5 Popular GPS Track Apps for Android and iPhone

gps track apps for android and iphone

Nowadays every person is using a cellphone even the four-year-old kid is using a cellphone, parents are very worried about their kids and are forced to give their kids a mobile. We want to track the behaviors and actions of kids, where they go and what they do. But this is a difficult process. Phone surveillance or tracking system was designed to solve this problem.

Tracking devices can aid in a number of ways, such as helping partners know each other’s location. Whether a person lives, goes to school or attends school and whether he has visited a cafe, a hospital, a solicitor or a former boyfriend’s home, mobile devices can provide highly personal location information.

In addition, many tracking apps allow for the sudden processing, transmission, and sudden monitoring of data, such as tweets, emails, and phone calls, in some cases. Such tracking can pose a threat to a person’s safety or security and can be used to facilitate bullying.

We have great news for you: it’s just as easy and simple as 1-2-3 when you feel it’s a complicated and difficult challenge to navigate GPS. You can download the free GPS tracker application for mobile devices with powerful new mobile apps every day whenever you like. This ensures that you can keep tabs on your friends or valued ones quickly and easily. There are so many mobile tracking apps with unique features in both Android and iPhone platforms. These apps are easy to use with a friendly interface. To excess each app and unlock its features, you can create a free or premium account, then install it on your mobile phone device and then start tracking.

You can track not only the known persons but you can also track the stranger, ever called you once. It is very useful in these times because spam calls can make your life miserable. Call Trackers with IMEI & GPS are used to track the location of a call in real-time. Each device is useful for mobile phone monitoring applications like GPS Cell & Locate, even if the handset is not connected to the Internet. In seconds, you can know the GPS coordinates of a telephone number. So you could possibly use this number to locate your car if you have forgotten and could not use GPS to track a cell phone.

Following are 5 popular used tracking apps in the world:

JJSPY: The Best real-time GPS Track App

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

JJSPY is one of the most downloaded mobile tracking app with real-time tracking. Through this app, you can do surveillance of the desired person 24/7 and secure them against the risks of digital media. You can not only keep an eye on your children but also do employee monitoring with the use of this application.

Tracking of workers uses special methods for workplace monitoring to collect information on worker attitudes and roles. Organizations monitor employees in order to improve efficiency and protect resources. The main aim is, first of all, to discourage unacceptable behavior and, if it occurs, to curtail the conduct until it can have a negative effect on the organization.  


  • The software is an ideal way to monitor call logs and text messages of phones. This allows you to easily search the call logs and messages of your kids and staff to see who they interact with.
  • JJSPY can also view the teen’s cell phone movements on your device’s microphone and camera.
  • Through the JJSPY live control panel, you can actually monitor the live screen.

Spyzie : Track Children’s Location for Parents

Spyzie is a parental control software built on the iPhone that helps parents to track their children’s devices. The application claims that messages, logs, GPS, web history, photos, contacts, and apps are being monitored.

Spyzie is very flexible and implemented smartphone tracking software. There are many people and many kids who do not fully understand the safety of the Internet. This is why parents still need to track them, while most schools are insisting that they stay offline. Spyzie provides a great deal of information and allows monitoring of your children’s mobile devices fast.  Spouses worried over their mate getting robbed. An Instagram Password Hack app like Spyzie can make your mind comely if you think that your partner is not true to you. Have a glance at Spyzie’s Viber messages and username, then test all the text messages sent to decide if the theories are correct. Here are a few features that can more gain benefits from Spyzie.


  • Two-factor authentications have become popular, which ensures that when the child needs access to information the adult has to get a one-time code from the device. Spyzie does not function with Two-Factor Authentication and Two-Factor Authentication accounts cannot request information through their APIs to stop any data from being required.
  • Spyzie’s geofencing is another unique and valuable function. Whenever the mobile ‘ s position is outside the area, alerts can be received once a certain boundary has been created.
  • Spyzie also offers keylogging feature which is mainly used by professionals.
Spyzie GPS tracker app
Spyzie GPS tracker app

Geo-Tracker: It’s a Free Track Software

The best thing is that it is absolutely free. The first thing you must do is download the free Android, iPhone and Windows geo-tracker monitoring software you want to watch on your mobile phone. Then let the simple to use, quick, efficient and safe cell phone screen do everything for you. The following are the amazing features of this useful surveillance app.


  • Track your cell phone anywhere on a PC or a different computer.
  • Using real-time tracking and alerts.
  • See the telephone past updated location.
  • Easy for apps to communicate.
  • Track families and staff accurately on the lost or stolen mobile phones.

Where’s my Droid: Android Track App

where’s my droid
where’s my droid

Where My Droid is a special feature which can help you find your lost Android phone easily. My Droid is a handy device designed by Alienman Technologies LLC. In the recent past, this unique software has gained considerable recognition as a powerful Android phone finder.


Where’s my Droid offers the amazing features to there users, which are as follows:

  • Only circle it with a shake at high volume, and your mobile can be found.
  • The phone can be identified with the GPS system via the app.
  • It alerts you about the loss of the battery in real-time.
  • This avoids information through the use of a passcode protection system.
  • Users can add their permission / restricted to blacklists and whitelists.
  • If the SIM card is changed, you should be told.

Mobile Tracker Free: More Track features

mobile tracker free
mobile tracker free

Phone Tracker Free is a mobile phone monitoring program that allows you to fully understand your Android mobile apps. The program is simple to use, has a variety of features and is complementary. Apart from its tracking features, there is one restriction to unlock all the features of the application. If the system is not enabled, the program will restore the messages obtained and sent via the telephone feature in the notification bar.


  1. This tracking app can take a photo and even record the nearby sounds of the device.
  2. It can also track text and social media sent or received messages.
  3. Recover the deleted pictures from the phone.

It may be one of the worst nightmares to turn the phone off these days. Your Android smartphone consists of various personal data and is a highly versatile device. You can save your bank details, social media accounts and loads of other personal information on your mobile. Losing your mobile phone would certainly cost you money to buy a new one.

Nevertheless, the failure of stored information on your mobile can be permanent. It also could be a serious threat to your confidentiality if your personal information is in the wrong hands. This is only how Android users start to panic upon losing their mobile phones. The mobile surveillance system has been developed and planned and works properly. It is very simple, the user can use this software quickly. Each individual can track each telephone location at any time with this program.

This software is free of charge and no external device is needed.  In different Android handsets and browsers, they work smoothly. they will help people to use unique technology. That’s why these tracking devices are getting popular day by day and most of the people in the world are getting benefits from these applications.

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