10 SMS trackers Without Access to Target Phone

10 sms trackers

SMS is now very less popular and people are taking advantage of it. You can surely take the email address and password of your kid’s Facebook account. Later on, you can check their messages. However, there is no such thing as possible when it comes to SMS. Therefore, kids nowadays use these tricks and go on the wrong path.

In view of this, we are going to see here how you can track SMS without access to their phone. We will see the answer to some of the most asked questions such as “Is SMS tracker free?”, “Is SMS tracker safe?”, and similar questions. For that, we are going to see the top 10 SMS trackers out there which you can use to track SMS without access to their phone.


Among all the SMS trackers out there, JJSPY tops our list of the best SMS tracker. It is not only an SMS tracking tool but it is a complete suite to keep an eye on the target phone. Basically, it is a phone monitoring software. It is the ultimate tool that you can use it as parental control. Not to mention, it allows you to spy on SMS.

Moreover, it is not just limited to SMS. You can do various other things with this tool. The best feature you will get in the JJSPY tool is live streaming. You can turn on the camera remotely, the microphone of the target device whenever you want. It just takes one click and you will be able to see any of their camera views and also hear what they are doing. If you want to know more about the target device, it also has a screen streaming option. Yes, you guess it right. With live screen streaming, you can view the screen of their phone directly on your mobile phone with ease.

Along with this, JJSPY has got various other features that you can have a look at. It is an ultimate phone monitoring toolkit for every single person out there. When it comes to the features, JJSPY has got the maximum amount of features that almost no other tool provides. That’s the primary reason why it is on top of our list of the best SMS trackers. Let’s get into some of the popular features

Features of JJSPY

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features
  • You can track Whatsapp messages, and messages from all the other social networking apps
  • It allows you to see the live stream of the camera, microphone, and screen.
  • You can access any of their files. Whether it is the photos, media, or any other. From JJSPY dashboard, you can head over to file manager of the target device
  • It comes with a keylogger. The keylogger will save each and everything that the target user will press on the phone. You can even see the passwords in plain text.
  • Further, it lets you see the contacts, call logs, etc.
  • The last thing that you are probably looking for is GPS. Yes, JJSPY even has the GPS tracker in it. With this, you can track the device and know the exact location whenever you want. If the target device is the iPhone, you can even view the location history in that. This is due to the history feature in the Photos app. However, in the Android device, you can view the live location whenever you want.

These are just a couple of features we have seen. Along with these, there are many other features that are available in the tool. You can check the official website where you will find the details for each and every app. Feel free to explore the tool and use it if you like it.

#2 MSpy

The next tool that you can use to spy on SMS is the Mspy tool. It is quite an old tool and has been in the industry for the past couple of years. However, the updates are a little bit slow and hence you will not get the latest features over here.

With this tool, you can spy on SMS directly from the dashboard. The tool also allows you to check if the number is saved or not. In simpler words, if you get the message, you can see if the target device has saved their number or it is from the unknown number. There are other features in Mspy which allows you to view messages from social networking apps. MSpy can a great alternative if you are ready to compromise with some features. Otherwise, our list is long, you can have a look at other tools.

#3 Spyeria

Spyeria is another software available on both Android and iPhone devices. You can use it to spy on SMS and email. With this, you can directly see the received SMS and the sent SMS in your Spyeria dashboard. There is a keylogger which comes along with the phone monitoring tool.

The keylogger will save each and every letter that is pressed on the keyboard. So, you will be able to see all the letters that are typed by the target user. In this way, you can check out the complete text also along with the SMS. Keylogger is useful in many other ways. You will get all the keystrokes data in the Spyeria dashboard. So, you will need to go over there and check out the data or the log files if you want to see what the user has typed.

#4 XNSpy

The next spy tool we got for you to track SMS is the XNSpy. It is similar to MSpy but there are a couple of features missing. XNSpy allows you to spy on social networking applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. along with this, you can even track the location of the target user.

Not to mention, it surely has the important features that we are discussing over here. That is, you can see the target user’s SMS with this particular tool. It also has a call log and contacts spying feature. With this, you can see which of the people are texting the target user. You can even see if the number is saved in the target device or the SMS is from an unknown device. This might seem like a small feature but it is very much useful and you will need it in one way or the other. So, it is always better to have these features on your spying tool.

#5 SpyHuman

Spy human is parental control software. Parental control tools help you (as a parent) to restrict your kid’s phone. Further, this kind of tool also helps you to see and monitor your kid’s phone activity. You can see all the logs from the phone and also get aces to various apps. Overall, it has many features that you take a look at along with the remote control. It is a parental control tool so you can control which apps the user can use.

Talking about our topic over here, you will get the complete SMS tracking feature in this particular tool. You can spy on the SMS, applications, and also you can view the browser history. It pretty much lets you spy on all the things you want. You can also block a particular call from the phone. As it is a parental control tool, you will get various similar features.

#6 Copy9

Copy9 name came because you can literary copy everything from the target device to your Copy9 dashboard. You will be able to see the complete details of the target phone. It allows you to track the SMS as well as see who is the sender of the SMS. If you are thinking, “is SMS tracker free?” then yes is your answer over here.

One extra feature you will get here in Copy9 is the remote control feature. With the remote control, you can control a couple of things directly from your dashboard. For instance, you can turn on the camera or you can simply block a particular number in the target device. This can be very much useful as a parent.

#7 Flexispy

Flexispy is another great alternative you can use the SMS tracker. Flexipy can really stand head to head against some of the giants such as JJSPY, Mspy, etc. However, there are still a couple of features that you will not get here. This is the main reason why this is down on the list.

You surely track SMS and it also gives you the capability to spy on the apps and browser history. Further, you can track the location of the device whenever you want. The call features will help you see the complete call logs, contacts, etc. You can access the file manager directly from the FlexiSpy dashboard.

#8 TrackMyFone

If you are looking for something that doesn’t have a lot of features but works perfectly well to track the phones. Here is something that you might want to have a look at. Track My Fone is a phone tracking tool that doesn’t have a lot of features but it helps you to track the phone with ease. The tool was made keeping in mind parental control, women’s safety, and also to keep an eye on your kids.

There are various features available here to do the work. For instance, you can use SMS tracker with this, you can have a look at the social networking messages from here, etc. Along with this, the SMS tracker also allows you to see the current location of the target device. No doubt, there are very few features available but you can surely check out the tool.

#9 Tracking Smartphone

If you are looking for a similar tool as we mentioned above, here is something that might interest you. Tracking Smartphone is another tracking tool that you can use to track device location as well as find all the SMS. You can further view other messages too which are on the messenger app. The tools also allow you to spy on the social networking apps which are running on the device. Overall, it works great with the spying and the tracking of the device.

No doubt, the tool has various other features along with the tracking options. You will get all the basic options such as GPS tracking, browser history tracking, etc. However, if you are looking for some of the high-level features such as live streaming then you should go with the 1st tool we mentioned. The app is good for people who need basic features.

#10 SpyTech Web

Spytech Web is a web application that helps you track any Android device. It not only sends you the location of the device but also gives various other options to track the device. You a spy on all the basic phone functions such as call logs, contacts, as well as you can view all the SMS. The tools work completely in the hidden mode and hence no one will be able to know that you are spying on them.

Further, the tool also allows you to track all the applications on their mobile phone. With this, you can see with applications the target user is using. You can even check various other details of that particular smartphone or that particular application that you want. In this way, you can track almost everything with the Spytech web.

Final words

To conclude, these are a couple of options that you can go with if you are looking for the best SMS tracker. You can spy on the target device remotely. However, you will have to install an app at first on the target device. Thereafter, you can start spying on it. In the same way, you will need iCloud user name and password if you want to spy on the iPhone or iPad devices. This is the same for all the applications mentioned above. Even if you go with any other applications which are not on this list, you will still have to do either one of these things. You can take a look at the official website of the tool to know more about the software and check its features.

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