Top 3 Best Social App Monitoring Tools

To Monitor Social Media Message

Social media monitoring tools will help you keep an eye on all the social media messages. If you want to spy on others and see their social media messages, you will need one of the best social media tools that can help you out with monitoring social media. We will see the top 3 best social media monitoring tools and we will then see how to monitor social media messages using one of these apps.


The best tool you can use to spy on social media messages is the JJSPY tool. It is a complete phone monitoring tool that can help you out with the social media spying. You can easily spy on social communication apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. With this, you can track all the messages in any of the apps. It will display the complete conversation. You can directly see the conversation of all the social media apps from the apps.

If you are looking for something more, there is a keylogger that will help you. The keylogger will save all the messages from the application. In other words, if the person types a message on Facebook, you will directly get the text. It will save all the keypresses of the mobiles. If the person opens Facebook and types their email and password, you will also get the passwords and the email in the plain text. In the same way, it will save all the keypresses. You can see the files directly and see what they are doing.

Android App Messaging
Android App Messaging


  • You can spy on all the messages of social media. Whether you want to see the Whatsapp messages or Snapchat convo, you can easily do it easily
  • There is a keylogger tool that will save all the keystrokes
  • You can also use the live stream feature. The live stream feature will allow you to stream the screen or the camera easily.
  • Further, the tool is 100% invisible. Therefore, no one will come to know about the apps except you.
  • It works without root or jailbreak.
  • JJSPY is compatible with all the versions of android and IOS. Therefore, you can easily use any apps.


  • The price is a little bit expensive but the features are worth the price. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything. If you got the budget, it is the best tool you can go with.

#2 Flexispy

The next tool that is worth checking out is Flexispy. Flexispy is one of the best social media monitoring tools you can go with. It allows you to spy on any of the social media accounts. It allows you to see the details about the Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, Kik, Snapchat, and many other social media apps. The tool allows you to see the conversation. If social media involves images,  you can also see the images directly from the gallery. In simpler words, it allows you to spy on the gallery of the phone. From the gallery of the phone, you can find out a lot of other things with ease.

There are many other things that you can do with this app. You can easily spy on the GPS location of the phone. You can get access to basic phone features such as call logs, contacts, etc. You can also spy on SMS and know what they are texting. They have a store where they sell mobile phones and other spying devices. You can directly buy the spying device, it comes with pre-installed Flexispy. It makes your work easier as you don’t need to install the tool on the mobile phone.


  • You can directly buy the mobile phone if you don’t want to buy the app
  • There are all the features to spy on social media.
  • You can find the phone using GPS too
  • The tool is 100% undetectable.


  • The price is expensive.
  • The store not only takes more delivery time but is also expensive. You can surely get some of the devices at an affordable cost but others are way too expensive here.

#3 SpyFone

One of the best social media monitoring tools is SpyFone. SpyFone allows you to spy on call logs, phone, contacts, etc. Along with this, the tool also allows you to see and spy on the installed apps. You can see the complete details about the installed applications. Further, it also allows you to spy on the applications. If it is a social media app, you can see the conversation, messages, and al the other things. In simpler words, it allows you to spy on the mobile phone completely. You can easily start spying with an easy interface.

There are three plans from which you can choose from. Depending on your requirements, you can select one of the plans easily. Further, you can also control the mobile phone with the remote control that comes with the tool. The remote control allows you to capture screenshots, block the apps, and do similar other things easily. The tool is available only on android. It is not yet available for the iPhone. Therefore, iPhone users might have to go with the other tools from the list.

Take Android Screenshot
Take Android Screenshot


  • There are three different plans from which you can choose from. It makes it easier for you if you have fewer requirements. You don’t need to pay more if the requirements are less
  • You will get remote control over here which allows you to control the mobile phone with one click


  • The tool is only available for android phones. If you want to spy on iPhone, it would be impossible with this tool.

How to monitor social media messages?

We will now see how you can monitor social media messages with the help of one of these tools. To make the process easier and better, we will take the example of JJSPY. All the apps work similarly. So, you don’t need to worry about it, you can simply follow the same steps and you will be able to spy on the device. The steps are pretty much the same. Therefore, you follow the same thing.

Buy the tool

Your first job is to get one of these tools. Here, as we are talking about JJSPY, we will continue with that. You can go to the JJSPY website and buy the tool from there. All you need to do is select one of the plans and make the purchase. Once you make the purchase, you are all set to do the next move.

Installation on android

We will first see how you can install the tool on an android phone. You will need the target device to do this. We will first take the target device and then we will install the JJSPY tool on that android phone.

You can get the link to download the APK from the JJSPY account. If you are using some other app, you will need to do the same procedure. All you have to do is install the app.

Now, when you open the app, it will ask you to enter some configuration details. You can enter your JJSPY details here. When you enter the JJSPY details, you are all set to start spying.

You can then exit the app. When you exit the app, it will anatomically disappear from the menu. This shows that the app is invisible

For iPhone users

If your target device is using an iPhone or iPad, you don’t need t worry about installing an app. IOS doesn’t allow you to install any third-party app. Also, due to the high-level security, it would be tough to install the app on the IOS. Therefore, JJSPY has a different way.

When you log in to JJSPY, you will see the option to enter the iCloud details. You will have to enter the target’s iCloud details here. You will have to enter their email address and their password. Once you do it, you will be asked to select the device.

There will be a list of the devices that are connected to that particular iCloud account. You will have to select the device that you want to spy one. Once you select the device, you are almost all set. Now, all you need to do is log in to JJSPY and wait till the data is loaded.

It will then show the data over there.

Spying on social media

Now, you have to set up a social media spy app. Now, your next step is to make see and spy on the messages. For that, we will first log in to the account or simply open your accounts page.

You will see various menus there. All of them are helpful for you to spy on the device. Now, you will see an option to spy on the social media app. It will show you the name of the app that you want to spy on. For instance, if you want to spy on WhatsApp, you will have to click on it.

Then it will take you to the spying page where you can spy on the social media apps. If you click on Whatsapp, it will take you to the conversation page. In the same way, if you click on a different app, it will take you to that app’s page.

From the page, you can get all the details and you can also spy on the apps. This is one of the easiest things you can do as there is nothing to think about. All you have to do click on the app’s name and that’s it. Further, you can also click on keyloggers if you want to see the keystrokes. In the same way, there are certain other features that you will get. If you want to access all the features, you can head over to different menus. You will automatically come to know which menu will let you spy on the app.

This will help you in knowing the app in a better way. Once you know about the app, you can continue with spying.

Final words

To conclude, this was all about the best social media monitoring tools that you can go with. To make your confusion clear, we only saw 3 best apps. If there were more apps, you probably will be thinking about which app you should buy and it would have put in a confusing state. Therefore, we only saw three best apps. Later on, we also saw the exact procedure on how to do it. According to us, you should go with the JJSPY tool and not with any other tool. JJSPY allows you to spy on any of the mobile phones and it also has the best features that no other apps have. Therefore, you can buy the JJSPY app. Lastly, it is up to you what decision you have to make.


Which is the best app to monitor social media?

You can use the JJSPY tool if you want to monitor the entire phone. It also allows you to monitor social media websites and social communication apps.

Can I monitor all the messages on social media?

Yes, with tools such as JJSPY, you can easily find and access the messages on any social media.

Can I spy on someone else’s social media without letting them know?

Yes, JJSPY is a 100% invisible tool. Hence, no one will be able to know that you are spying on them.

Are all social media monitoring apps safe and genuine?

We can’t say about all the apps but JJSPY is a safe and genuine phone monitoring tool.

Can I do anything else with these social media monitoring tools?

All the tools are phone monitoring tools also. So, you can not only get social media messages but you can also find out the text message, location, and many other things with the help of the same apps.

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