How To Track Someone’s Phone Activity Or Location?

Track Phone Activity Or Location

Sometimes you always wonder how you can get the details of someone’s phone activities and how you can find out all the things about them. It is one of the most searched questions. People are always looking for methods to spy on someone. Whether it is their kids or someone else, people always want to know what they are up to and most importantly where they are.

This post is all about how to track someone’s phone activity or location without them knowing. We will do the entire process remotely. So, the target user will never come to know about it.

Understanding Activities on Mobile

Before we dive into the article, we will first see a little bit about activities. When we say activities, it could mean a lot of things. So, we will make things clear on this topic. Most people are only expecting to see the basic details of the phone in the activity spying. However, the trick we are going to share here includes almost all the activities that you do on the phone.

Yes, it will include all the basic activity spying such as call logs, contacts, SMS, etc. Along with this, it will also include all the advanced activities such as WhatsApp messages, etc. So, that’s one of the best things you will find here. You will finally be able to track all the activities.

Not to mention, you can also find out the location of the mobile phone.

How to Spy on Someone’s phone activity and location

You might be thinking about how one can do it, right? We will be using a phone monitoring tool here. A phone monitoring tool will help you track all the applications and activities on any mobile. The best tool is JJSPY. JJSPY is one of the best phone monitoring tools available in the market for many reasons. Not just the features, even if we talk about the security, JJSPY has got it all. Therefore, we will focus on the JJSPY tool in this particular article. It is without doubt the best tool you will ever use.

Let’s learn more about the tool and the feature it provides.

Overview of JJSPY


JJSPY is the best application you can go with if you want to track someone’s phone activity or find the location of their mobile phone. You can easily do all these things with the help of JJSPY. JJSPY offers many features that you can have a look at. We will see more about the features soon. Before that, we will see the basics of the JJSPY tool. It works with all the Android OS and will also work on an iPhone or iPad. It doesn’t require any rooting or jailbreaking.

Moreover, JJSPY keeps in mind all the things when it comes to security. No one will come to know about your spying on them. It is a completely invisible app. Once you install it on the android phone, no one will come to know about the tool. It becomes invisible after you install the app. Talking about the iPhone, you don’t even install any app on the iPhone. It works completely remotely. You can hack and spy on iPhone without installing the app.

The tool requires no technical knowledge. You can do all the things without having any technical knowledge. The website also has small tutorials that you can have a look at. Not to mention, we will also see here the exact steps to track someone’s phone activity or location. You can also do a lot of other things from the app along with tracking the location. We will now have a look at the features of the tool to know more.

Features of JJSPY

Location: The first feature is location spying and tracking. You can track the real time location of the mobile phone. If the target device is using an iPhone or iPad, you can also see the location history of the phone. It will give the details on where the iPhone was before coming to the current location.

iPhone Location History
iPhone Location History

App Activities: You can have a look at all the app activities. It includes all the details on when the app is used. Along with this, you can also spy on the app usage details. If it is a social media app, you can also have a look at the social media message and media.

Messages: Talking about messages, we are here to the next feature that is messages. You can have a look at all the messages. Whether it is text messages or messages from any app, you can spy on all of them.

Call logs and contact: You can spy on call logs and contact of the person.

Call Recording: The app allows you to spy on the call recordings.

Stream: There is a live stream option on the android device. You can see the live screen stream in a video form. It also includes camera stream as well as microphone audio. So, you can listen and see all those things easily with the help of the JJSPY tool.

Files: You can spy on all the files on the mobile phone. It will allow you to open the file manager of the mobile. When you open the file manager, you can see all the things such as files, documents, photos, etc. This will allow you to check all the WhatsApp media and similar things.

Pros and Cons of the Method

Of course, there are some of the pros and cons present. You can’t expect that the method will be the perfect one. Here are some of the pros and cons to have a look.


  • It works in hidden mode
  • Available for both – android and iPhone
  • No root or jailbreak required
  • Affordable
  • A lot of features to spy on daily activities
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Best support team to help you
  • The UI is easy to use and you can easily navigate


  • Requires physical access for android
  • Requires iCloud details for iPhone

Steps to Track Someone’s Phone Activities and Location

Now, we will see the steps to track someone’s phone activity and the location of their mobile phone. You can follow the below-given steps to know more about how you can do it. We have made sure that all the steps are in detail as well as to the point. So, it will be easier for you to understand and implement the method.

Step 1: Create a JJSPY account

JJSPY account login
JJSPY account login

Your first step would be to create a JJSPY account. You can go to the official website of JJSPY. From there, you will need to select the plan. You will have two options. One of them is for android and the second is for iPhone.

If the target device is using an iPhone, you can select the iPhone plan else you can select the android plan. Once you select the plan, you can head over to the payment section. You can fill up your details in then you can complete the payment. Thereafter, your account will be ready to use. Now, we will head over to the second step that is setting up JJSPY.

Now, the next step has two different options. If you go with the android plan, you will need to follow a different procedure and if you have gone with the iPhone plan, you will have to follow a different procedure.

Step 2: Setup JJSPY app

As mentioned, the steps are different for iPhone and Android.

For Android: You will need to log in to your JJSPY account and you will get a link to download an app. You will need to download and install that android app on the target android device. This is the device that you want to spy on. Once you install the app, you will need to configure the device. You can configure it easily. All you need to do is enter the JJSPY details and you are good to go. After entering all the details, you can exit the app. Your job is now almost done. Your next task will be to make sure that the data is visible on the JJSPY app. Thereafter, you can start spying on the mobile. You can now head over to step 3.

For iPhone: If the target device is an iPhone user, the task becomes fairly simple. All you need to do is enter the JJSPY account by logging in. You will see the field to enter the iCloud details. Here, you will have to enter the iCloud details of the target iPhone user. When you enter the details, you will see the connected iPhone and iPad. Now, you will have to select the iPhone that you want to spy. You can also spy on the iPad. There will be a couple of details given about the device to make your selection easier. Once you selected it, you can continue the process. Wait for the data to load and then you can start spying on the device. Yes, it is that simple. You can now go to the third step here we will see how to start spying.

Step 3: Start Spying

Now, you are almost done. Once you complete all the steps, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes for data to load. Thereafter, you can continue with the process. It will show you the complete data of the device. You can head over to different menus and see how you can track the activities.

If you want to spy on the apps, there will be an option to track the apps and see the messages. The same goes for the location and all the other things. All the things are given directly to the menu itself. We recommend you to check out all the menus. You will find many interesting details about the device that you are tracking. It’s not just the activities, you will find many other details here.

The good thing ist hat the dashboard will show you a small highlight of what’s going on in the device. You can see the most recent activities directly there. It is an easy way to know what’s going on. You can surely go to each of the menus to know more about the device and the activities. However, if you feel like, you just want the overview, you can go to the dashboard and see it from there.

Final Words

To conclude, this is how to track someone’s phone activity or location without them knowing. The entire process is done remotely. We also saw the pros and cons of the method. In this way, you can know things in a better way. Other than the given ones, there are many other features you will get in the JJSPY tool. You can check out all the features while you are in the tool. You can also see the list of features on the official website. It will help you know the tool better before you make the purchase. So, it is recommended that you check the tool well before buying it.


Is it possible to track someone’s phone activity and location remotely?

Yes, you can track someone’s phone activity and location remotely with the JJSPY tool.

What activities I can track on someone’s mobile phone?

You can track almost all the activities including their app usage, location, messages, files, browsing history, etc. You will get all the information in detail.

Does this work on iPhone and iPad?

Yes, it works perfectly well on the iPhone as well as on the iPad device. JJSPY tool is the recommended tool to use here.

Can I track the activity on an android phone?

Yes, you can track all the android activities on anyone’s android phone. You can view activities such as app usage, files, photos, messages, etc.

How to know the real-time location of the phone?

You can head over to the location option in the JJSPY tool and you will see the real-time location of the tracked Android phone or iPhone. You can also see location history on iPhone and iPad.

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