3 Methods To Track Your Wife’s Phone GPS

Track Your Wife's Phone GPS

Sometimes it becomes necessary to track your wife’s phone GPS to find out where she is and what she is doing. In this tutorial, we are going to see the top 3 methods you can use to track your wife’s phone GPS without her knowing. We are also going to see the pros and cons of each method. So, in this way, you can know the best method to do so. All these methods work very well and you can try any of them. We have also shared the cons of each method. So, if there are certain limitations, you can see it in the cons. So, with that being said, let’s begin the list.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have only listed 3 of the best methods. With this, you can choose them easily.

#1 Track your wife’s Android phone

We will first see a method that works best for Android phones only. If your wife is using an Android phone, you can use this method as it is the best and the easiest method you can use. A phone already has a GPS, you just need to look for a way you can use that data to track the phone. Luckily, it is possible to do so. There is a phone monitoring tool called JJSPY using which you can track your wife’s phone GPS remotely. The tool not only tracks your wife’s location but can also give various other information. It is a complete spying tool that you can use.


The tool will help you to track phone usage and see various details. You can see the camera and the stream as a live video stream. In other words, it can open the camera without the person knowing about it. In the same way, you can see the live stream of the screen whenever you want. It also helps you to hear the microphone. Further, features are using which you can spy on social communication apps and social media apps. This includes apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

You can further see the contacts, log information, and also see the SMS conversation. The tool is 100% undetectable. So, the target person will never find out about the tool and you can keep using the tool without any issues. Further, it doesn’t even require rooting. In simple words, you can directly start using the tool. JJSPY is the best tool in the market for you to use.

Pros and cons of the method

To make your work easier, we will now see some of the pros and cons of this particular method. This will help you decide whether you should go with the method or find something else.


  • The biggest pros about this technique are that you not only get a tool to track your wife’s phone using GPS but it’s a complete spying tool. You can get all the possible information from this with just one simple method.
  • It is 100% undetectable
  • It uses Phone’s location and hence, it is accurate. Also, you don’t need to worry about whether the tracker is with them or not because most people always have their phones.
  • The method won’t take long to implement and is easy to use


  • You will have to pay a small fee to use the phone monitoring tool
  • Outdated Android versions are not supported
  • You will need an active internet connection to see the data.
  • You will need physical access to the phone for a couple of minutes.

#2 Track your wife’s iPhone

Now, we will see the best method that you can use if your wife is using an iPhone. The trick is simple and easy to use. If you read the first trick then you will find it very familiar to it. We are going to use the same phone monitoring tool to track your wife’s GPS location. JJSPY also has an iPhone plan that you can use to track the phone. So, we are going to use the same tool. For those who have not ready the first trick, JJSPY is a phone monitoring tool using which you can track the phone’s location. It also allows you to spy on the iPhone device using various other methods. Let’s understand all of them in brief.

JJSPY iPhone
JJSPY iPhone

First of all, we will see some of the important things that you will get here. The first thing you are going to get here is the contact, SMS and call logs. You can know all of these with ease. Not to mention, you can also know the location. One extra feature you are going to get here is the location history. With this, you can see where your wife was before coming to the current location. The history is taken from the photos app that comes in the iPhone. So, if they capture any photos, you can see the location history too.

Further, there are many more features that you are going to get in the tool. You can view the files and photos with this app. This allows you to see all the files from the file manager and view it in your JJSPY account. Moreover, you can also see the browser.

Pros and cons

Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the phone mentoring toolkit.


  • It is a complete spying app. Although it doesn’t provide all the features as the Android one there are enough features to spy on anyone and track the location.
  • It works on both the iPad and iPhone devices. So, you can use this tool on any device you want.
  • You won’t require to install any tool on the iOS device. In other words, you can completely do the process remotely
  • Many other features are amazing.
  • You get full support and help from the team. So, you won’t face any problems in the entire process.
  • It is undetectable, safe, secure and easy to use.


  • You will have to pay a small fee for the tool
  • You will also need the iCloud email address and password of the account that is connected to the device. So, if you got it, it is the best method you can use.

#3 Track your wife using a hardware GPS tracker

The next option you have is the physical hardware tracker. It can be one of the ways to track your wife’s GPS location easily. There are many GPS tracker tools available in the market that you can purchase and go with. This is a simple tool that will give you the exact information and the location of your wife. There are many ways you can use this app. For instance, some of these trackers work with your phone. In other words, you can connect the track with your Android or iPhone. With this, you can see the location on your phone.

The other type of tracker is where you will have to take the tracker and plug it into the computer manually. It doesn’t use the internet and is the most affordable. So, you can go with any of them. It is easily detectable as you are connecting the whole new hardware on someplace. You can keep it in their car or vehicle or you can keep it in her purse. No matter where you keep it, there are good chances that she will notice them and your plan won’t work. So, this plan should be the last option. However, if you think she won’t notice and you only need to see where she takes the car, you can insert it somewhere in the car. So, in this way, it can be an easy way to do it.

Physical GPS tracker is available in online markets as well as you can get the same thing offline. Depending on your country or city, you can get the device. Now, let’s see the pros and cons to know more about the method.

Pros and cons

Now, we are going to see some of the pros and cons of using a device or a physical tracker.


  • You own the hardware and hence, the maintenance cost is less.
  • Further, you can insert or attach it anywhere you want. This could also be a con as you need to think about a good place where you attach the GPS tracker. However, we will count it as an advantage right now.
  • It allows you to put the tracker anywhere. In other words, if you think your wife won’t be taking her phone with her, you can attach the tracker somewhere else. In this way, you can still track the phone easily.


  • It’s visible in some places. Unless you put it under the car or similar places, your wife could easily know that there is a tracking device.
  • If you go with the physical regular tracker, you will have to manually connect it to your computer and see the location data.
  • In the same way, if you get the internet-based tracker, it will send all the data through your internet connection. However, you will need a cloud storage space to store the data and it will cost you more. So, either way, you will face many problems while tracking.
  • If sometimes goes wrong, you will have to handle the technical side or you need to take it to a repairman. So, it will invite various other costs that you are not currently aware of.


Can I track my wife’s location without using any physical tool?

You can also use your mobile phone to track the location. You will need to download and install the JJSPY tool for that.

Is it possible to use a GPS tracker device without the internet?

There are some of the devices where you don’t need an internet connection. However, if you want to see the data, you will need to insert the device on your computer.

Can I track my wife’s location without her knowing?

With JJSPY, you can spy on the location without the target person knowing.

My wife uses an iPhone, can I still track her?

JJSPY works on both Android and iPhone. So, even if your wife is an iPhone, you can see the location of the device easily.

Which is the easiest method to track the location?

The easiest method you can use to track the location is by the JJSPY tool. It’s a phone monitoring tool that will help you track the phone.

Do I need to install the app on the iPhone?

If you use the JJSPY tool, you don’t need to install any tool on the iPhone.

Is jailbreak or rooting required for JJSPY?

No, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the device to use JJSPY.

Can I know the location where there is no internet connection?

The location will be tracked but the data won’t be updated. So, you will have to wait until the internet is back.

Final words

To conclude, these are a couple of ways you can track your wife’s phone GPS location. You can use any of these techniques to find the exact location of your wife’s cell phone. You can use any of the methods and see the location easily. However, if you are looking for the easiest method, you should go with the JJSPY tool. It allows you to spy on anyone without doing anything. It is one of the easiest and the best methods available out there.

Further, you can also know various other things using JJSPY. For instance, if you use any other method, you can only see the location. However, if you use JJSPY, you can spy on your wife’s phone instead of just tracking the location. Also, it will cost you less compared to any other method. If you go with other methods, you will have to pay more and also at the same time, you won’t get enough facilities. Therefore, you should try to use JJSPY. If you are confused about the app, you can view the live demo and see the working of the app. It will help you in choosing one of the methods to spy on her.

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