Top 10 Best Phone Locator Apps for Android and iPhone

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It is very important to keep an eye on your children if they are outside the home. They can become a victim of the wrong people. As a result, they can involve in illegal activities. So what should you do? Do you think that calling them frequently is a solution?

Not at all. Because calling them frequently shows that you are untrusting or overprotective. So this behavior can hurt them. Besides, calling will not tell you the exact location of your children. What to do now?

A mobile location tracker helps you to tackle this situation. You can easily track your children without them knowing. In this way, they will be unfamiliar that their parents are monitoring them. Besides, you will know their exact location history.

Above all, some trackers help you to monitor their activities by turning on front and rear cameras. So you can know where are your children and what they are doing. This article enlists the top 10 best phone locator to track your children. Let’s get started…

1. JJSPY – The Best Phone Locator

If you are looking for the best tracker, the JJSPY app is one of the optimal options. This application is an all in one tracking app. This app works in stealth mode i.e. hidden mode. No application can detect the working of this application. It uploads all tracking information on a remote site. So you can use any internet-ready device to excess that information.


The JJSPY app shows real-time location information on a map. Further, this app maintains the entire history of the location of your children. So you can check their information whenever you want. Besides, this app comes with plenty of other useful features.

For example, it offers live cameras and screen streaming. So you can turn cameras on to see their real-time activities. You can also check the complete history of call logs and conversations on all instant messaging apps.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features


  • JJSPY provides 25+ simple to advanced features to monitor your children and employees.
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Before purchasing, you can see the demonstration of this app for your contentment.
  • It doesn’t need rooting or jailbreak to run this application.
  • The JJSPY app offers offline tracking. After connecting to the internet, this app starts uploading the entire data to the remote site.


  • One subscription is for only one device.
  • It doesn’t support desktop monitoring.

2. Spyzie locator forAndroid and iPhone

It is another effective and affordable GPS location tracking tool. Spyzie is the complete spying tool that comes with many incredible tracking features. It gives you in-depth details about the location of your children’s mobile phone.

Spyzie locator app

Spyzie contains a dependable and inbuilt GPS tracker. That shows you the complete route and location history. Further, you can track the current whereabouts of smartphones. You can also monitor call logs, text messages and Wi-Fi history using this app.


  • It contains plenty of tracking features that makes location monitoring too easy.
  • The app contains an intuitive user interface.
  • It offers the same features for both iOS and Android users.
  • This app works in stealth mode so it is impossible to detect it.


  • You need to install and uninstall this app manually on the iPhone.
  • It is a bit expensive app when compare its features to the price.

3. FlexiSPY Tracker App

FlexiSPY is a well-known app for mobile GPS location tracking. It is very helpful to track the mobile location of your child. All you need to configure the app. And the app will do the rest of the things for you automatically. This app is very useful to track cellphone surroundings.

The FlexiSPY operates in an invisible mode. So you can take screenshots remotely using this app secretly. It contains almost all tracking features. This app contains all features in well-organized manners. You can check the complete history of call logs and text messages on different instant messaging applications.


  • This app contains almost all tracking features including a cellphone tracker.
  • It is compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac OS, Windows, Nokia, and Blackberry.
  • You can fully control the target device remotely.


  • Pricier than other cellphone tracking apps.
  • It needs some technical skills to use this application.
  • Some features are very confusing and complex so they are difficult to understand.

4. iKeyMonitor for Android & iPhone

This application tracks the location of the targeted device at present intervals. So you can have an idea about the current whereabouts of the mobile users. You can locate the position of your children using this app. So you can take immediate action when identifying potential threats. Besides, you can locate your lost smartphone using this app.

iKeyMonitor for Android & iPhone

You can customize GPS intervals. This app gives you accurate addresses of the targeted device. You can see the complete history of the user’s location on the map with date and time stamp.


  • This app can automatically capture the screenshots of the surroundings secretly.
  • You can remotely install the app on your kid’s mobile remotely without them knowing.
  • It maintains the complete history of the location visited by the users.


  • It needs jailbreak for proper working.
  • This app doesn’t provide remote control features to control the device.

5. mSpy tracker app from Android and iPhone

mSpy is a great addition to cellphone tracking apps. It comes with an easy to use control panel. So you can monitor the real-time location of your child. It shows you the current whereabouts of your kids on a detailed map.

Further, you can check the whole history of route history. It also provides your location with the time and date stamp. Instead of only tracking location, you can also check the complete calls, messages and Wi-Fi history, etc.


  • It is simple and easy to use the app.
  • This app comes with some special features such as geo-fencing and no jailbreak.


  • It doesn’t contain advanced location tracking features like listening surroundings.
  • Not compatible with multiple platforms.

6. XNSPY Tracker App

It is the most robust and effective cellphone tracking app. You can accurately find the location of a targeted device using this app. It is an ideal option for tracking employees’ and kid’s locations. It shows the entire location information on the map for easy understanding.

This app contains many other useful monitoring features. For example, you can check call history. You can create a backup for all activities. However, it doesn’t provide cameras and screen streaming features like JJSPY.


  • This app comes with an intuitive user interface.
  • It provides offline tracking capability.
  • You can see in-depth information on the targeted device location.


  • One license is for only one device.
  • The installation process is a little bit complex.

7. iSpyoo tracker

It is another optimal option to track your employees and children. This app contains all the features you need for tracking someone’s location. It shows you the accurate location of the targeted cellphone.

This application not only provides tracking capability but also other monitoring features. For example, you can monitor call logs, conversations, and emails, etc.


  • You can use its trial version for 48 hours for your contentment before purchasing.
  • It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.
  • No app can detect this application.


  • This app requires jailbreak for proper functioning.
  • Customer support is readily not available most of the time.

8. TrackMyFone for Android and iOS

This app also offers a tracking facility to the parents and employers. They can track any Android and iOS device using this app remotely. The working mechanism of this app is almost similar to other tracking apps.

This app is not as good as JJSPY. Because it contains some basic monitoring features. For example, you can read the conversation of your children remotely from different instant messaging apps. If you are looking for the basic monitoring features, this is an ideal option.


  • It contains a simple interface that makes it easy to use the app.
  • Customer support is effective and readily available.
  • It is the cheapest tracking app.


Although it is the cheapest app, it offers some basic monitoring features.

It is not compatible with the desktop.

9. Phone Sheriff (unavailable)

This app is not a 100% spying app. Still, you can use it to locate your children and employees. This application works in invisible mode. Because your children get notifications when you install it.

Before installing this app, you can tell your children about the importance of this app. After installation, you can track your children’s location using this app similar to other apps.


  • The price of this app is quite fair.
  • It contains a simple and user-friendly interface.


  • As it is not a spying app, so it doesn’t contain all monitoring features.
  • No customer support is available.

10. Stealth Genie

It is another well-known app to track iPhone and Android devices. You can find out the exact location of your targeted person. This application is a complete spying app. So you not only locate a device location but also can monitor other activities.


  • It comes with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • This app is available at an affordable price.


  • The customer support is very poor.
  • This app consumes network data very quickly.

Final Words

It is very important for parents to monitor the location and activities of their children. In this way, they can prevent their children from many dangers. You can use any of the aforementioned apps for tracking purposes. However, we recommend you go with the JJSPY app. This is an optimum app that is available at an affordable cost.

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