App To Hack In-app Purchase For Android

hack in-app purchase for android

What many of us know is that most of the apps and features that we use in our phones are free. You only need an internet connection to get them from a reliable source and have them working on your phone. Right?

However, you should have also come across several features that give you the ‘in-app purchase’ notification. This means that you have to submit some form of purchase payment before you can make use of it.  I often get very irritated that I had to get away to work around it but still get the services that I wanted.

In the market today, some apps have been designed to offer you this specific service. You get to enjoy your game, for example, without having to worry about the payment feature that it tends to give its users.

You should, however, note that there are two types of apps in the market. Some work without rooting the android phone and some will need you to root the phone. Rooting is the ability to override the manufacturer’s original design.

Some apps will typically not work on the usual setting that the phone has. It will, therefore, need the one who is using the feature to redesign the hone. Looking at its roots as some people would tend to call it. You, however, need to be very careful because it may lead you to damage the phone if you are not careful.

Therefore before selecting an app, you should have known whether it works best with rooting or without rooting service. This is, however, a very illegal act.  Once you get caught, don’t blame it on others. We only do the community service of informing you.

Apps used to hack in-app purchases in Android.

There are apps that you can use to ensure hacking happens for you. You will need to know whether it needs rooting or not because that will determine the option that you will take.


With this app, you get the in-app purchase but only for certain games and not or applications. The good thing is that even with that selected list of games which you should know is quite a good number. You will also be in a position to get the maximum available update levels. It is, therefore, not a significant loss.

CreeHack does not need you to root it, though. It, therefore, means that it is less stressful and tedious. It also has a very easy to use interphase that allows almost anybody with slight technical knowledge to be able to handle it. It is minimal in size, which enhances the ability to bypass any security warning in most phones.


It is also one of the apps that do not need any rooting for it to function well on an android phone. Unlike some of the other apps that do not have a defined link to know what games are listed, you can access it with AppSara. You get to have a significant number of apps that can be worked on with this app. It then gets to be easier for you.

If the app you are looking for is not on the list, it does not mean that it is a dead-end. You can still enjoy this hacking feature; however, you will need to root the device in which you are using. It is, therefore, to mean that this app works for you in any way you would wish.


The LeoPlayCard is very affordable and has been opted by so many people. This is especially because of the free play card that it avails to its users. This card works with apps, even in google play. It should also be noted that you will not need to root the phone for this feature to be in existence.

It is also known not to have any limits when it comes to the number of apps you can hack except the fact that it does not work on online video games and apps.

TG hack

This one of the latest in-app hack apps that have been released to the market. With this app, you will not need to root the phone for it to work. Very man people have reported trying out this app and have managed to maneuver through successfully.

If you are a diehard gamer, this will give you direct access to all the levels that you would wish to arrive at. You will not have to fear for your phone either will you need to try out some computer engineering guru to enjoy the game that you love most.


Freedom will only give you freedom if you have rooted your device. It is, however, one of the apps that have been highly recommended by people because of the features that it offers you. With freedom, you get to download any of the in-app purchase apps that are available for android. You also get a free booster and get updates and ads-free apps versions if they are available.

It works for an android version like marshmallow, among many others.

Game killer

With the game killer, you will have to root the device for you to enjoy its features. This also happens to be one of the many apps that have grown to be a home preference for most of the people who end up using in-app purchase features.

The game killer allows you to have unrestricted access to weapons and levels in a game, even when it is a video game. It also provides a memory modifying feature that comes in handy, especially when you happen to be dealing with very many games at once.

It also offers a locking feature where you can restrict access when it comes to games that you have come to find annoying or those that have unclear directions. It allows you to kill functions that do not impress you anymore.

Cheat droid

For anyone who has had an encounter with this specific app, you will realize that it is a shared preference editor, which means that they allow you to edit the filing and storage of the file that you are using based on the rooting that you have set.

The fact that you can customize this feature on a whole new level of fun if you are a gamer. You get to play a game while you feel like you are the one who created it. You even get to decide you want to remotely or locally connect through your device.

It has also been creatively getting to be able to scan read-only memory as well as a page too. It should, however, be noted that this memory viewer feature has a habit of taking up a lot of the power from the device.


This is a much-defined feature that not only allows you to hack the app you want, but you can also modify it. This is however only to some levels and depending on the game that you are using. It also allows you to edit and view the shared preferences of the app that you want to hack.

You should, however, note that it does not support role-playing and massively multiplayer online games. Unlike most of the other apps that are available in the market, you will not find it in the google play store, which is believed to be a chance for the creators to keep away from hackers and back door developers.


Despite being applicable for the only rooted device, it has been able to climb ranks, making it one of the best in-app hacks that are available in the market. This is more so contributed by the fact that it accepts many of the popular games played today.

Another major thing that helps with the popularity of this app is the fact that it runs on automated plugins and scripts, which instead takes control of the game. Therefore you will not have to struggle switching lanes when it comes to the settings of the game. The app will do that for you automatically.

Lucky patcher

This is one of the features that have been known to be used to hack the in-app purchase games. You get to change the permission or license that was set by the app and also remove ads among the many things that it can do. With this app, you can also create a backup of the old android app and get the new file. This will allow you to restore the original one if you need to.

With this hack app, you get to enjoy it, in both the rooted and the non-rooted phones. It then shows how effective it is, although it will not work on online games. However, you should be aware it is more effective if you have rooted your phone.

Risks of using hack apps for in-app purchase program.

Just like any other app that we usually install on our phones, we need to scan whether it contains a virus or not. This is because without knowing, we might just be opening up portals for people to illegally access our details or worms that will end up deleting information from our gadgets.

It is, however, not the only fear that most of us have when it comes to being able to hack features that have been set to be purchased in-app. Some of them you may not be aware of the possibility while some of them are rather obvious.

  • Complete system damage to your phone because you were not careful enough to note what changes the app is expected to make. The rooting act, which requires expert handling, needs to be done carefully to ensure that your device will still be usually functioning when it is completed.
  • Loss of information, especially when worm and viruses find their way into your device. They attach themselves to the files in the storage, which then causes the data to get misplaced or even lost in some urgent cases. You then find it hard for some of the apps o work or the apps to save content.
  • Changing of the original set up of the phone. Once you root the phones, there are severe chances of how the phone will be looking like will be different. You should be ready to think of how to restore the previous one or manage to work around the one that you are having currently.
  • Creation of loopholes for viruses to flow through. This is very common, especially if you are a person who tends to get most of the apps from some unknown site. Such viruses will then get transferred to all of your devices that have been attached do it. You will start getting issues with it.
  • Some of the other apps on the phones may stop working. The introduction of virus and worm may cause separate features of the phone to stop functioning. In most cases, the google play store is the one that is profoundly affected. This will mean you need to format your device or subject it, to some severe cleanup measures that will ensure that you get it handled and corrected very fast.


Finding ways to handle how you spend your money, especially when it comes to online applications, is very important. If you can work around it, why not. That is why it is essential to have you know the right in-app hack purchases that you can operate with, depending on your phone. You also need to see if you are prepared to root your device or not. This is because it will help you understand which feature will serve you best. You should, however, be aware of the risks that you are subjecting your device to. It is an illegal act. Therefore, your phone may be submitted to viruses or hacks by other unregulated parties. But the fact stands you get to save so much money with these apps.

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