How to Track a Cell Phone By Number

track cell phone by number

Over the years, I have come to realize that the greatest fear for any person who owns a tech gadget is that it would get lost. The good thing is that there are very effective solutions to this fear that you might be having. Phone number tracking and online tracker apps have come at a time that we need them.

Finding the most useful app for your needs and your phone is also essential if you want to have the best service that it could give you. The reason for doing your best to, first of all, do proper research for the app you need is because they have been categorized into several groups. Not all of them have been made to function the general way like others.

There are a few essential ways in which anyone can use online phone tracker systems. Most people may not have known, but it has been considered a catastrophe in the world today that you may come across it sooner or later. Some of the ways include

  • Installing bugs on the gadgets that you need to track.
  • The most useful one is the social apps like Snapchat and Instagram.
  • Some apps will work on getting to know where you are by sending you a text or when you receive a call. Such apps are trending today.
  • There are also the dedicated apps alike Truecaller that solely works on getting to allow you to know where the person you want to track is. These are the apps we want to discuss today.
  • Using the mobile numbers you can use GPS tracker systems to be able to know where one is at any time.

JJSPY Track App for Android Phone and iPhone

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

JJSPY has been the most preferred by parents and employers who have had to go the extra mile to be able to trace where their people are.


  • This specific app is known to be compatible with Android versions from 4.4 to the latest and the IOS smartphones
  • You will have to sign up for the app initially but within the period that you will have paid for you can trace more than one number for not only their location but also several other features too.
  • Tracks the physical location of whoever is connected to it using the GPS tracker that is usually attached to the service. This gives you a real-time show of where precisely the person is at a particular time.
  • If the owner of the number happens to be on the move you also get to know the paths they have used and the possible direction that they are heading to.
  • It works for users all over the world at any time therefore dos not have any restrictions on who can benefit from the app or not.
  • It is only useful if you are connected to the internet for it to be able to give you real-time information. This includes both the one who is being tracked and you too. That is the only may there will be any form of communication between the two parties.
  • Once you are connected to it you get to have a database of the number you have linked. Therefore even if you are not online at that time, you will still be able to get the information that you need.

See the live demo here.

Truecaller phone tracer

Over the years, Truecaller has been able to make a real name for itself in the market. The fact that it serves the people globally without any geographical restriction has made it widely accepted by the public.

Truecaller phone tracer
Truecaller phone tracer


  • During your search procedure, you will also be able to see the name of the owner and even the photo of the person who owns the number.
  • It has a unique feature where you can tell if someone has searched for your number online.
  • It is the best rated tracing service that meaning that it provides the most effective service to its users at any time.
  • It has over 200millins users from all over the world assuring you that you can get anybody at any time.
  • To register for the app, you will only need your phone number to get the accounts. After which you can then change the settings of the account to fit the ones that you will prefer at that time.
  • You, however, need a working internet connection if you want to be able to trace the number you are looking for.

GPS cell phone location

Unlike most of the other cell phone locators available in the market, this specific one does not need manual installation like the others. With this one, you will only need to input the number in the text field and then click on search.


  • It is a highly secure service provider that has a beneficial algorithm that works for the benefit of the one who is using it.
  • It has been set to be only compatible with the android, iOS, windows, and blackberry operating systems o the gadgets.
  • GPS cellphone location can only work if the gadget has been connected to a working internet connection.
  • This phone locating service works only with cell phone numbers.

Freephone tracer

This is a refurbished for the GPS service that can track the exact location of a phone number by monitoring the position of the phone. For this specific service, it will offer assistance for both the landline and mobile number services that could be provided.


  • It is working under a secure McAfee security solution which has been one of the best security firms that you can comfortably use.
  • The user can use a network that is considered very clean and user-friendly.
  • The service is restricted only to numbers that have been based in the US.
  • This type of service requires that you register with the company before you get to access the tracing services that they offer.
  • The results will be provided in a comfortable and less complicated way, unlike most of the other services.
  • For you to enjoy these services, you will need to register with the website for clearance purposes.

Online GPS phone tracker

This is a service that has been operating over the years, although on only the leading telecom operating services. It does not require any prior registration meaning anybody can use it at any time.


  • It serves any phone type without any restrictions that could be placed on it.
  • It will, however, require you to state the country and the carrier name apart for the phone number itself for you to be able to track it.
  • It will ensure that the results are delivered fast and effectively.

Trace phone number

The difference between this app from all the others is quite little. You will get to search the number you need by entering it in the space provided and clicking on the Trace button that you will be provided with.


  • It works with both mobile and landline numbers if you need tracking them.
  • The interphase that it has is very relatable and easy for anyone to use.
  • The result that you will get will involve the operator, the number of the owner, and the location that the phone number is.
  • It does not specify if the number is an old one or not. As long as it is registered to a specific ID, it will be provided.

Mobile Number locator

This is one of those apps that work only with android devices. Therefore if you have the other OS systems, it gets hard for them to make use of the app.


  • This feature only works in major countries like the USA, Pakistan, Canada, and India.
  • It works to give you the time and location of the phone that you need.
  • You will be able to access the features available in 3D Google maps.
  • It has some useful features like caller ID. Therefore, you can still know while calling you, especially if it is a new number.
  • There are options for the pop-in ads that will also advise you on other appropriate apps that could be okay for you.
  • It does not require any internet connection for it to work.
  • You can use it to transfer our calls and texts using this app instead of the normal one.
  • It is, however, limited. Ported numbers will not be able to function effectively with this app.

Mobile number tracker

This app is just but one of the many apps that offer you effective tracking services. Its basing in India has caused a big issue. It provides the best service so people only within the region of India and a few scattered cases outside the country. However, be aware that outside India it will not be as effective.


  • It allows you to track the location of any device that has been linked to the phone number. This includes even cars apart from the cell phone itself.
  • It is compatible with any device that is available in the market regardless of the OS. It should, however, be noted that it is more productive with the Nokia, blackberry, iPhone, and Android users.
  • It works with any phone provider regardless of which one it is as long as it is GSM and CDMA acceptable.
  • This app offers you a page ranking feature that will allow you to know the reviews from previous users and the rate that they gave it.
  • It is free of charge that allows anyone to make use of the services that it offers.
  • Its interphase is very friendly for anyone even if it is the first time you are using it.

Mobile number tracker pro

This app is just one of the free phone number trackers that are available in the market today. As long as you are interested in it, you can comfortably get it online and begin tracking the phone that you required.


  • It is however not that effective in providing real-time information on the number you are trying to track.
  • It is a working service that is functioning in over 200 countries presently today.
  • Its setting allows you to customize the interphase to your preferred environment.

Caller ID and number locator

This is one of the most modern systems that are being used to try and locate mobile phones using the phone number. It also happens to be the most effective and dependable one in the market, especially if you are using it for the first time. get it from here.


  • While you are trying to find out where the number is you can also be allowed to know who the owner of that phone number is.
  • The software has with it some pop-in adds that you will receive once you start using the app.
  • As much as it is active with android users, you cannot make use of this feature if your android version is below the 4.0 one.
  • It works with any phone number as long as it has been used in the gadget
  • It is now functioning in over 12000 countries worldwide with databases for each state arranged to allow easier tracking.
  • While you receive a call from a new number, it offers you a blocking feature that restricts the person from reaching you again in the future.
  • It has an in-built app system that gives you a real-time location of the person who is calling you.


Deciding on your preferred tracking app is one of the most effective things you can do. Trying out JJSPY could be the solution that you will need for all your troubles. However, be open to looking at other options to ensure that you get the best out of the app that you are searching for.

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