How to Monitor My Daughter’s Text Messages

track your daughter's phone without her knowing

Having a daughter is a responsibility. You need to protect them at any cost and make sure that they are not in any wrong path. The safety concern is the biggest issue for people who have daughters. This is the complete guide especially for them. In this guide, I will show you how I monitor my daughter’s text messages. Along with the text messages, I also monitor some of the other things to make sure that she is the right path and not under any negative influence. Therefore, you can check out the complete post and know about tracking your daughter for her safety.

The post will first start with why do you need to monitor their phone and later on, we will go through the steps I used to monitor my daughter’s text messages on her phone.

Why did I monitor my daughter’s text messages?

One of the most asked questions that I get is why did I monitor my daughter’s text messages. Well, there is much reason for the same. We are going to see a couple of reasons why I did this.

The first reason is because of the negative influence. When your daughter is young, they don’t know who should they talk to. There are many people out there who are trying to manipulate your kid into taking wrong decisions. Some of these decisions can affect the entire future of your daughter. Therefore, you need to be sure that your daughter is not taking any wrong decisions.

As most of the things are done through mobile phones, the best way for them is text messages. If they are going out with the wrong person, they will first discuss is over the text. Later on, the thing will go from one thing to another and they will move forward. However, if you find out directly when they are talking in the text messages, you can stop them from causing the entire mess easily. Therefore, according to me, the best way to stop any kid is my monitor their text messages.

The method I am going to share here will not only include monitoring text messages but will also many other things. You will be able to know almost all the things about your daughter and their daily habits. We are going to monitor their entire phone. Yes, it is possible to monitor their entire phone.

It will also help you to make sure that your daughter is safe anytime you want. We will now move on to how you can spy on the daughter’s text messages without letting them know about it.

Is monitoring text messages enough?

In today’s world, text messages are not the only way you can talk to someone. Today, most kids have enough privacy and they can even make a call without letting you know. So, one way they can talk to someone is through the calls.

Also, along with this, there are thousands of social media apps and social communication apps available for iPhone and Android which they can use. These apps allow your daughter to text with anyone they want. Also, some of these apps require a password to log in and use.

If the app doesn’t require any password, they might either delete the conversation or they might simply put the lock on their phone. So, there is no possible way you can find out directly. Therefore, we need to use the indirect technique to find out about the text messages and the apps they are using.

The method I am going to share will cover monitoring the entire phone and not only the text messages. You can use the trick on any mobile phone whether it’s an Android phone or iPhone device.

Let’s jump into the trick without wasting more time.

How to monitor my daughter’s phone?

We are going to use a phone monitoring tool here. A phone monitoring tool is the only tool you will require to spy or monitor any phone. The tool will monitor the entire phone and will send you the details. So, with those details, you can know what’s happening on the phone.

There are many tools that you can use to keep an eye on your daughter’s phone. However, you need to select the best tool that will help you do it. The best tool that I use is JJSPY. JJSPY is the ultimate tool that you can use as a phone monitoring tool. It is a spying and a phone monitoring tool packed with hundreds of features. Not only the features, the affordable price, and invisibility are two more reasons to go with the app.


We will now see the overview of the tool and later on, we will move to the features of the tool. Thereafter, we will go to the steps to monitor a device.

JJSPY Overview

JJSPY is a popular tool and the best one I came across so far to monitor my daughter. It helped me to monitor my daughter’s text messages along with many other things. As we mentioned, there are many other ways to talk to someone in today’s world. JJSPY will help you monitor all those things easily from one dashboard. You won’t even need access to the device every time. Instead, you can monitor the device remotely without them knowing. So, with this, you can easily protect them from any device.

The tool is packed with many features that are essential to monitoring any device. It is compatible in Android as well as on iPhone. So, whether your daughter is using an Android phone or they are using an iPhone, you can easily monitor them without any issues.

The next thing you probably might be looking for is the list of features. Many features come with it. We can’t cover every one of them. Hence, we will be seeing some of the most popular features of the tool. Some of the features might not work on the iPhone. Moreover, we have considered maximum features for this.

Features of JJSPY

These are the features you will get.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features
  • You can firstly live stream the screen. It will display the exact screen of the target device in a video form. So, you can know what they are doing on their phone
  • Just like the screen stream, you can also see the camera stream. It will turn on any of the cameras without letting your daughter know about it.
  • The next feature is why we all are here. With this, I used to monitor my daughter’s text messages on her phone.
  • Not to mention, I could also see Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages, and similar things.
  • Further, I could use the same tool to spy on the call logs, contacts, and other phone basic features.
  • In every single way, the tool is somehow the best tool you can use. Whether you want to spy on browsing history or you want to see the photos from the file manager. Yes, you can also see the file manager photos without letting the other device know about it. It works like a charm and you can easily do it.
  • There is a keylogger that comes along with the tool. The keylogger is helpful if you want to get a full text of the key presses. It will record all the key presses on an Android device and save it in your JJSPY account. When you want to view those files, you can easily do it by opening your JJSPY account. Yes, it is that simple. You will also get the email address and password in the plain text which is the biggest thing you can ask for.

These are some of the features of the tool. You can start using the tool easily.

Now, let’s see the steps on how to do the procedure.

Steps to monitor my daughter’s text messages

At first, you will need to create an account at JJSPY if you want to spy on your daughter and monitor the device. For that, you can head over to the official website and create an account there. When you are creating an account, it will ask you to select a plan. Now, if your daughter is using an iPhone, you can select the iPhone plan. Please note that it also works on iPad devices. In the same way, if she is using an Android device, you should select an Android plan here.

JJSPY account register
JJSPY account register

Once you are there, you can continue to the account. Now, the next step is different for both the device.

If you are using an Android, you will need to install an app on your daughter’s mobile phone. You will get the link to download the app from the JJSPY account. Download the app there, open it, and enter your JJSPY details on the app. Once you do these steps, you can exit the app. It will automatically disappear.

If your daughter is using an iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to install any app here. However, you do need to do one thing here. You will have to log in to your account and then you need to enter your iCloud details. This should be the details of your iCloud account that is connected to your JJSPY account. If you follow all the steps, you will see that your device is connected to them.

So, now you are almost done and you can start monitoring your daughter’s device. If you want to view the text messages, you can head over to the text messages section on the menu. From there, you will see the entire text messages. In the same way, if you want to view other things, you can see them by going to different menus. Everything is a tool that is simple and easy to do. You can easily start monitoring wit this. All you need to do is select the right many and you will see exactly what you want to see. That’s pretty much it, you can then go through the different menus given on the tool. There are many more features that we haven’t given in the explanation, you can keep exploring the tool to find out some of the insane features of the tool.


Do I need to monitor my daughter’s text messages?

You should monitor your daughter’s text messages to confirm that she isn’t going to the wrong path.

Can I also monitor call logs?

Yes, you can not only monitor call logs but you can also see the contact information from JJSPY.

Is there a way to see my Daughter’s Whatsapp text messages?

Yes, with JJSPY, you can also see your daughter’s Whatsapp text messages. You can also see messages from different social media apps other than Whatsapp.

Does this tool work on any device?

JJSPY works on Android, iPhone, and iPad. It mostly supports all the versions. However, you can surely see the supported version from the official website.

Will my daughter come to know about the monitoring?

No, your daughter won’t come to know about the monitoring. She can user her phone just like a normal user without knowing anything.

Do I need to create a JJSPY account?

Yes, you will need to create a JJSPY account to monitor on your daughter.

Is JJSPY safe and secure?

You don’t need to worry about the security and safety of the app. JJSPY is completely secure and safe to use.

Final words

To conclude, I used this method to monitor my daughter’s text messages or I should say the entire phone. You can also use the same technique to monitor the device and see what she is doing online. Further, you can also see other things such as their location, etc. This will make you worry-free. Now, you won’t stress when your daughter doesn’t pick up your calls. You can see where she is from the JJSPY tool. You can check the demo on the official website and also purchase the tool from there if you like it.

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