Hack and Spy On Viber Messages and Calls

hack and spy on viber messages and calls

Viber is now a growing social communication application. For the past many years, people are using Viber as a free way to call anyone else. One can chat using the app or can even make a call to other Viber users. It is a pretty interesting app. People even started using it to chat with their dates and partners. There are good chances that your partner or kid might also be using this app to chat with someone else. If you ever wondered how you can hack and spy on Viber messages and calls, you are at the right place. Here, we are going to see a complete method on how you can hack and spy on Viber messages and calls.

Viber overview

Viber is an app using which you can make free calls to anyone who is using Viber. You will be able to chat with someone. It is more like a Whatsapp alternative which many people are using. The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones. It has millions of downloads. People use it for many different reasons.

Today, we are going to see how you can spy on them.

How to spy on Viber?

To hack and spy on Viber messages and calls, we are going to use a phone monitoring tool. The tool will collect all the information from the target device and then send it to us. In other words, it will first collect all the data from Viber in real-time and then send it to us.

It will first send the data to their server. We can log in to their official website and see all the data. You need to configure this phone monitoring app so that only you will be able to see the data. We will soon see the complete method on how to do it which will also include the steps.

Before that, let’s learn more about the tool we are going to use. Over here, the best tool you can use to hack and spy on Viber messages and calls is JJSPY. JJSPY is more like a spy tool available for iPhone and Android. One can use the app to spy on the phone’s messages, WhatsApp chat, camera, live recording, and also not to mention, Viber messages and calls.

The reason we are going with this app is because of the amazing features it has. We will see all the features and why this app is the #1 choice of ours.

JJSPY tool

So, as mentioned above, JJSPY is a phone monitoring tool that you can use. It comes for all the devices and also supports most of the versions of the OS. In other words, no matter which Android version the target user is using, you can still spy on them. Along with the amazing features, JJSPY is too easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge to operate this tool.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features

Further, you don’t even require to root or jailbreak your device. There are many tools out there that will ask you to jailbreak the iPhone device or root your Android device to use their tool. Here, no such things are needed. That’s why the tool is the best thing and you should give it a try.

There are various features available for spying. Some of the most popular features include live streaming of screen and camera, live recording, browsing history, spying on Whatsapp messages, and many more. You surely might be wondering which other features you are going to get. So, let’s dive into the features of JJSPY and see how it can help you to hack and spy on Viber messages and calls. Please note that some of these features are only available on the Android phone whereas some of the features are available on the iPhone device. So, you can check the website to know more about availability. However, you don’t need to worry as you can hack and spy on Viber messages and calls on any device.

Features of JJSPY

Here is the list of the most popular features that you are going to get in this tool. We have only listed the most popular ones. There are many other features in the tool, you can see those features on the official website.

  • You can view the direct live stream of the screen. It will display all the data or the things that are currently going on in the device. In simpler words, you will see the complete screen in your device.
  • The other best feature is the camera and mic spying. You can turn on any camera remotely you want with one click. It also lets you capture the pictures from the camera without the target user knowing.
  • You can spy on all the apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, and also hack and spy on Viber messages and calls.
  • There is a file manager app that will capture all the files from the device. Hence, you will be able to see all the files that are stored on the target device. It also lets you see the photos and other stuff.
  • You can surely see the live location of the device. There is a GPS tracker that comes along with the app. You can turn it on and it will capture the live location from the phone’s GPS.
  • Not to mention, you can always see all the other information such as contact names, call logs and SMS. There are various other system apps which you can access when you register with JJSPY.

Steps to hack and spy on Viber messages and calls on Android

Let’s talk about the Android phone first. Here, we will see the complete tutorial on how to hack and spy on Viber messages and calls. This was the part you all have been waiting for, right? So, let’s begin the steps without wasting more time.

Step 1: Get your JJSPY

You need to register your account at JJSPY at first. There are two different plans available in the tool, one is for the Android device and the other one is for the iPhone and iPad. Here, we will select the Android plan and continue to account for creation.

JJSPY account register
JJSPY account register

Next, you have to complete the payment and create your account. Don’t worry, the tool is affordable and also it is safe to do the payment. So, once you create your account, it will take some time to get your account ready. Once your account is ready, you can log in to your account and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Get the link

The next step is to get the link to the app. Confused? Let me clear things up to make it easier for you.

When you create your account, you will get a link to download the JJSPY APK. You need to get the link to the app. The link will be available on your account, just copy it.

Now, you need to open that link on the target device. You can borrow the phone for a couple of seconds and then open the link. It will start downloading an app, install it. When you open the app, it will ask you to enter the JJSPY account details. You can enter your details which you used in the first step.

Once you enter all the details, you can press the exit button and the app will disappear from the device. So, the target user won’t come to know that you have installed an app to hack and spy on Viber messages and calls. You can then proceed to the next step which is the final step for you.

Step 3: Start spying

Yes, that’s pretty much how you cab hack Viber. You will now have to log in to your JJSPY account. From there, you can see the data of the target device. It will show you the complete device data.

You can head over to different menus to know which things you can spy. Talking about Viber, you can simply go to the Viber option to see all the data. In this way, you can know with whom they are chatting with and also you can spy on the calls.

In the same way, you can also turn on the live screen stream to know what they are doing right now. If you think the target user might be using Viber, you can just turn on the stream and check the messages directly over there. It will show you the exact screen which the target user is seeing. In other words, if they are texting with someone on Viber, you can see it. Further, if they are in call with someone on Viber, you can even hear the voice. Just make sure that you have turned on the microphone spying from the JJSPY account.

Now that you know how you can do it on an Android phone, we will head over to iPhone steps.

Steps to hack and spy on Viber messages and calls on iPhone

iPhone WhatsApp spy
iPhone WhatsApp spy

If you have read the Android part also, it will be easier for you to get through this part. The steps and the procedure are almost the same. However, there are some changes needed. As you know iPhone doesn’t let you install any app outside from the app store. So, we will spy on Viber messages and calls on iPhone without installing any app.

Step 1: Get the JJSPY tool

Of course, the first thing is to choose the Android plan from the official website of JJSPY and continue with the payment. You will then have to make the payment and create your account. Your account will then be ready.

It might take some time for activating your account. Once your account is activated, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Connect the iCloud account

Your next job is to connect the iCloud account. When you log in to your JJSPY account, you will see that you will have to enter the iCloud details to continue. You can simply enter the iCloud details of the target user here. It can be hard to get the details but once you get it, you don’t need to bother them again.

icloud account spy
icloud account spy

Once you have the details, you can enter it into your JJSPY account. It will automatically fetch all the devices that are connected with the iCloud. It will then display the list of the devices. You need to now choose any of the devices that you want to hack.

It will show you the name and the model of the Apple device in your JJSPY account. You can select the device you want to spy and click on connect.

Step 3: Start spying

Now, you need to wait for a couple of minutes until it loads all the data from the iPhone. Once all the data is loaded, you can then start spying on the device.

It will show you the information of the device. Now, to spy on Viber messages and calls, you need to hit on the Viber option on the account. The Viber option will show you all the messages and the calls. You can then start spying with this.

Unfortunately, there is no live screen streaming option available on the iPhone or iPad devices. Hence, you need to see the messages and calls in this way. On the plus side, you can also spy on other applications with this.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about how you can spy on Viber messages and calls. You can surely use the same technique to spy on other applications that are installed on the device. JJSPY mostly allows you to spy on any device. However, you can still check if your device is supported. Lastly, they have a live demo of their application. It will show you the complete panel where you can see how to spy on Viber messages and calls. You can view the demo to see how easier it is to spy on any of these devices.

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