all the aforementioned features.
  • On the top left corner of the dashboard, you will find the complete device information such as model number, battery status and so on.
  • Besides the device information, you will see the current location of the device. Moreover, you can check the complete location history with JJSPY app.

Most people prefer free of cost apps. These applications don’t provide you accurate results. Moreover, they spoil your privacy and contain harmful viruses. You face numerous unseen problems that push you in trouble. We suggest you spend a little bit amount to purchase a trustworthy app. If you want to track the location of any device and want to monitor all activities of the user, JJSPY app is the most suitable option.

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