How to Track Android Cell Phone using IMEI Number

How to find IMEI number

A handset is something you cannot do without in life today. You can access anything using your phones. That starts from financial, medical, and even important work files that you receive on the emails. To some, it is an office, and they use their android devices to make money online.

However, picture going days or even months without your phone because it is lost or stolen. I know it can be devastating and annoying at the same time. This is because it affects your activities and even puts your personal information at risk. Well, when such happens, there is no need to worry since you can retrieve your device with ease by tracking.

Every phone produced has a different cord or number that identifies it in the market. The number is known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI). This is what identifies the phone uniquely and details its specs. The IMEI number is what you can use to track your phone, whether it’s lost, or stolen.  There are various apps that you could use, such as the JJSPY tracking app, among others.

How to track lost/stolen Android Phone using IMEI

For you to track your phone, you need to have this number captured or written down.  Knowing the IMEI number determines how fast you are to recover the Android device. It is a simple procedure that you can undertake without seeking professional help. Therefore, take time and master the following steps to be able to pin the device location.

How to find IMEI number
How to find IMEI number

Finding the IMEI number of the device lost

To be able to track your phone with ease, you need to have the IMEI number with you. This can be obtained in the following ways.

The number can be obtained by dialing ‘*#06#’ on the Android device. Immediately you dial it a ‘MEID_IMEI’ dialogue box appears. This is what gives you information about the phone.

However, you cannot do this if the phone is lost since this is a prevention measure. It is advisable that you write the IMEI number in your notebook or even save it on your laptop. You never know when you might need it.

On the other hand, if the phone is lost, you can still retrieve the IMEI number. When you buy an Android phone from a shop or a store, it is usually in a box. On the box, there is usually a description of the phone’s features and attributes.

When you look at the description keenly, you will notice an IMEI number on the box.       This is the same number you will receive when dialing ‘*#06#’. Therefore, it’s essential always to have the box and not throw it away or burn it.

There is also another option that you can use to find the IMEI identification number. This involves going online to get it. Here is where Google comes in handy.

Login into your Google account, which is configured to your lost device. This takes you to the Google dashboard that helps in tracking the lost handset using the International Mobile Equipment Identity number.      

Using the IMEI number to track the lost phone

Tracking your phone can be a bit hectic if the internet and GPS were not on. Hence it is vital always to have these features every time you head out. It makes your tracking easy and fast since the location will be picked within minutes and the address set to you.

There are several apps that you could install and use to help with tracking if the phone is lost. These apps include the following

  • SeekDroid
  • Find My Phone
  • Anti- Theft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone location.

You could choose either of the apps; however, ensure that the notification button is off. We wouldn’t want the person with the device, knowing it has a tracking app. This is because they can easily uninstall the app or turn it off once they notice this. In the long run, it hinders your tracking and retrieving of the phone

Install the app and allow it to access the feature it is requesting. This ensures that it’s useful when the monitoring is initiated. Once this is done, you can key in the IMEI number and start tracking the phone. This takes a few minutes, and it brings a dialogue box that shows where the device is and the address. When it comes to the apps, you can quickly get them in the Google play store and download them.

How to track Android phone locations

In phone tracking, you need to have an interface that is user-friendly. If the interface is complex, it can be a bit hard to use it to monitor the phone’s location. This takes a long time, which is of the essence to you at this point.

To help you with the tracking, we recommend that you use the IMEI tracker downloaded from the Google play store. The trackers available have a remarkable interface, and it’s easy to use. Using these particular apps, you can obtain detailed information about the lost or stolen device. Plus, they work well on both Andriod /iOS operating devices.    

The features available on these mobile trackers are remarkable and help you to know the activities that the phone is undertaking. It includes things such as the maps to point out the location of the phone, call logs, social media profiles, and even messages.  This enables you to spy on what the person is doing efficiently. It is done without him or her noticing. Therefore you can know who the person contacted using the device and for how long. This will help in locating the phone.

IMEI trackers are a must-have on your phone. Taking chances is something you cannot afford when it comes to phone security. The data and information on the device are valuable. In the world, today, phones hold a lot of relevant information, such as social security numbers, bank accounts.

If a foreign party accesses such information, it can cause a lot of problems for you and your family. Hence, having an IMEI tracker installed helps to avoid these problems.

Features of an IMEI tracker

Here are features that make these trackers an ideal tool for tracking your Android phone from any part of the world.

  • The IMEI tracker has a feature that enables you to look at the browser history and save the bookmarks. This enables you to know what the user is browsing, and the sites visited while tracking the phone.
  • The tool also allows you to monitor the phone’s location and even have a sneak peek at the browser history.
  • The IMEI tracker also allows you to see how your social sites are being operated without your permission. This includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, among other sites on the device.
  • It lets you supervise the text messages, photos, and calls on the target device remotely.
  • There is also a Geofencing feature that permits you to get alters whenever the device crosses a particular line. This includes accessing your personal financial information. It alters you by sending a notification of these activities via email. This is a feature that allows and helps you to assess the activities of the phone while tracking it.

How to Track Your Android device location online using IMEI tracker

For you to be successful, you need to undertake the following processes. This guarantees the retrieval of the device using minimal effort.


JJSPY account register
JJSPY account register

This is a unique app since it requires you to sign up for an account with the IMEI tracker website. It is the only way for you to get access to the tracker’s features.  This account also enables you to access the website even when the phone is lost. You are required to sign up for the account using your email address.

Ensure that it’s a functional email and then set a password that is strong enough. The password should be easy to remember and must include letters and numbers or even signs. For example, alex’brown900.

After entering the required details, a confirmation message will be sent to your email. Once you have verified the information, you are good to go.


This is a simple process that takes a few minutes of your time. After signing up for an account with the IMEI tracking site, you then need to fill in the mandatory information being asked. This helps to identify you are the legit user of the device. The information required is your name, age, and OS. From there, you will be required to install the app on the desired device, and it becomes active. 

Force installing

It is the next stage after installing the app on the Android device. To activate the app, you will need to login to the app with the same details used during account creation. That is why we suggested that the password should be easy to remember.

From there, proceed to the settings and start granting it permission to the information asked. This should not worry you since the information given is confidential and private. Click the Activate Device Administrator. This, in turn, initiates the app, then you must click the Start Monitoring button.

The monitoring button ensures that one will not notice that the phone is being tracked. Therefore the app icon won’t appear on the phone. The owner of the device will not be able to notice the foregrounding of the app as well. It is a perfect feature, and it’s hard to notice it is running in the background. This makes it an important security feature to protect the information and data of the phone.


It is the final stage of discovering your Android phone. What is required from you is to log into the IMEI tracker account or app and start tracking the device? Here you should make use of the Control Panel to monitor the device location. This particular feature shows the location of the device and the address.  Plus, it enables you to monitor the activities that the phone is undertaking while on foreign hands.

What to do after tracking your Android device

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

Once the phone has been located, here are some of the measures that you can undertake.

  • You must lock down the phone once you have found it. This means the user won’t be able to access any information on it. This protects your vital information from falling into the wrong hands. We had seen how people who had suffered when their data was used against them. This is something we wouldn’t want you to it go through.
  • You must arrive at the place where the phone is as soon as possible. This is because the battery can run out, and it renders your efforts useless. It won’t be possible to track the device once it’s off.
  • Try calling the phone at different intervals. This might work if the person who finds the phone answers. What you need to tell him or she is to hold the device until you reach the location.
  • You must go with a person to the phone location. As much as the Android device is essential, your safety comes first. If possible, inform the authorities about our tracking and let them take over once the phone has been located.


Tracking your phone is essential, as this protects your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. These days’ people are looking for a quick way to make cash. If they find these devices with sensitive information, then it’s a jackpot to them.

Therefore it wise to install a JJSPY tracking app that will help in locating the phone when lost or stolen. Always follow your instinct and never doubt it. Sometimes that is what tells you that the direction you are taking is harm. When such a feeling crosses our mind alter the authorities and let them take over the case.

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