How to Locate a Cell Phone by Phone Number

locate cell phone by phone number

In the world of SMS marketing and call center marketing, we receive different calls from unknown numbers. Sometimes we pick the phone and sometimes we just ignore it. Among all the advertising calls, there are some important calls from unknown numbers that we miss due to our negligence or the calls come at odd timings like night or early in the morning. As the number is not stored in our contact list, we ignore the calls on almost all occasions and that’s not a new thing.

But there are certain situations like your loved one is in emergency and calling you to form his or her friends’ number or the job recruiter from a certain company in which you have dropped your CV or your friends or family who have changed the number and wanted to contact you. In situations like these, it would be very handy if you came across a website or application that could help you in getting the information of the missed calls numbers and give you the location.

With the websites and application, you can check all the personal info without calling the unknown number and when you have all the information, then you can decide whether the call you missed was important or not.

Mobile tracking can be incomplete if you want to get more information from that number or in other words you want to spy on that particular phone number. Before jumping into the mobile number tracker, let’s have a look at a sophisticated application that can help you in getting all the information that you think of from any mobile number.

Track a Cellphone Using JJSPY Phone Tracker App

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

You need to have access to the phone and install the JJSPY application and that’s it. JJSPY will hide completely and you will get all the information of the targeted without letting the user know that you have been spying on him or her the whole time. You will get complete access to the cell phone with JJSPY and amazing features like the contact list, call logs, real-time location, live screen view, live camera views, remote monitoring, gallery access, and many more cool features like these. You can use the services to watch over your kids and save them if they are facing any kind of troubles online or getting into the business that they are not supposed to get in to.

JJSPY also allows the business owners to keep an eye on their employees. Keep track of their performance and look out for the mole who can be leaking the critical information to the competitors. All the data can be downloaded to other devices so you can assess the information and make your next move accordingly. Apart from that let’s jump into the websites and information that are allowing the users to track the mobile numbers for free.

The applications and websites are abundant but not all of them are providing authentic information. We have selected a few websites and applications for you that are the best among all the resources out there. The process and use are really simple. All you got to do is enter the targeted mobile number and the information will be displayed. The information includes the name, location, and provider.

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Mobile Number Tracker

mobile number tracker
mobile number tracker

MobileNumberTracker is the top in our list with the most accurate and the data is pitch-perfect. Indian based company is providing free service providing all the data from the phone number. Some of the highlighting features are:

  • Mobile phone tracking is the one thing that MobileNumberTracking is offering and in addition to that, you can also track the landline numbers.
  • Page Rank feature is also promising, providing the key information regarding the websites.


  • Supports all the platforms including the Nokia and blackberry OS. Most of the websites only provide information about Android and iOS devices.
  • The service is completely free.
  • Tracking options are versatile and you are not limited to only mobile numbers.
  • Graphic User Interface is sleek and easy to use. You don’t need to look for tutorials to learn mobile tracking.
  • The processing speed of the website is swift, and the results are in front of you in less than 10 seconds.


  • The service is only for Indian based numbers.

Free Phone Tracer

Free Phone Tracer is another superb addition to our list with the ability to locate the mobile number location absolutely free. The website is completely secure and MacAfee security takes care of all the concerns related to security. The searches are allowed for both mobile and landline numbers.


  • The interface of the website is not congested or loaded with ads making the website completely sublime.
  • Mobile and landline numbers can be searched and tracked.


  • Location tracking service is available only for US-based numbers.
  • Registration is a must to use the information. So, you can say that it troubles some users to first register and use the service.

GPS Cell Phone Locator

GPS cell phone locator allows you to locate and get the complete details of any number following a few simple steps. The service was initiated for public use and no sort of charges are to be paid to the website.

  • No need to install any plugin or additional software in order to use the application. The information you get from the website is completely genuine.
  • Skills are not required to use the website. Just follow few steps explained by the websites and you are good to go.


  • The hosting is up 24/7 so you don’t need to wait for specific timings in order to locate the mobile number’s location.
  • All platforms are supported.
  • Easy to use interface of the website and responsive irrespective of the users.


  • Symbian devices are not covered in the location tracking service.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

Another unique and amazing web-based service to track mobile numbers is Online GPS Phone Tracker. Telecom companies are in full support to facilitate the users to track the location of their mobile phone if they have misplaced or to track the location of the mobile number of friends and family. The service is absolutely free without any hidden charges.

  • Any device can be tracked remotely with the collaboration of major telecom companies.
  • Landline and mobile phone numbers can both be tracked.


  • No cost charges are applied whenever you use the tracking service.
  • The website is amazingly responsive and working at all times.


  • Turned off devices cannot be located using the service.

Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator
Mobile Number Locator

Android-based application, Mobile Number Locator, is the top in our list when you want to track any mobile number and get the data based on that number.

  • Google Maps is integrated with it to give you a clear picture.
  • All the numbers can be checked including the global and local numbers.
  • If any unknown number calls you, the name registered to that mobile number will pop and you will know who is calling you before picking up the call.


  • The service is available even in offline mode.
  • Separate message and call logs interface is there so you can switch to that to avoid boring built-in interface.
  • Google maps allow you to pinpoint the exact location easily.


  • Internet connection is mandatory to get absolute results.
  • The quality of service is not up to the mark.
  • Limited countries like India, USA, Pakistan, and Canada have access to this application.

Caller ID & Number Locator

Caller ID & Number Locator
Caller ID & Number Locator

If you really want to up the game of mobile number tracking, then Caller ID & Number Locator is the most suitable choice for you. The app has the most amazing feature of Caller ID and the number locator merged in one giving you the complete package. The results are deadly accurate, and the users are getting the desired information in a matter of seconds.

  • An astonishing figure of more than12000 cities is covered in Caller ID & Number Locator application range.
  • You get to know the identity of the caller before picking up the call if the number is not saved in your mobile.
  • A call blocking service is also available to get rid of the unwanted callers.


  • Active internet is not required, the information is passed on to you from the extensive database of the application.
  • 200 countries are covered in the search engine so no number can get by from the amazing search engine of number Locator.
  • Annoying callers are no more trouble for you with the sophisticated call blocking feature.
  • The map is integrated within the application so you can track the location of the application.


  • The only drawback is the application is not compatible with the Android version 4.0.

Final Verdict

To stop the unidentified callers from nagging you all the time, these applications can play a vital role in identifying them and blocking them. If you find out that the person bothering you is someone you know then you can avail the premium services of JJSPY to turn the tables on him or her and get all the information from their cell phones without letting them know.

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