The Best Way To Spy On Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Spy On Girlfriend's Text Messages

Text messages are the safest way of communication and that’s why most of the girls use to be safe from their boyfriend. However, it is still possible to spy on her. Today, we are going to see the best way to spy on girlfriend’s text messages. You can follow the exact tutorial of this thing if you want to do the same. The method is easy and fast. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge about computers, you can do it easily. There is no programming and such things required to do it. in other words, the method is simple, easy, and it works 100% well.

Why Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

You probably might be wondering why you need to spy on text messages if there are so many communication apps. Well, the main reason why you should always keep a look at a text message is because of the backups and password. Confused? Let me clear things for you. Social media websites are not as safe as it runs by the password. If their boyfriend asks for a password, they can easily know about the things.

The same goes for Whatsapp. It doesn’t run by password but one can easily restore the messages. So, the safest way to text someone is by text messages. Therefore, there are good chances that your girlfriend might be using text messages to talk with someone else. Therefore, we are here with the tutorial on the Best way to Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages.

The best way to Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages

There are many ways to spy on girlfriend’s text messages without her knowing but which is the best way? We are here to answer your question. The best ways are by using a phone monitoring tool that will keep an eye on all the things. A phone monitoring tool can be used as a spying tool that can collect all the data from your girlfriend’s phone and you can see the data remotely from any device you want. Therefore, a phone monitoring tool is the Best Way to Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages.

There are many phone monitoring tools that you can use. However, the best one in the market is the JJSPY tool. With this tool, you can find out what your girlfriend is doing all the time. The tool is 100% undetectable and you can use it on Android and iPhone devices. Moreover, if the target user is using an iPad, you can spy on that too. It will give you all the information you will need to spy on the target device. You can not only see and find out the text messages but you can also see many other things.

We are going to see the overview of the tool and the features that are available on the tool except for text message spy.

JJSPY overview

As we have already mentioned, the best way to spy on a girlfriend’s text messages is by using the JJSPY tool. With the JJSPY tool, you can not only get the feature to spy on text messages but there are many others We are to see most of them here. The tools allow you to do up various things to spy on your girlfriend. Some of the wells know features are live streaming, apps spying, etc. Let’s understand all these features in detail.


Below given are some of the amazing features you will get if you are using the JJSPY tool. All these tools will help you get all the information about the target device. Hence, it is the best way to spy on your girlfriend’s text messages.

Text messages

As mentioned, JJSPY will help you to spy on all the text messages. You can see the text messages remotely. The entire conversation from both sides is visible in the tool.  You can spy on the contact names and numbers easily. Further, you can see call logs. You can see the missed calls and received calls. In other words, you can see the complete call logs from the JJSPY account. So, in this way, you can see the text messages of your girlfriend.

If you don’t want to use this method, you can use the live streaming. Let’s see it.

Live Streaming

One of the best features available here in the tool is live streaming. You can stream the camera whenever you want. It will turn on the camera without letting them know. In other words, you can see through any of their cameras with live streaming. If you want to hear them, there is a live recording feature. It turns on the microphone and you can hear the surrounding. The last thing that you would want will be screen streaming, right? Well, you can do the screen streaming too. With that, you can see what your girlfriend is currently doing on the stream. It will help you see all the things and if she is chatting with someone, you can also see the messages. So, it is the best feature for some people.

App spying       

The next feature you will get in the tool is app spying. You can spy on every app that is installed on the device. Whether it’s WhatsApp or any other app, you can spy on it using the JJSPY tool. You will get the conversation of the person and if it’s not a communication app, you will get other data of the app. In other words, if your girlfriend is not using text messages to chat but using one of the communication apps, you can still spy on them using the JJSPY tool. So, in one way or the other, you can easily come to know the details.

If you are looking for one more way to spy on text messages, JJSPY has still got one.


This feature is only available on Android devices. So, if your GF uses iPhone, this might not be the best way to spy on girlfriend’s text messages. A keylogger will save all the data of the target device. In other words, whatever the target user is typing will be saved in a file. You can see all the keys they have pressed. In other words, you can see the details of all the keys pressed. It will also show all the conversations, emails, passwords, etc. So, this can also be a way using which you can spy on your girlfriend’s text messages. You can use it along with other techniques.

Android Keylogger
Android Keylogger

Other features

There are many other features that you will get in the tool. You can get the location of the user and know where their phone is. You can also get the browsing history of the person whenever you want. If the other person (your girlfriend) is using an iPhone or iPad, you can also see the location history. All of these are possible with the JJSPY tool.

Now, that you know about the best way to Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages. We will now see how you can use this tool to spy on your girlfriend. Here, we will cover a step by step guide to spy on your girlfriend’s phone. You can use the same techniques to find out the details of your phone.

How to spy on girlfriend’s text messages

Now, let’s see the actual trick where we will see the step by step guide or tutorial to do it easily. To make it easier for you, we will make sure every single thing is listed and you can then implement it.

The steps for Android and iPhone are different. So, you need to take care of it. The first step is common in both of the devices. You will need to purchase the JJSPY tool. For that, you can go to the official website of JJSPY and choose one of the plans. There are two main plans that you can choose from. One of them is for Android mobile and the other one is for iPhone devices. So, if your girlfriend is using an iPhone, you need to select the iPhone text message spy plan, or else you can select the Android plan.

The price for both the plans is the same and hence, you can select any one of them. You also need to create an account at JJSPY. Make sure you confirm your email and you are all set to spy on the target device. Once you create an account, you need to follow the given steps for respective devices.

So, depending on what mobile your girlfriend uses, you can take the steps accordingly.

Step for Android

First, we will see the steps you can follow if your girlfriend is using an Android phone. This is the best way to Spy on Girlfriend’s Text Messages because it doesn’t require rooting. You can spy on our girlfriend remotely without her knowing and without rooting her phone. This makes this method more amazing. Further, it’s 100% undetectable. So, your girlfriend won’t notice it.


The steps for Android are as follows.

  • Once you have created an account, you need to login to your JJSPY account
  • You will see a link to download an Android app on the device
  • You need to install the app on the target device. It’s easy and fast.
  • Once you install it on the target device, it will ask you for configuration.
  • You will have to enter your JJSPY details in the configuration.
  • It will then take some time to process that information and you will be all set to spy on the phone.
  • When you complete the entire process of configuration. The app will automatically exit and you won’t see the app anywhere on the menu. This is because JJSPY is an undetectable tool
  • Once you do these, you can then start spying on the target
  • You can go to your JJSPY account and see the text messages from the account. Thereafter, you can check different options in the tool to know more about it. There are many more interesting features

Now that you know about Android, let’s proceed to the iPhone and iPad.

Steps for iPhone

Now, we will see the steps for all the iPhone and iPad devices. You don’t need to jailbreak any of them to spy on the device. So, this will make your work or job easier. You just need to follow the steps and you will be all set to see the text messages of your girlfriend. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the steps and see the procedure.

JJSPY iPhone
JJSPY iPhone

Follow the below-given steps for iPhone and iPad.

  • You need to first log in to your JJSPY account
  • You will then see an option to enter the details of the iCloud account. There you need to enter the target account id and password.
  • When you enter it, you will see the list of Apple devices connected to that particular iCloud account. You need to choose one of the devices from there.
  • Thereafter, your next task is to wait until the sync is completed. It will sync the data with the iPhone device to get the latest data.
  • Once the sync is complete, you can see the complete data of your girlfriend’s device.
  • You can see the messages and iMessages from the menu of JJSPY. There are several other awesome menu items that you can check out. These are the features of JJSPY. You can spy on many more things as we have mentioned in the overview of the tool.

So, that’s how you can get the data of an iPhone device and spy on them remotely.


Can I spy on my girlfriend without her knowing?

Yes, you can spy on your girlfriend without her knowing.

Can I use this method to spy on the iPad?

Yes, you can use the same steps as the iPhone to spy on the iPad.

Is it safe to use JJSPY?

JJSPY is a completely safe and secure tool you can use to spy on anyone.

Will the target user know about the tool?

JJSPY is fully undetectable and no one will come to know about the tool.

Do I need access to the target iPhone?

No, you don’t need access to the iPhone. However, you will need their iCloud details

Final words

To conclude, this was all about the best way to spy on your girlfriend’s text messages. You can surely have a look at the complete list of JJSPY features. Further, if you want to know more about the tool, you can view the live demo. The live demo allows you to see the exact dashboard you will see after you purchase the tool. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

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