4 Methods To Track Your Husband’s Phone GPS

Track Your Husband's Phone GPS

GPS tracking is not as hard as it sounds. With a proper and correct method, you can easily track your husband’s phone GPS. Whether you are tracking his for security concerns or you think he is cheating on you, either way, it is possible to track your husband’s phone GPS. Today, we are going to see some of the best methods to track your husband’s phone GPS without letting him know about it. You can follow the steps carefully and you will be able to see his exact location.

We will see a couple of methods to do. The two main methods we will be sharing here can be done on Android or iPhone. Later on, we will also see a new method that you can do without any phone. So, stay tuned and read the complete list of the methods to track your husband’s phone GPS. There are going to be many more interesting things here.

#1 Track your husband’s phone GPS on the Android

Most people use an Android device. So, our first trick is based on Android. You can use this trick if your husband is using an Android device. We will install a phone monitoring tool on your husband’s phone and you can track his GPS location easily. We will be using an Android spying tool here. It will collect the information from the GPS and then send it to you. The trick is as simple as it looks. The tool we will use here is JJSPY. JJSPY is a complete phone monitoring toolkit designed to ensure the best performance and spying experience.

Android Live Screen Stream
Android Live Screen Stream

You can completely spy on your husband’s smartphone with this. Let’s start with the basics here. At first, you can see the location of the phone. You can then also see the app usage and the conversation happening inside the app. For instance, if the target user (your husband) is using WhatsApp, you can see the conversation of his phone easily and quickly. There are many other ways you can spy on your husband using this small amazing tool. There is a live streaming feature that is loved by every person. You can turn on the camera without letting them know. Also, it allows you to see the live screen stream of your husband. In this way, you will see the same screen that your husband is seeing.

Hence, we can say it is a lot more amazing tool than tracking the location. Even the usage is super-easy, you will get complete instructions on the official website of the JJSPY tool. From there, you can check out all the things and make your decision.


Now, let’s see some of the advantages of this method.

  • It is a lot more than just a tracking tool. You will get all the information that you will probably require.
  • The tool is undetectable and invisible. Therefore, you can use easily on any mobile device.
  • Further, the tool is affordable and gives an accurate location.
  • You can easily go through all the menus and features. Hence, it makes your work extremely easier.
  • If you are facing any issues in the tool, the support team is always there for you to solve every problem.


Here are the cons

  • You will need physical access to the Android device at least once. The process will hardly take 5 minutes. So, you will need the mobile for 5 minutes where you will have to install an app on the device and then configure it.

Other than this, there aren’t any big cons that you should keep in mind. The tool is great. If you are looking to spy on Android mobile and you have the budget, you can go for it.

#2 Track your husband’s iPhone or iPad

Now, we will be seeing a method to get the location of any iPhone device. This also applies to the iPad. We are going to use the same method as we used above for Android. There will just be a little different that you will need to see. We will be using a phone monitoring tool to track your husband and know what he is doing every time. We will be using the same tool as we mentioned above. JJSPY even has an iPhone plan where the features are different but you can pretty monitor the device.

It allows you to track the location of the iPhone device. You can also see the previously known location on the iPhone. This is done through the photo’s app present on the iPhone. This app allows you to see all the previous locations. Not only this, the tool allows you to access the photos of your husband’s phone and you can also see other files on his iPhone. The next thing will be text messages. Yes, you can also see the text messages. The good part here is that you don’t need to jailbreak the device to view the data and to spy on the iPhone or iPad devices. It works perfectly fine without jailbreaking the device.

iPhone Location History
iPhone Location History

You can also see the app usage. It will first show you the complete list of apps. You can select any app and click on it to spy on that particular app. After clicking on it, the tool will give you complete information about the app. In this way, you can see their WhatsApp messages and other things like that. Now, we will see some of the pros and cons so you can make your final decision.


Here are some of the pros to track your husband’s phone GPS using JJSPY for iPhone.

  • You can see the previous locations too
  • The tool is not only a GPS tracker but will give you complete information about the mobile phone
  • You don’t need to jailbreak the device
  • It doesn’t require you to install the app on the iPhone. You will just have to provide the iCloud details and it will fetch the data from iCloud. So, it makes the entire work easier.
  • If you see other methods, this method is a lot more affordable than other ones. So, if you are looking to save some money, this could be a great option.
  • You don’t need to install any app on the iPhone and neither you will need the physical access to an iPhone device.


In the same way, there are some cons which are mentioned here.

  • If you compare the JJSPY iPhone plan with the Android plan, it missed a lot of features. However, none of the other iPhone monitoring apps will provide these many features. So, it can be counted as an advantage too.
  • You will need to provide the iCloud details.

#3 Using apps to track

Now, you surely might be wondering that there might be other apps to track the device. If you don’t want the phone monitoring app, there are many other tools available. However, there are some of the biggest cons in those apps. Due to this, it becomes difficult to track your husband’s phone GPS. The first one here is permission. You can’t just use the app and get the data. These GPS tracking apps will ask permission from your husband’s mobile before giving permission. The next thing you should keep in mind is that these apps can be easily detected.

Even the default system will sometimes catch the tracking app. It will display a notification saying the app is accessing your GPS location. Your husband might just turn it off or even worst, he might catch you. Therefore, it is not the best practice to use this kind of apps to track the location.

Although, the location is accurate. So, that’s not an issue. All the above-given method including this one will use the phone’s GPS to get the location. Hence, we can say that the location given will be accurate and up to the mark. Now, we will see some of the pros and cons of using this method.


We will now see some of the pros of the method

  • It will cost you very less
  • The location is accurate


Along with the pros, there are some of the cons, they are listed here.

  • It is easily detectable
  • Your husband might just turn off the tracking

Please note that you might see some of the more pros and cons depending on the apps you use. Some apps might have more disadvantages compared to the pros. So, you should keep that in mind and proceed further with this particular method.

#4 Physical GPS Tracker

The next method that is worth having a look at is the physical tracker tool. There are many physical tracking tools available in the market that you can go for. This tool is a physical device that will track the location of your husband. This is one of the hardest and easily catchable methods to track your husband’s phone GPS. You will need to purchase a device for it. It is not exactly the method to track the phone. But if you get a device and insert it in the phone’s cover, you can surely use this method to track the person.

physical gps tracker


There are some of the pros of the method

  • You are in complete control
  • You can insert the device in the car and you are not just limited to tracing the phone


As you might already know, there are more cons here. We will be seeing some of the major cons or the drawbacks of using this method to track your husband’s GPS location without letting his know.

  • It’s not a proper phone tracking method
  • The physical device is easily detectable and one can even remove it
  • You will need to take out that device and see it on your computer to get the details. You can’t just use it anytime. Most of the devices won’t have an active internet connection on the device. Hence, the tracker won’t give you the location through the internet. You will have to manually see the location.


Can I track my husband’s phone location?

Yes, you can track your husband’s phone location.

Are there any GPS tracker tools available that I can install on my husband’s phone?

You can use tools such as JJSPY which is a phone monitoring tool and does the same work as a GPS tracker. It will give you complete information about the location.

Which is the best method to know my husband’s phone location?

You can use a phone tracking tool (JJSPY) to know the location of your husband. This is the easiest and the most effective method to track the location of your husband.

Will JJSPY work on any device?

JJSPY will work on Android, iPhone, or iPad device.

Is the location accurate?

JJSPY uses the phone’s location to give you the exact location of the device. Hence, we can say that the location is accurate and precise.

Is this method safe to use?

Yes, if you use the JJSPY tool to track the phone, it is completely safe and secure. However, other methods might be unsafe to use.

Will my husband know about me tracking his?

If you use JJSPY, he will never know about you tracking his. However, the other methods are detectable and he can know that someone is tracking his.

Final words

To conclude, these are the methods to track your husband’s location without letting his know. All these methods will give you an accurate location. If you are looking for a perfect method, we suggest you go with the first or second method. With that method, you will not only get the location but you can also monitor the entire mobile phone. This will give you more access to many things. So, you can use the JJSPY method if you want to spy on your husband. Further, there is a live demo available that you can check to know more about the tool. This will give you the exact idea about the tool.

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