5 Free Phone Monitoring Apps For Your Kids

top 5 free phone monitoring apps for your kids

If you want to monitor your kids, you will need a phone monitoring app. It will help you spy on any of the devices remotely. Today, there are many Free phone monitoring apps for your kids. We are going to compare all the free phone monitoring apps for your kids. We will mainly see the features, pros, and cons of the tool. Thereafter, it is up to you how you want to go. If you like the tool, you can surely go with that particular tool.

So, without wasting more time, let’s begin the list.

#1 Monitor Kids’ Mobile Use JJSPY App

JJSPY is one of the best tools out there that you can use to spy on someone. JJSPY tool is packed with the best features you can use to spy on any possible device. It allows you to monitor Android and iPhone devices. This is one of the biggest benefits of JJSPY. Further, you don’t need to check the version of the Operating system. JJSPY supports most of the versions. You can use the JJSPY tool on mostly any device.


Some of the free phone monitoring apps will require you to root your Android device or jailbreak the iPhone or iPad device. However, if you are using JJSPY, you don’t need to do any of these things. It works flawlessly without the root access. The next best thing is invisibility. The tool is 100% undetectable. In simpler words, once you install the app, no one else except you will know about the tool. So, if you are spying on someone, there are no chances that they would know about you spying on them.

Further, the tool is well known and loved by all the people because of the features it has. Some of the features are outstanding that you will not get in any other tool. For instance, there is a live streaming feature that is amazing and not offered by any other free phone monitoring tool. We will now see the list of features you will get here before we move on to the pros and cons list.

Features of JJSPY

JJSPY comes with many features, here are some of them to know about.

Android Dashboard Features
Android Dashboard Features
  • You can turn on the camera stream. If the mobile has two cameras, you can turn on any camera
  • It allows you to see the screen stream where you can see the exact screen that the other person is seeing. This becomes amazing when they are chatting with someone as you can see the complete view.
  • Talking about chatting, you can view the Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages, and conversations from all the other apps.
  • In the same way, you can also view the text messages, call logs, and contact information.
  • Further, it allows you to spy on the location. You can view the current location of the device. If the device is iPhone, you can also see the previous location history with the help of this particular tool.
  • There are many interesting features such as browsing history. You can view the browsing history. It supports all popular browsers. Hence, if the target device or the device you are spying is searching for anything on the browser, you will come to know about it through this device.
  • You can also spy on the file manager and photos. It will give you access to the photos and things they have downloaded. Not to mention, you can view all the things that are stored on that device. In this way, you will get complete access to the phone.
  • Last but not the least, there is a keylogger that will store all the keypresses. Whenever someone presses a key on the Android keyboard, JJSPY will store it on their server or we can say in your JJSPY account.
Browser History Tracker App
Browser History Tracker App

Pros of JJSPY

  • The tool allows you to spy on iPhone or Android mobile easily. However, there are different plans that you will have to choose from.
  • JJSPY is easy to use and you can easily use it. There is no technical knowledge required.
  • The tool is secure and invisible. No one will be able to detect the tool that is installed on the device. So, it makes the tool 100% undetectable
  • You don’t need to root your Android device nor you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad device with this. Therefore, it’s the best tool you can go with.
  • The support is great. Whenever you need any help, you can easily contact the support and they will be there for you to help.


Now, let’s talk about some of the cons too

  • Some features are missing on the iPhone device. This is not a big deal as it happens with almost all the free phone monitoring apps.
  • There are no more cons that will affect you.

#2 Monitor Your Kids Easily With mSpy App

mSpy monitoring App
mSpy monitoring app

mSpy is one of the best free phone monitoring apps for your kids. You can monitor your kids easily with the help of this tool. It allows you to get the app history and usage. If your kid is using an app, you can easily find out which app they are using. Further, you can spy on all those apps easily with the help of mSpy. mSpy allows you to see the data from all the apps. If it is a social communication app, you can see the conversation, etc. In the same way, if it is a browser app, you can see the browsing history of your kid. So, you can find out all the things about your target here.

Further, the tool helps you do various other things such you can spy on the text messages and you can find out whether they are calling someone in their free time or not. This is done through the call log spying feature. Along with this, there are many other interesting features that you can check out here.

Let’s move to the pros and cons


  • There are many interesting features you will get
  • It is a lot more than just a spying tool


  • Many features are missing here
  • Also, you will eventually have to pay a price to use the tool.

#3 FlexiSpy is Another Phone Monitoring App

Flexispy App
Flexispy App

Our next tool is the list of free phone monitoring apps for your kids is FlexiSpy. You might have heard about this tool. Flexispy is a popular tool that many people are using. You will get many interesting features here. Some of them include text message spying, getting the contact information, app usage details, etc. The tool is undetectable and works on Android and iPhone devices.

Further, if you want, you can also get the file manager access. With this, you can spy on their photos, videos, audio, and all the other files that are available on the device. The tool works great if you want to monitor your kids easily and fast. The good thing about this tool is that you can also use it on a computer. If your kid has a computer and you also want to spy on a computer, you can use this tool. However, the price is more for the computer version and there is no need to spy on the computer of your kid.


  • You can monitor your kid in a perfect way
  • There are many features available
  • The tool is also available for the computer device
  • There are many plans to choose from. However, the pricing can be expensive in some plans.


  • The tool gets bit complex sometimes
  • Features like camera bug and microphone bug are missing in the basic plan

#4 Copy9 Monitoring App

Copy9 App
Copy9 App

The next tool is the Copy9 tool. If you are looking for the ultimate remote control or phone monitoring tool for your kids, Copy9 can be a great choice for you. There are features where you can listen to the surroundings and also you can record the calls. There are spying features to access text messages and call logs from there. So, it could be really handy if your kid always on the phone. You can see the contact names, etc. The features are cool and also the app is easy to use.

Further, there is a GPS tracker inside the app. In other words, you can see the location of the app without letting your kid know about it. If you are always worried about where your kid is going, this could be useful. You can also use it to know the location when your kid is out and not receiving your call for some reason.


  • The basic features are present here
  • You will get a remote control and an option to see online activities


  • Camera and screen stream is not present
  • The tool is a bit complex to use

#5 XNSPY Phone Monitoring App

XNSpy App
XNSpy App

The last in the list of free phone monitoring apps for your kids is XNSpy. If you are looking for a tool with Great UI, this is surely the app that you will love. The website has an amazing view and design. You will find all the mandatory features here in this tool which makes it more amazing. Further, the tool is available for schools and businesses. You can go with one of these options if it applies to you. So, if you are an organization, you could use this tool with ease.

One of the good things about the XNSpy tool is that you will get complete app spying here. They have mentioned all the apps that you can spy on. It can be a good thing for the people who are just starting and who are confused about which apps they can spy using this. So, these people can make use of the feature details.

Now, let’s see the pros and cons of the phone monitoring tool so you can finally make your choice.


  • The User interface and the overall design is amazing
  • The app spying features are great.
  • XnSpy is also available for schools and businesses. You can get the bulk product at a cheaper rate.


  • The main product might be expensive for some people.
  • Camera spying and screen stream feature doesn’t exist here. Hence, you will have to give up those features if you want to use this app to spy on your kids.


Which is the best phone monitoring app for my kids?

You can use JJSPY. Due to many features, it is the best phone monitoring app for your kids.

Are all the phone monitoring tools the same?

Although many of them share a common list of features, we can’t say they are the same. There is a huge difference in the benefits you will get.

Can I use any app to monitor my kids?

You can use any apps from the list but we suggest you first check the features before you choose one app. In this way, you can get more details.

Can I hear the call recordings of my kid’s phone?

With JJSPY, you can hear the recording of the kid’s phone. JJSPY will automatically record all the calls. You can hear the recordings.

Should I monitor my kids with an app?

Yes, in today’s world, it is necessary to keep an eye on your kids and to know what they are doing online. Therefore, you should use tools such as JJSPY to monitor your kids.

Final words

To conclude, these are some of the best free phone monitoring apps for your kids to track and monitor them without letting them know. You can use any of these apps as per your choice. However, in our opinion, you should be using JJSPY to monitor the kids. It is not only undetectable but also the features they provide are amazing and will help you in getting all the data from your kid’s mobile phone. Last but not the least, it works perfectly well on Android, iPhone, as well as on the iPad devices. You can see the live demo on the official website. There is also a list of features given on the website which are not mentioned here. So, you can visit JJSPY’s website to know more.

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