How to track a Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing

track cell phone location

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to track a cell phone location online anonymously. It might be because of your partner or it is simply because you want to monitor your kid’s activities. For all these reasons, you surely are wondering how can I know the exact location of them. Well, there is one way you can track a cell phone location free.

For the people who came here to know how to rack a cell phone location by number free online, we have something extra for you. You will not even need a number in order to track the location. Yes, you can find someone’s location free. We will see the main parts which will cover everything you need to know in order to track a cell phone location free.

Part 1: Is it possible to track a cell phone location free

Before getting into the steps, we will first see whether or not you can track cell phone location free or you will need to have some information in order to track the number. We will see whether you can track a cell phone location in number free online.

So, let’s get into the point on how you can do it. For the whole process, there is an amazing tool that you can use. The tool goes by the name of JJSPY. JJSPY allows you to monitor and spy on any Android phone or iPhone. You cannot track a cell phone location free but also get to know about much other information. JJSPY is the ultimate tool which is a bundle of all the features that you are looking for. We can say that is the ultimate monitoring toolkit you should take a look at.

If you are wondering what all things you can do with JJSPY, here is the list of a couple of features that you the tool has.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

Location with GPS tracker

The first and the foremost feature that you guys are looking for is GPS Tracker. The app has it all. If you want to track the location in Android phones, you can surely find someone’s location free. There is a GPS tracker that comes with the application. The GPS tracker will constantly check the location of the cell phone.

Now, whenever you open the JJSPY account, you can see the current location of the cell phone that you are monitoring.  If you want to find someone’s location iPhone, you will also get the previous history of the location. It means you can see where the person was before they got here into the current location. This is very helpful for the people who are really trying to figure out where the target person was.

Live streaming

Android cameras spy
Android cameras spy

The next feature which is totally amazing over here is live streaming. You can live stream almost every sign thing on the phone. To begin with, you can turn on the camera whenever you want. Not only the back camera, but you can also turn on the front camera with just one click. Talking about the next feature, you can then live stream the current screen. It will show you what the users are doing as of now. You can take a screenshot if you want. Moreover, you can also turn on the microphone.

There is a different section available in the live streaming section from which you will be able to access all these things. Please note that this particular section is only available for Android devices.

Apps usage and monitoring

You surely might be wondering if it is the all in one monitoring toolkit then what about the apps. Yes, you can monitor all the application activities. You will see the full list of the applications that are available on the phone. You will further see the usage and number of minutes/hours the user has used the app. Last but not least, for all the communication apps, you can see the text messages directly from the dashboard. The dashboard has the direct option to read the messages whenever you want.

Contacts and call logs

So, you saw that the user is talking to a particular number in Whatsapp. They surely might be texting them or even calling them, right? Don’t you want to know if they are texting or calling them? You surely do, therefore, JJSPY includes the contact, call logs, as well as text message spy. Using this, you can read their WhatsApp messages if they are calling or texting them. You can also see the time, date, and call duration. This will help you to know more about the person.

There are many other features available. We surely can’t take all the features over here. Therefore, you can take a look at the official features page on their website. There are a lot of features you will see.

Part 2: Step by step guide to tracking cell phone location free

Here, we will see the exact step by step guide you can use to find someone’s location free. We will see how to track cell phone location online anonymously for Android. If you are an iPhone user, you can check out the next part. In this part, the steps are only applicable for Android devices.

Step 1: Register with JJSPY

JJSPY register
JJSPY register

The first step is to register for JJSPY. You can open the JJSPY website and open the registration page. There, you will see two main options or plans that you can go with. As we are seeing the steps for Android mobile here, you should select Android. Register your account by filling up the details and proceed the payment.

Once you proceed with the account, you can go on to the step where we will install the account.

Step 2: Install the app

When you log in to your JJSPY account, you will see the link to download the JJSPY app. You will then have to install that app into the target android device that you want to track. When you are installing the app, it will ask you to allow the application from an unknown source. You can go to settings and allow the app to install.

Once the app is ready to use, you need to open the app. There will be a couple of quick configuration options that you need to select. All you have to details that are asked in the app. The app will ask you to enter some of the JJSPY account details. You can enter it. If you are facing any issues or you don’t know some of the details, you can check the welcome that you got. After installing the account, the app will hide automatically.

Step 3: Start monitoring

Now, you are pretty much there. You are now ready to find someone’s location with ease. To start the monitoring, you will have to open our JJSPY account. There will be various options. Among which, you need to hit on the location history option. You need to click on the location history and you will get all the current location of the android device. In this way, you can find someone’s location online anonymously.

You can also check out the different options where you can start monitoring other options. There are all the options from which you can check out the GPS, streaming, etc. In this way, you can find someone’s location free.

Please note that it is necessary to install an app. You can’t track a cell phone location by number free online. You will have to install an app on the target device.

These are the steps for an Android device. In the same way, if you want to find someone’s location iPhone, you can check out the next part.

Part 3: Step by step Guide to Find someone’s location iPhone

We have already seen how to find someone’s location Android. Now, we are going to see the same thing for the iPhone. You can follow the step by step guide to finding someone’s location iPhone.

Step 1: Purchase JJSPY

The first step is the same for all the devices. You will have to purchase JJSPY. The only difference is that you will have to select the iPhone instead of Android. You can surely spy on iPhone as well as on the iPad. This is common for both.

Once you sleep the plan, you need to complete the payment. You will get the login information of the JJSPY account. You can hit the login button and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Enter the iCloud account details

Before getting into the steps, keep in mind this one thing. You will need the iCloud account and password of the iPhone user that you want to spy on. Please note that it is not possible to find someone’s location iPhone without iCloud details. This is because the iPhone doesn’t allow you to install any kind of app. Also, it is not possible to track a cell phone location by number online directly.

Now, when you log into the JJSPY account, you will have to enter the iCloud details. You can fill up the details and hit the continue button. You will see all the iPhones which are linked with that JJSPY account. There will be enough information about the iPhone such as aa OS, name, color, etc. You can select the iPhone device that you want to spy and hit the finish button.

Step 3: Start spying

That’s pretty much it. When you select the device and hit the finish button, it will take a couple of seconds to sync the data. After the sync, you can view the currently tracked data and can also track all the future data of the iPhone device.

Talking about tracking the phone location, you can open the panel and hit on the location history. The one extra feature that you will get in this iPhone device is the previous location. You can also see the previous location of the iPhone device. This is because when you capture the photos on iPhone, iPhone will automatically save the location. You can view that location with the JJSPY tool.

Moreover, if you want to know any other details about the iPhone, you can check out the other options in the panel. However, as the iPhone security is way more than Android security, you will not be able to stream the camera or screen streaming. However, you can surely view the photos or the videos that were already taken on the iPhone. You can also check the same thing using the JJSPY app. You will see all the details such as files, apps, etc. Moreover, you can track the usage of the app also. So, make sure you check all the features of your cell phone before proceeding with your payment to confirm that everything is alright.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about how you can track any device location using the tool. Make sure you follow all the steps as given above. If you miss any of the steps, you might not be able to get what you are looking for. Also, if you are facing any issues during the installation process or with any other process, you can surely contact the JJSPY support team. They have an amazing support team that will respond to you in the least amount of time possible. You can then follow their guide and complete the process of the installation. Also, if you have any presale questions, you can ask them.

However, you will not need to ask them as their help center has various answers and you will surely get yours directly over there. Also, all the steps are quite easy and they mention all the things that you need to do. So, most probably, you will not face problems anywhere. Once you install the app or enter the iCloud details, you can start using all the features of the software. Feel free to check the demo of the tool to know more about how you can spy on the device and also how you can track a cell phone location online anonymously without them knowing.

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