Webwatcher Review: A Complete Monitoring Kit

webwatcher review

These days the utility of computers in different fields of work is increasing. Consequently, this leads to an increased rate of cybercrime. So, many companies have put their effort to provide people with great cell phone monitoring services.  But, as the number of options increases, the confusion also increases. So, in this article, we will thoroughly analyze all the features of Webwatcher. So, let’s begin.

What is Webwatcher?

Webwatcher is a cell phone monitoring software that allows parents and employers to have an eye on their children and employees. This application monitors various activities that someone is performing online or offline. This app can monitor text messages, call logs, photos, websites, app activities, and also some social networking apps like facebook messenger, WhatsApp, tinder and many more.

Moreover, this app does not require you to root the phone to do its work. It just takes 5 minutes to install and setup the app.  Another great advantage of this app is it supports all Android versions greater than 2.1. You can view the recorded data from Android App and from the web. Also, this app features remote activity viewing. With this feature, you can view the activity on the target phone from a different place over the internet in real-time.

Do we really need Webwatcher?

If you want the answer in short, YES. Here is an explanation. In today’s world, a lot of things which are important go un-noticed. As a result, we might get harmed in our personal and professional life. In order to prevent such mishaps and eliminate potential threats, we need to be informed about what is going on behind our back. As we already know, many people use smartphone devices. So, becomes easy to find a solution to monitor their devices. Here are some reasons why we need to monitor these devices. If you are a business owner having several employees working for you, if you are a parent and want to monitor your child’s activities or you are an individual and need to monitor your own device so that you can know who operates it in your absence. In all these cases, monitoring is important. Now let us take a deep view of how android monitoring will be of great help for you.

As a parent: If you are a parent and allow your child to access digital devices, it is very important to enable monitoring on your device. As you might already know, malicious hackers can exploit your child’s innocence to extract sensitive information. They may use this information to harm you or your child. But if you have enabled monitoring, and review its data frequently, you may prevent any mishap.

As an employer: As an employer, android monitoring is of utmost importance to you. You cannot trust all your employees blindly. Sometimes, competitors offer your employees an incentive to leak some sensitive data about your business. This will definitely have an adverse effect on your business. Sometimes, it may harm the reputation of your business. When you start monitoring your employee’s Android device, you can view his/her call logs, messages, location and many more. This will ensure your business safety and allow you to prevent any potential threat.

Why is Webwatcher different?

There are many apps like Webwatcher all over the internet. But, while looking into their features, I noticed that most of them required a bounded operating system version. For example, some apps required Android version higher than 6.0 to work. Well ok, Webwatcher also has that. But, it has a wide boundary. While some equally popular apps required an Android version above 6.0, Webwatcher just wanted above Android 2.1. I don’t think that anyone these days has any working Android device below Android 2.1.

But, the downside is such a wide boundary is not available for all the operating systems. For iOS, it requires minimum iOS 6 to work. For PC, it requires minimum Windows 7 to work. For Mac, it requires minimum macOS 10.8 to work. But, it is compatible with all versions of Chromebook.

Some amazing features of Webwatcher

For Android and iOS

Webwatcher is really easy to setup and gets started in Android. In Android, it provides features like GPS tracking, screenshots and many more. It can also view the list of apps installed on the android device. This will give you an idea of the activity taking place on the android device. Similar to other cell phone monitoring apps, Webwatcher also has social network monitoring, taking screenshots, see web history, read text messages, view photos, view call log and GPS location.

The social network monitoring feature can take screenshots from any of the following social networking app screens: Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, snapchat, tinder and tiktok. Also, this app can view messages, deleted texts, and app usage.

For PC

Webwatcher is quite easy to install on a computer. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and setup. It also features risky behavior alerts, remote activity monitoring and is tamper-proof. Webwatcher for PC can see emails, instant messages, chats, web history, programs, alert word highlights, alert word screenshots, continuous screenshots, and facebook, twitter and youtube monitoring. With such a wide range of features, you can know exactly what your child or your employees are viewing.

The alert word highlights feature highlights any keyword that is found on any activity and alerts the user. This is a great feature to detect if your child or employee is doing any prohibited thing. Furthermore, the alert word screenshot feature takes the screenshot of the device screen and sends it to the user if the alert word is noted.

Also, this software can record keystrokes with its built-in key logger. With the help of this feature, you can monitor what your child or employees are trying to do. With the help of continuous screenshots, it can facilitate video-style playback of screenshots for programs and websites selected by you. For example, watch an email as it is being typed. Again, you can block any program you want. This is especially a great feature for parents.

With all the advantages, there are some problems too. The keystrokes recorder feature is only available for Windows. It is not available for other computer platforms like macOS and Chromebook.

How reliable is Webwatcher?

Webwatcher provides great service through its apps. Also, another important point we should note is that it complies the guidelines of Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is why the app is available on the store. Both these stores are very strict on their privacy policies and don’t hesitate to terminate any app that violates them. So, this can act as a seal of trust from Google and Apple for mobile applications. But, we cannot say the same about the PC and Mac versions. I would recommend you to go for it only if you don’t care so much about the privacy of your PC and Mac devices. It might be fearful for some people but it’s the reality. This is because today is the age of data. More data equals more power. And, more power brings more profit. So, choose your software wisely. Just the final piece of advice: Open Your Eyes.

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