10 Text Message Interceptor to Intercept Text Messages for Android and iPhone


Text messages are the main core of any communication. If you know that your child is not using any of the communication apps, they might be using the basic inbuilt text messaging service. Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on your child to ensure that they are not going on ay kind of negative path. You can easily ensure it by having a text message interceptor installed on their phone. We will see the best top 10 Text message interceptor apps that you can go with.

#1 JJSPY: The Best Text Message Interceptor

Android text message tracker
Android text message tracker

When it comes to the best text message interceptor, without a doubt, JJSPY is one of the best tools you can go with. The tool provides you a complete set of all the features. Basically, you can not only see all the text message but you can also see the messages from various other communication apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and all the other. This is due to their keylogger software that comes with it.

Key features

  • You will get live screen streaming as well as live camera streaming option which is only available in a few other apps.
  • There is a keylogger using which you can get to know all the passwords they are typing and all the messages they write.
  • The application also has all the mandatory options that you need to spy such as call logs, contacts, and most importantly you can spy on any of the text messages.

#2 Intercept Text Messages by Cocospy

You can also go with Cocospy. Cococspy helps you to spy on any device which has proper internet connectivity. You can view the text messages of the target device. Also, the tool will show you all the call logs and GPS locations. Not to mention, if you want to find out if your child is chatting with some person on a different app, you can easily find out using the apps to communicate with any other people.

Key features

  • You will get the text message interceptor here
  • The tool also lets you spy on any other applications such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc
  • You can track the live location of the target device
  • This application is perfect for the people who just want to get information about the text and app messages.


  • There are some of the spying features missing such as you can’t open the live camera or live screen stream.

#3 UnderSpy

The next way you can spy on any of the text messages from any person is by using UnderSpy. Under Spy is a phone monitoring tool that helps you to spy on all the activities on the installed device. You can not only track the app usage but also track the location. One of the unique features that very few numbers of apps have is the Remote device wiping and locking. You can wipe the full device which will delete all the data and also lock it directly from the dashboard.

Key features

  • Remote wipe and remote lock are the main and the unique features that you will get in Under Spy.
  • You can track all the apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc
  • You will get Geo-fencing features


  • Some of the features will require root in order to get started. Even though it is necessary but some other apps manege to give you details without rooting.

#4 Spyfone

spyfone app
spyfone app

If you are worried that the target user will delete the message as they want to be safe, this application could be perfect for you. As we are talking about the unique features of the tools, the unique feature of Spyfone is that you can automatically recover all the text messages that you want. They have an easy recovery option which you can use to get back all the messages. However, on the negative side, the tool lacks some of the other important spying features.

Key features

  • Text message recovery is the best and the unique feature you will get here
  • Not to mention, you will also get all the mandatory features such as app usage logs, etc
  • There are certain SMS commands using which you can remotely turn on and off a particular activity without opening the dashboard.


  • The basic version does not have many features that you can go with. Therefore, you will have to go with a higher version.

#5 mSpy

mspy track app
mspy track app

mSpy is one of the oldest tools available on the internet. You can track text messages, application usage, and also see the contacts. Moreover, the app lets you see all the contacts and also the call logs. You can see the live location of your mobile phone. Along with this, the tool has all the mandatory features that you need. You can take a look a the key features that we have collected and also take a look at the cons to know more about the application.

Key features

  • There are also features that will let you see all the application usage. You can see all the application details such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • The keylogger will give you all the letters that the user will type. You can also see the passwords in plain text.
  • It is easy to use a control panel from which you can manage and control all the activities.


  • The pricing of the app is not stated directly on the website and this is the biggest advantage you will get. You will have to enter your email address and then you will get the pricing options. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of why people don’t prefer Mspy.

#6 BlurSpy

Our next tool selection for intercepting text messages is BlueSpy. Blur Spy is an all in one parental control app that has all the spying features also. There are pretty much all the options that you need. You can hear the live recording. There is a camera bug built-in. Basically, the camera bug will let you spy on any of the cameras (Rear or back) directly from your dashboard. There is a live GPS option using which you can trace the current location of the target device.

Key features

  • The camera bug which will let you spy on the camera is the best thing you will get here.
  • The next best thing is that you can capture any screenshots that you want in no amount of time directly from your dashboard.
  • BlueSPY also has all the mandatory features such as Application spying and also the main title of our topic, text message spy. So, you can surely rely on it.


  • There are very few cons when it comes to Blurspy. However, the UI is very hard to navigate.

#7 Copy9

For the parents who are looking for remote control for their children, Copy9 is a quite useful tool. You can control the app usage and other things using Copy9. Most of the tools allow you to spy on any mobile device but there are very few apps that will allow you to also control the device. Copy9 is one of them which allows you to control the device.

Key features

  • There is a remote control that comes with the tool using which you can control all the activities on your mobile phone.
  • You can surely spy on live location
  • The tool allows you to spy n all the messenger such as Whatsapp and all. Also, you a spy on all the applications that are available on the device.


  • It is perfect for remote control. However, some of the features such as live screen streaming are missing which should be available on the tool.

#8 Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is the next phone tracker tool that has a text message intercepting option. You can easily track all the text messages and call logs when you install this tool on the target device. Once you install the tool, it will automatically send all the logs and data to the dashboard. Using the dashboard, you can see the sent messages as well as all the other application usage. Moreover, you can also track the location of the target device whenever you want.

Key features

  • You will get complete information about the call logs, text messages, etc. Moreover, there is an option that will allow you to record all the calls.
  • With just one click, you can capture the screenshot from the target device.
  • The tool will also allow you to spy on all the applications. You can not only see the usage but also see what is the user doing in the application.


  • Although, there are enough features that you want some of the features will require root. It means you will have to root the target device in order to get access to those features.

#9 WebWatcher

WebWatcher app

If you want to spy any other device except Android and iPhone, you will have to check out this tool. Here, you will be able to spy on any device. WebWatcher not only supports Android and iPhone but you can also spy on Mac, Chrome, or Windows book. Here, Chrome means Chrome book and the people who are using Chrome OS. Lastly, talking about the features, you can easily spy on Text messages, call logs, application usage, etc.

Key features

  • You can see the call logs, application usage, etc
  • It is available on several devices that you take
  • Using the tool, you can also take screenshots.
  • Not to mention, you can also track the GPS location of the target device. The tool uses the device’s GPS to give you an accurate location. This might vary depending on the network.


  • There are many limitations when it comes to features. You can only capture 1000 screenshots. If you want to capture more, you will have to pay more.
  • In some applications, you can only spy on incoming messages and not on outgoing messages. Sometimes, you might need both the message.

#10 TheTruthSpy

The name says it all. TheTruthSpy will give you all the details about the apps. There is a keylogger that comes packed with the tool. With this keylogger, you can get the details about the keystrokes. Moreover, you will also get the passwords in plain text. Talking more about the features, the control panel also has an option to listen to live to record the surrounding. This feature will turn the microphone on without letting the user know, using this you can listen to live to record whenever you want.

Key features

  • You can spy on all the apps. Also, the app has all the features a spying app has.
  • You can listen to live to record the surrounding whenever you want.
  • Moreover, there is a keylogger to save all the keystrokes.


  • When it comes to the cons of the app, the biggest con you are going to face is here is in the navigation of the control panel. It is a little hard to navigate and find all the things that you need. Except for this, the app is amazing.

How to spy on a text message

You can easily spy on text messages using JJSPY. All you have to do is register for an account by choosing the plan that you want.

Once you choose the plan, you will get an email that will have the download link and the configuration details that you will further need.

You will now have to install the app on the target device. Once you install it, open the app and enter the configuration as shown in the email. Once you do it, you can close the app and you will see the data directly on your JJSPY Dashboard.

In this way, you can easily spy on someones’ text messages and all the other messaging apps that you want.

Even if you plan to go with any other app, the procedure is almost the same. Just make sure that the internet is enabled on the target device. If not, you will not get all the details and the logs that you want. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the internet.

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