How to Locate a Samsung Cell Phone

locate samsung phone

Samsung is one of the most popular brands among all people. They have got amazing phones out there working on Android OS. The UI and the features are just amazing when it comes to Samsung mobile phones. Have you ever thought, how you can locate a Samsung mobile phone? We are going to see an exact method on how to locate a Samsung phone.

Locating a Samsung phone

In order to find the location of the phone, the Samsung mobile must work on Android OS. In simpler words, the older versions which were working not on Android can’t be located. So, the first thing that you need to make sure is that whether the target device is using Android or not.

Once you find out that it is using Android, you can proceed to the next thing. Please note that it is not possible to spy or track the older version. We will see more about the compatibility later on. On the plus side, the model doesn’t matter. In other words, you can locate any Samsung phone with ease. We will see the complete step by step guide which you can follow in order to get the location of the device.

You will be able to see the current location of the device. For doing this entire process, we are going to use a tool known as a phone monitoring app.

What is the Phone monitoring app and how it works?

Phone monitoring is basically an app using which you can spy on the entire phone. Yes, you guess it right. With this tool, you can also locate a Samsung phone. In fact, it helps you to locate any phone and not only the Samsung phone. There are different tools available for the different OS of the mobile. For instance, the tool for Android is different and in the same way, the tool for the iPhone is different.

As now we are checking out the method of the Samsung phone, we will only take Android OS into consideration and see how you can locate the Android phone. So, coming to the point, the phone monitoring toolkit also has a GPS tracker that comes along with it. With the help of that GPS tracker, we can locate Samsung phone (track the location of Samsung phone).

The working is simple over here. The tool will first collect the location data from the mobile phone. Once the tool collects the data, it will send it to the website. You can log in to the website to see the data. Don’t worry, the data is private. so, no one else will be able to view that data except you. Along with the location, it also sends many other data. You can view all the data from the website. We will see more about the features later on. This was just an overview of how it works.

The best GPS tracker for Samsung

Now, we are going to see the best GPS tracker for Samsung. Basically, we are going to see the best phone monitoring tool you can use. The main focus over here in choosing the best tool will be the location access. Which of the tools were able to give the best and the most accurate location? And similarly, other things will be considered.

Android Location History
Android Location History

So, the tool that we think is the best when it comes to tracking a Samsung phone is the JJSPY tool. As the name says, it is a spy tool that you can get. The tools are available for both Android as well as for the iPhone device. As we are seeing how to locate a Samsung mobile, we will focus on the Android side only.

There are various things that we considered when choosing the best tool. Some of the most common factors were the features it offers, pricing, and most importantly, we also saw whether the location given was precise or not. After all these, we have come up with the JJSPY tool.

JJSPY is the best tool because of many reasons. It has amazing features out there. Some of the features are not present in any of the other tools in the market. For instance, the live streaming feature (more about it later) is not available in most of the tools out there. Even if a tool has it, there are other features missing. Hence, we can say JJSPY is the best way to locate a Samsung phone.

Overview of JJSPY tool

JJSPY is one of the easiest and the most powerful tool out there which you can use to locate a Samsung phone. The good thing is compatibility. It runs with most of the versions of Android. Hence, you can surely locate any of the Samsung phones. Even the steps of setting up JJSPY and configuring it are easy. Hence, you can set JJSPY. There is no technical knowledge required if you want to set up the JJSPY tool. Everything is simple and also, we are going to see the step by step guide to do so. Hence, you are not going to face any issues overall.

Further, there are some of the tools which will ask you to root the target device. When it comes to JJSPY, there is no such thing as needed. Rooting an Android phone will break the warranty also. Therefore, even if some tool will ask you to root the phone, you shouldn’t. However, you don’t need to worry about it over here as there is no root required when it comes to JJSPY. In simpler words, you can spy and locate a Samsung phone without any risk. Also, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

You probably would be wondering about the features it has to offer and many other things. So, we will soon see the top features which you will get in this tool. We will try to cover the most important features which are on the tool and also at the same time the features that are useful. Thereafter, we will go through the steps to locate the device.

Therefore, without wasting more time, let’s see the features

Features of JJSPY

These are the features you will get in the JJSPY tool.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features
  • You can locate a Samsung phone location whenever you want with this tool
  • There is a live streaming section. It will show you the live telecast of the camera, screen, and even a microphone. Therefore, you can see through the target mobile camera. If the mobile phone has more than one camera, you can turn on any camera remotely that you want. There is an option for both, selfie camera and the back camera.
  • You can view the Whatsapp messages and media files.
  • Not to mention, along with the WhatsApp, you can also see the data of other apps. Let’s say that the target user is using the Line app, you can also view the messages from the line app along with the WhatsApp messages. In this way, you can view all the apps details
  • The tool allows you to get the details of SMS, call logs, and you can even view all the contacts on the mobile phone. It includes phone contact, Gmail contacts, and sim contacts.
  • The file manager feature allows you to view all the files on the mobile. You can view the photos that are saved.
  • If the person is using the internet, you can see the browsing history of that person. It will show you the complete list of it with time.
  • There is a keylogger inside the tool. The keylogger will save all the key pressed on the mobile phone. You will be able to see all the keys that are pressed on the mobile phone directly in plain text. This is one of my most favorite things about JJSPY. Almost no other tools give this feature.

Accuracy and other things to keep in mind

When it comes to locating an Android phone, the one thing that will be a huge concern for many of you will be the accuracy. You surely might be thinking whether the displayed location is accurate or it is just some random location.

Well, JJSPY uses the phone’s GPS system to get the location. Most of the phone’s GPS system is accurate. Hence, the accuracy of the tool will be perfect. You don’t need to worry about the accuracy of the tool.

However, there is one single catch that you will have to face over here. All of these operations are done through the internet. Hence, you as well as the Samsung device will need an active internet connection. If the internet connection speed is too slow in the target device, it might take more time to load the data. Hence, you will face issues in such cases.

However, you will still get all the data. In today’s world, most people will have a faster internet connection. SO, that’s not an issue. Also, there are lots of public wifi out there. Most of the people want to use the internet all the time. Therefore, there are good chances that they are connected with that wifi network.

To summarize, we can say that the internet can be a problem but it shouldn’t be the biggest concern out there. It can easily be tackled.

Moving on to the next, we will see the exact step by step guide on how you can actually locate a Samsung phone with the JJSPY tool. This was the part that you all have been waiting from the start, right? Finally, we are here with the steps and the exact procedure.

Steps to locate a Samsung phone

Make sure you follow each of the steps carefully and correctly. Below given are the steps to locate a Samsung phone with this tool.

  • You need to go to the JJSPY website, choose the Android plan, complete the payment, and finally create an account. It sounds like a lot of things to do but it is easy and simple. Just click on get started button on the website and you are halfway there.
  • When you log in to the account, you will see the direct link to download an app. You need to download the app on the target device.
  • So, just borrow the Samsung phone that you want to trace and install the app in it.
  • When you finally install the app, it will ask for you for some details. You need to enter your JJSPY account details over there. Once you enter the details, you can proceed to the next step
  • The next step is to finally see the location. For that, you can come back to your JJSPY account.
  • In your JJSPY account, you need to go to the location option. You see this in the left menu. As soon as you click on it, you will see the current location of the Samsung device.

Yes, it was that simple. Now, you can see the live location of the Samsung phone. Further, you can explore the options given in the tool. JJSPY has got amazing features that are worth taking a look at. You will surely love all of the features when you start exploring it.

According to us, you should first check the live location menu. It will give you some of the best details of the phone. You can turn on the screen stream and see what’s going on in the Samsung device.

Final words

To conclude, this was the complete tutorial on how you can locate a Samsung phone. You can surely try this on any Samsung mobile phone. It works on almost all of them. The only requirement is that it should have an Android OS. You can then follow the steps given above and you will be able to locate the phone. JJSPY also gives a demo version on their website. You can open the home page and head over to the demo to see how it works. It will give you a brief idea of how JJSPY work and it will also help you to locate a Samsung phone.

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